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Panel Data Econometrics with R

Author : Yves Croissant
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Panel Data Econometrics with R provides a tutorial for using R in the field of panel data econometrics. Illustrated throughout with examples in econometrics, political science, agriculture and epidemiology, this book presents classic methodology and applications as well as more advanced topics and recent developments in this field including error component models, spatial panels and dynamic models. They have developed the software programming in R and host replicable material on the book’s accompanying website.

Panel Methods for Finance

Author : Marno Verbeek
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De Gruyter Studies in the Practice of Econometrics is a new series of books aimed at researchers showing how different econometric techniques can be used in their field focusing on practical relevance. Critical reviews of existing approaches are combined with expert advice.

The Econometrics of Panel Data

Author : László Mátyás
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The aim of this volume is to provide a general overview of the econometrics of panel data, both from a theoretical and from an applied viewpoint. Since the pioneering papers by Kuh (1959), Mundlak (1961), Hoch (1962), and Balestra and Nerlove (1966), the pooling of cross section and time series data has become an increasingly popular way of quantifying economic relationships. Each series provides information lacking in the other, so a combination of both leads to more accurate and reliable results than would be achievable by one type of series alone. Over the last 30 years much work has been done: investigation of the properties of the applied estimators and test statistics, analysis of dynamic models and the effects of eventual measurement errors, etc. These are just some of the problems addressed by this work. In addition, some specific diffi culties associated with the use of panel data, such as attrition, heterogeneity, selectivity bias, pseudo panels etc., have also been explored. The first objective of this book, which takes up Parts I and II, is to give as complete and up-to-date a presentation of these theoretical developments as possible. Part I is concerned with classical linear models and their extensions; Part II deals with nonlinear models and related issues: logit and probit models, latent variable models, incomplete panels and selectivity bias, and point processes.

Panel Data Econometrics

Author : Donggyu Sul
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In the last 20 years, econometric theory on panel data has developed rapidly, particularly for analyzing common behaviors among individuals over time. Meanwhile, the statistical methods employed by applied researchers have not kept up-to-date. This book attempts to fill in this gap by teaching researchers how to use the latest panel estimation methods correctly. Almost all applied economics articles use panel data or panel regressions. However, many empirical results from typical panel data analyses are not correctly executed. This book aims to help applied researchers to run panel regressions correctly and avoid common mistakes. The book explains how to model cross-sectional dependence, how to estimate a few key common variables, and how to identify them. It also provides guidance on how to separate out the long-run relationship and common dynamic and idiosyncratic dynamic relationships from a set of panel data. Aimed at applied researchers who want to learn about panel data econometrics by running statistical software, this book provides clear guidance and is supported by a full range of online teaching and learning materials. It includes practice sections on MATLAB, STATA, and GAUSS throughout, along with short and simple econometric theories on basic panel regressions for those who are unfamiliar with econometric theory on traditional panel regressions.

Econometric Analysis of Panel Data

Author : Badi H. Baltagi
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This textbook offers a comprehensive introduction to panel data econometrics, an area that has enjoyed considerable growth over the last two decades. Micro and Macro panels are becoming increasingly available, and methods for dealing with these types of data are in high demand among practitioners. Software programs have fostered this growth, including freely available programs in R and numerous user-written programs in both Stata and EViews. Written by one of the world’s leading researchers and authors in the field, Econometric Analysis of Panel Data has established itself as the leading textbook for graduate and postgraduate courses on panel data. It provides up-to-date coverage of basic panel data techniques, illustrated with real economic applications and datasets, which are available at the book’s website on This new sixth edition has been fully revised and updated, and includes new material on dynamic panels, limited dependent variables and nonstationary panels, as well as spatial panel data. The author also provides empirical illustrations and examples using Stata and EViews. “This is a definitive book written by one of the architects of modern, panel data econometrics. It provides both a practical introduction to the subject matter, as well as a thorough discussion of the underlying statistical principles without taxing the reader too greatly." Professor Kajal Lahiri, State University of New York, Albany, USA. "This book is the most comprehensive work available on panel data. It is written by one of the leading contributors to the field, and is notable for its encyclopaedic coverage and its clarity of exposition. It is useful to theorists and to people doing applied work using panel data. It is valuable as a text for a course in panel data, as a supplementary text for more general courses in econometrics, and as a reference." Professor Peter Schmidt, Michigan State University, USA. “Panel data econometrics is in its ascendancy, combining the power of cross section averaging with all the subtleties of temporal and spatial dependence. Badi Baltagi provides a remarkable roadmap of this fascinating interface of econometric method, enticing the novitiate with technical gentleness, the expert with comprehensive coverage and the practitioner with many empirical applications.” Professor Peter C. B. Phillips, Cowles Foundation, Yale University, USA.

Panel Data Econometrics

Author : Manuel Arellano
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Written by one of the world's leading experts on dynamic panel data reviews, this volume reviews most of the important topics in the subject. It deals with static models, dynamic models, discrete choice and related models.

Essays in Panel Data Econometrics

Author : Marc Nerlove
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This volume collects seven of Marc Nerlove's previously published, classic essays on panel data econometrics written over the past thirty-five years, together with a cogent essay on the history of the subject, which began with George Biddell Airey's monograph published in 1861. Since Professor Nerlove's 1966 Econometrica paper with Pietro Balestra, panel data and methods of econometric analysis appropriate to such data have become increasingly important in the discipline. The principal factors in the research environment affecting the future course of panel data econometrics are the phenomenal growth in the computational power available to the individual researcher at his or her desktop and the ready availability of data sets, both large and small, via the Internet. The best way to formulate statistical models for inference is motivated and shaped by substantive problems and understanding of the processes generating the data at hand to resolve them. The essays illustrate both the role of the substantive context in shaping appropriate methods of inference and the increasing importance of computer-intensive methods.

Panel Data Econometrics

Author : Badi H. Baltagi
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This volume includes some of the papers presented at the 11th International Conference on Panel Data, Texas, June 2004, and other solicited papers that passed the refereeing process and includes such topics as dynamic panel data estimation, non-linear panel data methods and the phenomenal growth in non-stationary panel data econometrics.

Panel Data Econometrics

Author : Mike Tsionas
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Panel Data Econometrics: Theory introduces econometric modelling. Written by experts from diverse disciplines, the volume uses longitudinal datasets to illuminate applications for a variety of fields, such as banking, financial markets, tourism and transportation, auctions, and experimental economics. Contributors emphasize techniques and applications, and they accompany their explanations with case studies, empirical exercises and supplementary code in R. They also address panel data analysis in the context of productivity and efficiency analysis, where some of the most interesting applications and advancements have recently been made. Provides a vast array of empirical applications useful to practitioners from different application environments Accompanied by extensive case studies and empirical exercises Includes empirical chapters accompanied by supplementary code in R, helping researchers replicate findings Represents an accessible resource for diverse industries, including health, transportation, tourism, economic growth, and banking, where researchers are not always econometrics experts

Analysis of Panel Data

Author : Cheng Hsiao
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This book reviews the basic econometric methods that have been used to analyze panel data - in other words, data collected by observing a number of individuals over time. Copyright © Libri GmbH. All rights reserved.