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Papers of the British School at Rome Vol 2

Author : francis edwards
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Papers of the British School at Rome Vol 2

Author : T. Ashby
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Excerpt from Papers of the British School at Rome, Vol. 2: Sixteenth-Century Drawings of Roman Buildings Attributed to Andreas Coner The history of the monuments of Rome, whether classical or mediaeval, whether still existing or not, is difficult to write: to a very large extent the materials must be sought for elsewhere than in the soil of Rome, in the libraries and museums of Europe. Of especial importance are the drawings of these monuments made by architects, artists, and antiquaries during the period of the Renaissance. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at This book is a reproduction of an important historical work. Forgotten Books uses state-of-the-art technology to digitally reconstruct the work, preserving the original format whilst repairing imperfections present in the aged copy. In rare cases, an imperfection in the original, such as a blemish or missing page, may be replicated in our edition. We do, however, repair the vast majority of imperfections successfully; any imperfections that remain are intentionally left to preserve the state of such historical works.

Gods Heroes and Tyrants

Author : Emmet John Sweeney
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Early Greek history as found in the textbooks leaves spurious "dark age" gaps where the evidence fails to match historians' fixed ideas. Dramatic claims regarding everything from the Trojan War to the "Mask of Agamemnon" are argued in detail from both an archaeological and a literary perspective, unraveling historical conundrums that have stumped classicists for generations.

Temples and Towns in Roman Iberia

Author : William E. Mierse
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This is the first comparative study of Roman architecture on the Iberian peninsula, covering six centuries from the arrival of the Romans in the third century B.C. until the decline of urban life on the peninsula in the third century A.D. During this period, the peninsula became an influential cultural and political region in the Roman world. Iberia supplied writers, politicians, and emperors, a fact acknowledged by Romanists for centuries, though study of the peninsula itself has too often been brushed aside as insignificant and uninteresting. In this book William E. Mierse challenges such a view. By examining in depth the changing forms of temples and their placement within the urban fabric, Mierse shows that architecture on the peninsula displays great variation and unexpected connections. It was never a slavish imitation of an imported model but always a novel experiment. Sometimes the architectural forms are both new and unexpected; in some cases specific prototypes can be seen, but the Iberian form has been significantly altered to suit local needs. What at first may seem a repetition of forms upon closer investigation turns out to be theme and variation. Mierse brings to his quest an impressive learning, including knowledge of several modern and ancient languages and the archaeology of the Roman East, which allows him a unique perspective on the interaction between events and architecture.

The Publishers Circular and Booksellers Record of British and Foreign Literature

Author :
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Stone Carving of the Hospitaller Period in Rhodes Displaced pieces and fragments

Author : Anna-Maria Kasdagli
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The work presents 230 stone carvings of the Hospitaller period in Rhodes (1309-1522), which for various reasons are no longer in their original setting.

Death and Renewal Volume 2

Author : Keith Hopkins
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This is a book for Roman historians which will also be of interest to sociologists.

Books in Print

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One Long Night

Author : Andrea Pitzer
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A groundbreaking, haunting, and profoundly moving history of modernity's greatest tragedy: concentration camps. For over 100 years, at least one concentration camp has existed somewhere on Earth. First used as battlefield strategy, camps have evolved with each passing decade, in the scope of their effects and the savage practicality with which governments have employed them. Even in the twenty-first century, as we continue to reckon with the magnitude and horror of the Holocaust, history tells us we have broken our own solemn promise of "never again." In this harrowing work based on archival records and interviews during travel to four continents, Andrea Pitzer reveals for the first time the chronological and geopolitical history of concentration camps. Beginning with 1890s Cuba, she pinpoints concentration camps around the world and across decades. From the Philippines and Southern Africa in the early twentieth century to the Soviet Gulag and detention camps in China and North Korea during the Cold War, camp systems have been used as tools for civilian relocation and political repression. Often justified as a measure to protect a nation, or even the interned groups themselves, camps have instead served as brutal and dehumanizing sites that have claimed the lives of millions. Drawing from exclusive testimony, landmark historical scholarship, and stunning research, Andrea Pitzer unearths the roots of this appalling phenomenon, exploring and exposing the staggering toll of the camps: our greatest atrocities, the extraordinary survivors, and even the intimate, quiet moments that have also been part of camp life during the past century. "Masterly"-The New Yorker A Smithsonian Magazine Best History Book of the Year

From Roman Provinces to Medieval Kingdoms

Author : Thomas F.X. Noble
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This prestigious collection of essays by leading scholars provides a thorough reassessment of the medieval era which questions how, when and why the Middle Ages began, and how abruptly the shift from the Roman Empire to Barbarian Europe happened. Presenting the most current work including newly-available material such as translations of French and German essays, From Roman Provinces to Medieval Kingdoms gathers the key thinkers in the field together in one easy-to-use volume. Examining a wealth of material on the origins of the Barbarian people and their tribes, Thomas F.X. Noble studies the characteristics of the tribes and debates whether they were blood-tied clans or units bound by social, political and economic objectives. Highly readable and student friendly, From Roman Provinces to Medieval Kingdoms includes a general introduction, clear prologues to each section and makes the key debates of the subject accessible to students.

