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Overcoming Stage Fright Starring You

Author : Tracy Bryan
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Stage Fright is when we feel nervous and even a little afraid to speak or perform in front of other people. With the right tools and coping skills, mostly anyone can overcome this common fear. All it takes is some courage to understand it, some awareness to see it in ourselves and then a little self-compassion and strength to face it... Learn this inside and more!

Overcoming Stage Fright in Everyday Life

Author : Joyce Ashley
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Discusses the psychological roots of stage fright and provides exercises for overcoming the anxiety

Facing the Fear

Author : Bella Merlin
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The first book of its kind, designed to help performers overcome the crippling fear of stage fright.

Getting Over Stage Fright

Author : Janet Esposito
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Best-selling Author Janet Esposito brings more than a decade of experience helping people learn to speak and perform with calm and confidence. In Getting Over Stage Fright, Janet offers a new, holistic approach to this age-old problem, sharing a wide array of principles and practices to help you create the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being you need to get beyond your speaking or performing fear. This book is especially helpful to those who have moderate to high levels of performance anxiety, though it can also help those who have a milder case of the jitters. It will help you in all types of speaking or performing situations, ranging from the most casual to the most formal. It will also help you reduce and better manage any anticipatory anxiety you have before stepping up to speak or perform.

Performance Strategies for Musicians

Author : David Buswell
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Overcome Stage Fright

Author : Marty Baxter
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Public Speaking for Frankenstein

Author : Arthur Laud
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Public speaking is often cited as the foremost fear among humans. Death is clocks in at number 2. But it needn't be this way. Many people are forced into their first public speaking engagement through their career, social commitments, or a funeral. This book is a quick read that will help you not only get prepared for that engagement, but gain confidence for it as well. Even if you are less than eloquent in your own estimation.


Author : Roy Kitchen
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BE THE GREAT PUBLIC SPEAKER YOU ALWAYS WISHED YOU COULD BE!No one is born with the ability to be a great public speaker. Like all things, it is learned.This practical book will help you on your journey to overcoming the number one fear of all people: the fear of public speaking, or stage fright: * The first step: admit that stage fright exists. * The second step: understand why stage fright exists. * The third step: overcome your stage fright using the 5 Keys. Through the development of techniques to subdue, master, and overcome stage fright, PHOBIA will help you become the great public speaker you always wished you could be.ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Roy Kitchen is currently the Administrator for the Center for Distance Health in the College of Medicine at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock, AR, and the CFO for Splendor Business Management. He gives regular motivational and public speaking engagements for organizations. He currentlyresides in Little Rock with his wife Lynne.

Louder Funnier

Author : Robert B. Nelson
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Describes the reasons and remedies for stage fright, explains how to handle an audience, control symptoms of stage fright, and develop a comfortable speaking style, and includes advice on preparation.

Stage Fright

Author : Mick Berry
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Never before has the problem of stage fright been so eloquently examined; 40 interviews with some of the most highly-accomplished public figures shed light on this affliction, offering tips from their own experiences for overcoming it. Jason Alexander, Mose Allison, Maya Angelou, David Brenner, Peter Coyote, Olympia Dukakis, Richard Lewis, and many more sound off about their trials with stage fright, candidly discussing their fears and insecurities with life in the public eye and ultimately revealing the various paths they followed to overcoming them. Stage fright sufferers from all walks of life—whether a high school freshman nervous about an oral presentation or a professional baseball player with the eyes of the world on his bat—will find consolation by understanding the commonality of their problem, as well as helpful information to finally shed their inhibitions.

Overcoming Stage Fright

Author : Adonis Lambert
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Let's face it: We all will have to speak or perform before a group at some time in our lives, whether before a big crowd or in front of a small class. When you get stage fright, the size of the audience doesn't make much of a difference. It just feels crazy scary, and there seems to be no way around it. Even notable actors, popular comedians, and the very best public speakers suffer from stage fright every once in a while. It's simply natural. It's also natural to worry about how a speech or performance might turn out or be perceived. And that's a good thing, right? It means you aren't overly cocky or arrogant. Too much confidence translates into a speaker who sounds preachy and condescending to the audience. The key here is finding a balance. You want to be comfortable and at ease when addressing a group, without feeling paralyzed or distracted by stage fright. In fact, you should be able to actually enjoy your moment in the spotlight! If you feel like you haven't reached that balance yet - or aren't anywhere near it - then this book can definitely help. We'll work together, step by step, to get you to the point where you can comfortably speak or perform on stage. I'm going to show you how to teach yourself confidence, and how to use your anxiety to your own advantage. With this book, you will learn techniques to put on a brave face and deliver to your audience with poise and grace. Let's get started!

