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Iron Oxides

Author : Damien Faivre
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Compiling all the information available on the topic, this ready reference covers all important aspects of iron oxides. Following a preliminary overview chapter discussing iron oxide minerals along with their unique structures and properties, the text goes on to deal with the formation and transformation of iron oxides, covering geological, synthetic, and biological formation, as well as various physicochemical aspects. Subsequent chapters are devoted to characterization techniques, with a special focus on X-ray-based methods, magnetic measurements, and electron microscopy alongside such traditional methods as IR/Raman and Mössbauer spectroscopy. The final section mainly concerns exciting new applications of magnetic iron oxides, for example in medicine as microswimmers or as water filtration systems, while more conventional uses as pigments or in biology for magnetoreception illustrate the full potential. A must-read for anyone working in the field.

The Iron Oxides

Author : Rochelle M. Cornell
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Now in its second, completely revised and extended edition, this book brings together in one, compact volume all aspects of the information available. It presents a coherent, up to date account of the properties, reactions and mechanisms of formation of these compounds. In addition, there are chapters dealing with iron oxides in rocks and soils, as biominerals and as corrosion products together with methods of synthesis and the numerous applications of these compounds as well as their role in the environment. The expert authors include much recent data from their own laboratories and indicate opportunities for further research. Special features are the electron micrographs and color plates together with the many different spectra used to illustrate properties and aspects of behavior. Numerous tables and graphs enable trends and relationships to be seen at a glance. The whole is rounded off by an extensive bibliography. An essential volume in industry and to all researchers who, whatever their background and level of experience, are interested in this rapidly expanding field.

Library of Congress Subject Headings

Author : Library of Congress
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Functional Metal Oxides

Author : Satishchandra Balkrishna Ogale
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Functional oxides are used both as insulators and metallic conductors in key applications across all industrial sectors. This makes them attractive candidates in modern technology ? they make solar cells cheaper, computers more efficient and medical instrumentation more sensitive. Based on recent research, experts in the field describe novel materials, their properties and applications for energy systems, semiconductors, electronics, catalysts and thin films. This monograph is divided into 6 parts which allows the reader to find their topic of interest quickly and efficiently. * Magnetic Oxides * Dopants, Defects and Ferromagnetism in Metal Oxides * Ferroelectrics * Multiferroics * Interfaces and Magnetism * Devices and Applications This book is a valuable asset to materials scientists, solid state chemists, solid state physicists, as well as engineers in the electric and automotive industries.

Semiconducting Metal Oxides for Gas Sensing

Author : Yonghui Deng
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This book focuses on the use of semiconducting metal oxides as gas sensing materials, including the sensing mechanism and sensing materials modification approach, while also providing a comprehensive introduction to semiconductor gas sensing devices. As an essential part of IoT (Internet of things), gas sensors have shown great significance and promising prospects. Therefore, studies on semiconducting metal oxides, one of the most important gas sensing materials, have increasingly attracted attention from various disciplines. The book offers a valuable reference guide to metal oxide gas sensing materials for undergraduate and graduate students alike. It will also benefit all researchers who investigate metal oxides nanomaterials synthesis and gas sensing with relevant frontier theories and concepts. Engineers working on research and development for semiconductor gas sensors will also find new ideas in sensor design.

Industrial Chemistry of Oxides for Emerging Applications

Author : Lech Pawlowski
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Valuable insights into the extraction, production, and properties of a large number of natural and synthetic oxides utilized in applications worldwide from ceramics, electronic components, and coatings This handbook describes each of the major oxides chronologically—starting from the processes of extraction of ores containing oxides, their purification and transformations into pure alloyed powders, and their appropriate characterization up to the processes of formation of 2D films by such methods as PVD, CVD, and coatings by thermal spraying or complicated 3D objects by sintering and rapid prototyping. The selection of oxides has been guided by the current context of industrial applications. An important point that is considered in the book concerns the strategic aspects of oxides. Some oxides (e.g. rare earth ones) become more expensive due to the growing demand for them, others, because of the strategic importance of countries producing raw materials and the countries that are using them. Industrial Chemistry of Oxides for Emerging Applications provides readers with everything they need to know in 7 chapters that cover: technical and economical importance of oxides in present and future; fundamentals of oxides manufacturing; extraction, properties, and applications of Al2O3; extraction, properties, and applications of ZrO2; synthesis, properties, and applications of YBaCu2O7x; extraction, properties, and applications of TiO2; and synthesis, properties, and application of hydroxyapatite. Presents the extraction, production, and properties of a large fraction of oxides applications worldwide, both natural as well as synthetic multi‐oxides Covers a very important segment of many industrial processes, such as refractories and piezoelectric oxides—both applications constituting very large market segments Developed from a lecture course given by the authors for over a decade Industrial Chemistry of Oxides for Emerging Applications is an excellent text for university professors and teachers, and graduate and postgraduate students with a solid background in physics and chemistry.

Iron Oxides in the Laboratory

Author : Udo Schwertmann
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Iron Oxides play an important role in numerous disciplines. Since the publication of the first edition, there has been a surge of interest in synthetic fine to ultrafine iron oxides in a wide range of scientific and technological disciplines, especially in mineralogy, geosciences and environmental science and in various branches of technology. As before, the main aim of the second edition is to present reliable, well-tested, up-to-date methods of synthesizing pure iron oxides. The section on monodispersed particles, presently of great interest to industry, has been expanded. Furthermore the methods of characterization have been focused on their relevance to iron oxides. The well tried syntheses have been retained and some new ones have been incorporated.