Allan Ramsay and the Search for Horace s Villa

Author : Ian Gordon Brown
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This title was first published in 2001. This volume contains Allan Ramsay's "Enquiry into the Situation and Circumstances of Horace's Sabine Villa". It also features essays about Ramsay, Jacob More, Jacob Philipp Hackert, the garden and country house in 18th-century British thought, and the archaeology of the Licenza Valley. The aims of the editors are three-fold: to print the text as Ramsay would have wished to, had he been able; to publish the related illustrations by Hackert, More and Ramsay; and to provide some basic background facts and commentary. They hope to help the contemporary reader understand the antiquarian context in which Ramsay was writing and to appreciate Ramsay's contribution to our understanding of the site conventionally known as Horace's Villa.

Imperial Rome AD 193 to 284

Author : Clifford Ando
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In this pioneering history Clifford Ando describes and integrates the contrasting histories of different parts of the empire and assesses the impacts of administrative, political and religious change.

General Catalogue of Printed Books

Author : British Museum. Dept. of Printed Books
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Papers of the British School at Rome

Author : British School at Rome
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The Apse Mosaic in Early Medieval Rome

Author : Erik Thunø
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This book focuses on apse mosaics in Rome, which were commissioned by a series of popes between the sixth and ninth centuries CE. Through a synchronic approach that challenges current conceptions about how works of art interact with historical time, Erik Thunø proposes that the apse mosaics produce an inter-visual network that collapses their chronological succession in time into a continuous present in which the faithful join the saints in the one living body of the Church of Rome. Throughout, this book situates the apse mosaics within the broader context of viewership, the cult of relics, epigraphic tradition, and church ritual while engaging topics concerned with intercession, materiality, repetition and vision.

Emulating Antiquity

Author : David Hemsoll
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A revelatory account of the complex and evolving relationship of Renaissance architects to classical antiquity Focusing on the work of architects such as Brunelleschi, Bramante, Raphael, and Michelangelo, this extensively illustrated volume explores how the understanding of the antique changed over the course of the Renaissance. David Hemsoll reveals the ways in which significant differences in imitative strategy distinguished the period's leading architects from each other and argues for a more nuanced understanding of the widely accepted trope--first articulated by Giorgio Vasari in the 16th century--that Renaissance architecture evolved through a linear step-by-step assimilation of antiquity. Offering an in-depth examination of the complex, sometimes contradictory, and often contentious ways that Renaissance architects approached the antique, this meticulously researched study brings to life a cacophony of voices and opinions that have been lost in the simplified Vasarian narrative and presents a fresh and comprehensive account of Renaissance architecture in both Florence and Rome.

The Piranesi Effect

Author : Kerrianne Stone
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The work of Italian printmaker Giovanni Battista Piranesi (1720–1778) has captivated artists, architects and designers for centuries. Although contemporary Australia is a long way from eighteenth-century Rome, it is home to substantial collections of his works, the largest being at the State Library of Victoria and the University of Melbourne. The Piranesi Effect is a collection of exquisitely illustrated essays on the impact of Piranesi’s work throughout the years. The book brings together Australian and international experts who investigate Piranesi’s world and its connections to the study of art and the practice of artists today. From curators and art historians, to contemporary artists like Bill Henson and Ron McBurnie, the contributors each bring their own passion and insight into the work of Piranesi, illuminating what it is about his work that still inspires such wonder.

Early states territories and settlements in protohistoric Central Italy

Author : Peter Attema
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This volume is the second of the series Corollaria Crustumina aimed at the publication of conference proceedings, doctoral theses and specialist studies concerning the Latin settlement of Crustumerium (Rome) and Italian protohistory. It contains multidisciplinary papers of an international group of archaeologists discussing new fieldwork data and theories of broad relevance to Italian archaeology and with specific relevance to the study of Crustumerium's settlement, cemeteries and material culture in light of the site's cultural identity.

The Shadow of Vesuvius A Life of Pliny

Author : Daisy Dunn
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“A wonderfully rich, witty, insightful, and wide-ranging portrait of the two Plinys and their world.”—Sarah Bakewell, author of How to Live When Pliny the Elder perished at Stabiae during the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD, he left behind an enormous compendium of knowledge, his thirty-seven-volume Natural History, and a teenaged nephew who revered him as a father. Grieving his loss, Pliny the Younger inherited the Elder’s notebooks—filled with pearls of wisdom—and his legacy. At its heart, The Shadow of Vesuvius is a literary biography of the younger man, who would grow up to become a lawyer, senator, poet, collector of villas, and chronicler of the Roman Empire from the dire days of terror under Emperor Domitian to the gentler times of Emperor Trajan. A biography that will appeal to lovers of Mary Beard books, it is also a moving narrative about the profound influence of a father figure on his adopted son. Interweaving the younger Pliny’s Letters with extracts from the Elder’s Natural History, Daisy Dunn paints a vivid, compellingly readable portrait of two of antiquity’s greatest minds.

Ancient West East Volume 2

Author : G R Tsetskhladze
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Published twice yearly, this work is devoted to the study of the history and archaeology of the periphery of the Graeco-Roman world. It includes essays on the wine presses of Western Phrygia; Gepids in the 3rd-5th centuries CE; and the population around the Greek colonies in the Black Sea area.