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Paradise Kiss

Author : Ai Yazawa
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Days before she is set to take to the catwalk, Yukari learns that George may be wooed to London or Paris before her big debut, threatening both her modeling career and her circle of friends.

What s Done in the Dark Part 3

Author : Solae Dehvine
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Old habits die hard as the Burnett family struggles to stay together as everything around them continues to unravel. The secrets can no longer be hidden and as they fight to stay together outer forces fight to erase the family's existence. What's Done in the Dark has finally Come to Light, but is it too late for the Burnett family to recover from the error of their ways? This is Part 3 of 5 in the What's Done in the Dark Saga Keywords: Side Chicks, Hood Books, Hood Reads, Street Lit, Freebies, Free book, Free Ebook, Free African American Books, Free Black Books, Black Books, Urban Books, Urban Fiction, Drama, Urban Drama, Street Fiction,

Early Songs Part 3

Author : Irving Berlin
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The Private Arrangement Part 3

Author : Catherine Brooks VandeHey
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Beautiful supermodel Miranda Newman is now four months pregnant and in Hawaii, celebrating a triple wedding along with her sister, Avery, and her brother, Nick. They have all exchanged their wedding vows in front of their family and friends. She prays, as she takes her vows with the man that she adores, that they live a long and happy life for many years to come. But she has been having very troubling dreams and isn't sure if they are going to come true. With her ESP, she pictures herself still

Mechademia 3

Author : Frenchy Lunning
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Dramatic advances in genetics, cloning, robotics, and nanotechnology have given rise to both hopes and fears about how technology might transform humanity. As the possibility of a posthuman future becomes increasingly likely, debates about how to interpret or shape this future abound. In Japan, anime and manga artists have for decades been imagining the contours of posthumanity, creating dazzling and sometimes disturbing works of art that envision a variety of human/nonhuman hybrids: biological/mechanical, human/animal, and human/monster. Anime and manga offer a constellation of posthuman prototypes whose hybrid natures require a shift in our perception of what it means to be human. Limits of the Human—the third volume in the Mechademia series—maps the terrain of posthumanity using manga and anime as guides and signposts to understand how to think about humanity’s new potentialities and limits. Through a wide range of texts—the folklore-inspired monsters that populate Mizuki Shigeru’s manga; Japan’s Gothic Lolita subculture; Tezuka Osamu’s original cyborg hero, Atom, and his manga version of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis (along with Ôtomo Katsuhiro’s 2001 anime film adaptation); the robot anime, Gundam; and the notion of the uncanny in Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence, among others—the essays in this volume reject simple human/nonhuman dichotomies and instead encourage a provocative rethinking of the definitions of humanity along entirely unexpected frontiers. Contributors: William L. Benzon, Lawrence Bird, Christopher Bolton, Steven T. Brown, Joshua Paul Dale, Michael Dylan Foster, Crispin Freeman, Marc Hairston, Paul Jackson, Thomas LaMarre, Antonia Levi, Margherita Long, Laura Miller, Hajime Nakatani, Susan Napier, Natsume Fusanosuke, Sharalyn Orbaugh, Ôtsuka Eiji, Adèle-Elise Prévost and MUSEbasement; Teri Silvio, Takayuki Tatsumi, Mark C. Taylor, Theresa Winge, Cary Wolfe, Wendy Siuyi Wong, and Yomota Inuhiko.

3 Decades of Television

Author : Library of Congress. Motion Picture, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound Division
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Samurai Girl Real Bout High School

Author : Reiji Saiga
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In the mad world of Daimon High School, physical education lords over academic enlightenment, extracurricular clubs elbow out curricular classes, and disagreements get settled mano y mano in the K-Fight ring.

Tall Dark and Dangerous Part 3

Author : Suzanne Brockmann
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New York Times bestselling author Suzanne Brockmann's Tall, Dark and Dangerous series continues with three more stories of action, suspense and romance starring hot Navy SEAL heroes! Part 3 of the Tall, Dark and Dangerous collection includes Get Lucky, Taylor's Temptation, and Night Watch.

Love Hina

Author : Ken Akamatsu
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When Keitaro Urashima fails his entrance exams to get into Tokyo University for the second time, his parents kick him out of the house. Fortunately, his grandmother agrees to hire Keitaro as the caretaker of her Hinata Lodge, which is actually a girls dorm, and he's the only guy around!

Forthcoming Books

Author : Rose Arny
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The Family Herald

Author :
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Indian Summer

Author : Alex Von Tunzelmann
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An extraordinary story of romance, history, and divided loyalties -- set against the backdrop of one of the most dramatic events of the twentieth century The stroke of midnight on August 15, 1947, liberated 400 million people from the British Empire. With the loss of India, its greatest colony, Britain ceased to be a superpower, and its king ceased to sign himself Rex Imperator. This defining moment of world history had been brought about by a handful of people. Among them were Jawaharlal Nehru, the fiery Indian prime minister; Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the leader of the new Islamic Republic of Pakistan; Mohandas Gandhi, the mystical figure who enthralled a nation; and Louis and Edwina Mountbatten, the glamorous but unlikely couple who had been dispatched to get Britain out of India. Within hours of the midnight chimes, their dreams of freedom and democracy would turn to chaos, bloodshed, and war. Behind the scenes, a secret personal drama was also unfolding, as Edwina Mountbatten and Jawaharlal Nehru began a passionate love affair. Their romance developed alongside Cold War conspiracies, the beginning of a terrible conflict in Kashmir, and an epic sweep of events that saw one million people killed and ten million dispossessed. Steeped in the private papers and reflections of the participants, Alex von Tunzelmann's Indian Summer reveals, in vivid, exhilarating detail, how the actions of a few extraordinary people changed the lives of millions and determined the fate of nations.

Kodocha Sana s Stage Volume 1

Author : Sarah Dyer
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"T teen age 13+"--Vol. 1, p. [4] of cover.

Initial D Volume 1

Author : Shuichi Shigeno
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Follows the adventures of Todo, a racing team with a car called Project D.

Ragnarok Volume 1 Eve of Apocalypse

Author : Myung Jin Lee
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In the time when Ragnarok, the fall of the gods, has been predicted to occur, Fenris Fenrir is on a desperate quest to locate the reincarnated Balder, to seek his help in changing the world, before the valkyries find him and civilization is doomed.

On Early English Pronunciation with Especial Reference to Shakspere and Chaucer Part 3 Illustrations Ot the Pronunciation of the XIVth and XVIth Centuries

Author : Alexander-John Ellis
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Magill s Guide to Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature The absolute at large

Author : T. A. Shippey
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"These four volumes cover 791 books or series, 238 of them published during the 1980s and 1990s. the entries are 1,000 words long for single books and 1,500 for series, with a one-sentence summary beginning each entry followed by bibliographical information ... Volume 4 contains an extensive bibliography of critical works on science fiction and fantasy, a list of major award winners, a genre index." Booklist.

The Poetical Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley

Author : Percy Bysshe Shelley
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GTO Volume 1

Author : Tohru Fujisawa
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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When former gangster Onizuka decides to become a teacher, the only job he lands is a student teacher position at the Holy Forest Academy where he must rely on his street smarts to deal with the difficult students.

The Poetical Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley together with His Prefaces and Notes His Poetical Translations and Fragments and an Appendix of Juvenilia

Author : Percy Bysshe Shelley
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