No More Butterflies

Author : Peter Desberg
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Peter Desberg, a professor of psychology who regularly conducts workshops for businesspeople on controlling stagefright, offers a guide to help anyone who has problems speaking in public. His "presentation inventory" helps readers pinpoint their problems and anxieties in such situations as giving a talk or speaking up in a classroom or meeting.

Musicians as Lifelong Learners

Author : Rineke Smilde
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How To Overcome Stage Fright

Author : Richard D. Parks
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Stage Fright

Author : Ann M. Martin
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Can Sara overcome her shyness to perform in the school play? Sara is extremely timid—she only has two friends, and one of them is her cousin. Her mother is constantly pushing her to leave the safety of her room and be more social, but for Sara, being in public is a punishment worse than death. When Sara’s teacher insists that everyone this year—shy or not—participate in the school play, Sara is filled with terror. To top it off, she finds out her best friend, the one person who understands her, might be moving away. More than ever, Sara wants to climb into her shell, but the play is looming and there’s no place to hide. This ebook features an illustrated personal history of Ann M. Martin, including rare images from the author’s collection.

Stuck in the Spotlight

Author : David Oneal
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Trembling, stuttering, and sweating don't make for a good speech. Many people suffer from this debilitating fear of public speech, but you don't have to any longer! Public speaking is inescapable. There will always be presentations to give, toasts to make, and speeches to deliver. Being comfortable in front of an audience is a skill that will carry you far beyond nailing a PowerPoint presentation about sales margins. When you are confident, people are drawn to you and will entrust you with more responsibilities. If you feel stuck in the same place in your life, this is the boost you need. Harness your inner charismatic self, get out there and speak!

An Index to Articles Published in The Etude Magazine 1883 1957 Part 2

Author : Pamela Richardson Dennis
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Annotation: The Index is published in two physical volumes and sold as a set for $250.00. As America's geography and societal demands expanded, the topics in The Etude magazine (first published in 1883) took on such important issues as women in music; immigration; transportation; Native American and African American composers and their music; World War I and II; public schools; new technologies (sound recordings, radio, and television); and modern music (jazz, gospel, blues, early 20th century composers) in addition to regular book reviews, teaching advice, interviews, biographies, and advertisements. Though a valued source particularly for private music teachers, with the de-emphasis on the professional elite and the decline in salon music, the magazine ceased publication in 1957. This Index to the articles in The Etude serves as a companion to E. Douglas Bomberger's 2004 publication on the music in The Etude. Published a little over fifty years after the final issue reached the public, this Index chronicles vocal and instrumental technique, composer biographies, position openings, department store orchestras, the design of a successful music studio, how to play an accordion, recital programs in music schools, and much more. The Index is a valuable tool for research, particularly in the music culture of American in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. With titles of these articles available, the doors are now open for further research in the years to come.

How to Overcome Shyness and Social Anxiety

Author : Bob Scott
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Deal with Stage Fright, Fear of Public Speaking, Social Phobia, And Ultimately Gain New Confidence Shyness is a great limitation experienced by many people in all groups and professions. People will easily take advantage of you because you can't speak up or defend your interest in the public. The frustration becomes intense every day and you are contemplating whether you are the worst person in the world. Today we have come to the conclusion that you can change your situation, interact or confront anyone; to talk with confidence and get people to listen to you. The best way to deal with shyness is by developing the desire to change. You have to develop a strong desire to change your situation that you begin to hate what you are right now. The best time to plant a tree is now. The best time to begin the journey of breaking out of your social anxiety is now. This book brings about all the arsenals you are going to need to begin this journey. You have the choice today to change your situation and to stop allowing people to keep telling you how your life sucks. Click the BUY button to begin the life-changing journey--a journey towards greatness.

Preliminary Studies for an Experiment in the Psychodramatic Treatment of Stage Fright

Author : Geraldine Fleming Ryan
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Author : Robert Triplett
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Describes the symptoms of stagefright and recommends mental and physical exercises designed to overcome the fear of public speaking and performing