Corrosion Science and Technology

Author : David E.J. Talbot
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Twenty years after its first publication, Corrosion Science and Technology continues to be a relevant practical guide for students and professionals interested in material science. This Third Edition thoroughly covers the basic principles of corrosion science in the same reader-friendly manner that made the previous edition invaluable, and enlarges the scope of the content with expanded chapters on processes for various metals and new technologies for limiting costs and metal degradation in a variety of commercial enterprises not explored in previous editions. This book also presents expertly developed methods of corrosion testing and prediction.

Heterocyclic N oxides

Author : Angelo Albini
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This book provides a comprehensive presentation of all aspects of heterocyclic N-oxides. Topics discussed include the preparation of these compounds by N-oxidation of heterocycles and simultaneous synthesis of the ring and formation of the N-oxide group; general spectroscopic characteristics and molecular structure; and reactions and recently devel

Heterocyclic N Oxides

Author : Oleg V. Larionov
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The series Topics in Heterocyclic Chemistry presents critical reviews on present and future trends in the research of heterocyclic compounds. Overall the scope is to cover topics dealing with all areas within heterocyclic chemistry, both experimental and theoretical, of interest to the general heterocyclic chemistry community. The series consists of topic related volumes edited by renowned editors with contributions of experts in the field. All chapters from Topics in Heterocyclic Chemistry are published Online First with an individual DOI. In references, Topics in Heterocyclic Chemistry is abbreviated as Top Heterocycl Chem and cited as a journal.

Elementary instruction in chemical analysis tr from Anleitung zur qualitativen chemischen Analyse ed by J L Bullock

Author : Carl Remigius Fresenius
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Metastable Transition Metal Oxides Oxide Nitrides and Nitrides

Author : Tobias Clemens Lüdtke
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Elements of chemistry theoretical and practical

Author : William Allen Miller
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Binary Rare Earth Oxides

Author : G. Adachi
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Binary Rare Earth Oxides is the first book in the field of rare earth oxides that provides coverage from the basic science through to recent advances. This book introduces the unique characteristics of the binary rare earth oxides with their chemistry, physics and applications. It provides a comprehensive review of all the characteristics of rare earth oxides, essential for scientists and engineers involved with rare earths, oxides, inorganic materials, ceramics, and structures. The binary rare earth oxides bring us a variety of interesting characteristics. Understanding their fundamental mechanisms builds a bridge between solid-state chemistry and materials science. The book begins with a brief introduction to binary rare earth oxides, their physical and chemical stabilities, polymorphism, crystal structures and phase transformation and the association with current applications. The book goes on to present the band structure of the oxides using several quantum chemical calculations, which belong to a newly developed area in the binary rare earth oxides. Central to this chapter are the characterizations of electrical, magnetic and optical properties, as well as details of single crystal growth and particle preparation methods that have progressed in recent years. Later chapters concentrate on thermo-chemical properties and trace determination techniques. The final chapter contains a variety of useful applications in various fields such as phosphors, glass abrasives, automotive catalysts, fuel cells, solid electrolytes, sunscreens, iron steels, and biological materials. This book is an invaluable resource for materials scientists and solid-state physicists and chemists with an interest in rare earth oxides, as well as advanced students and graduates who require an approach to familiarize them with this field. This book provides guidance through a comprehensive review of all the characteristics of binary rare earth oxides.

High Temperature Oxides

Author : Allen M. Alper
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Refractory Materials: A Series of Monographs Volume 5 is a collection of works from different scientists who have made important discoveries in fields related to chemistry. The text covers topics such as thoria and yttria, and the refractory oxides of the lanthanide and actinide elements; single-crystal titanates and zirconates; some binary systems of zirconium dioxide; and zircon and zirconates. Also covered are topics such as halfnium oxide – its occurrence, purification, and physical and thermodynamic properties; and the structure and physical properties of Nb2O5 and Ta2O5. The book is recommended for chemists and materials scientists who would like to know more about the studies of other experts in the field and their applications.

The Encyclopaedia Britannica

Author : Thomas Spencer Baynes
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Practical chemistry

Author : Stevenson MacAdam
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Oxides Oxide

Author : T. Mitsui
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The Encyclopaedia Britannica

Author :
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Oxides Oxide

Author : E. Nakamura
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Volume III/28 is a supplement to volume III/16a+b Ferroelectrics and Related Substances. It also consists of two parts a and b. The present subvolume III/28a contains data on ferroelectric oxides, supplementing III/16a which appeared in 1981. Subvolume III/28b, due in 1990, will cover non-oxides, supplementing III/16b (published in 1982). Reliable data on both pure compounds and solid solutions, published mostly between 1978 and 1986 and some data from the literature up to early 1988 are critically evaluated and included. The dielectric and ferroelectric behaviour, as well as all other properties relevant to the characterization of these substances are presented in tables and figures. About 22,000 references have been surveyed with the aid of a computer. All values are given in SI units. Rapid localization of the required data is facilitated by an alphabetical index of substances and a two-dimensional survey of substances and properties dealt with in both subvolumes III/28a and III/16a.