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Paranormal Media

Author : Annette Hill
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The paranormal has gone mainstream. Beliefs are on the rise, with almost half of the British population, and two thirds of Americans, claiming to believe in extra sensory perceptions and hauntings. Psychic magazines like Spirit and Destiny, television shows such as Fringe, Ghost Whisperer and Most Haunted, ghost-cams and e-poltergeists, bestselling books on mind, body and spirit, and magicians like Derren Brown have moved from the outer limits to the centre of popular culture, turning paranormal beliefs and scepticism into revenue streams. Paranormal Media offers a unique, timely exploration of the extraordinary, unexplained and supernatural in popular culture, looking in unusual places in order to understand this phenomenon. Early spirit forms such as magic lantern shows or the spirit photograph are re-imagined as a search for extraordinary experiences in reality TV, ghost tourism, and live shows. Through a popular cultural ethnography, and critical analysis in social and cultural theory, this ground-breaking book by Annette Hill presents an original and rigorous examination of people's experiences of spirits and magic. In popular culture, people are players in an orchestral movement about what happens to us when we die. In a very real sense the audience is the show. This book is the story of audiences and their participation in a show about matters of life and death. Paranormal Media will be a highly interesting read for undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as academics, on a wide range of television, media, cultural studies, and sociology courses.

The Psychology of Paranormal Belief

Author : Harvey J. Irwin
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This book, written by an internationally renowned researcher in the field, provides a thorough and systematic review of empirical investigations into the bases of belief in paranormal phenomena. Opening with a foreword by the highly respected researchers into paranormal belief Dr Caroline Watt and Professor Richard Wiseman, this book will be of particular interest to professional researchers and serious students of the subject, as well as to clinical psychologists and counsellors.

The Ashgate Research Companion to Paranormal Cultures

Author : Olu Jenzen
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Despite the much vaunted ’end of religion’ and the growth of secularism, people are engaging like never before in their own ’spiritualities of life’. Across the West, paranormal belief is on the rise. The Ashgate Research Companion to Paranormal Cultures brings together the work of international scholars across the social sciences and humanities to question how and why people are seeking meaning in the realm of the paranormal, a heretofore subjugated knowledge. With contributions from the UK and other European countries, the USA, Australia and Canada, this ground-breaking book attends to the paranormal as a position from which to critique dominant forms of knowledge production and spirituality. A rich exploration of everyday life practices, textual engagements and discourses relating to the paranormal, as well as the mediation, technology and art of paranormal activity, this book explores themes such as subcultures and mainstreaming, as well as epistemological, methodological, and phenomenological questions, and the role of the paranormal in social change. The Ashgate Research Companion to Paranormal Cultures constitutes an essential resource for those interested in the academic study of cultural engagements with paranormality; it will appeal to scholars of cultural and media studies, popular culture, sociology, cultural geography, literature, film and music.

Haunted Media

Author : Jeffrey Sconce
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Examines the repeated association of new electronic media with spiritual phenomena from the telegraph in the late 19th century to television.

Encounters with the Paranormal

Author : Kendrick Frazier
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The Skeptical Inquirer

Author :
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Paranormal State

Author : Ryan Buell
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On the hit A&E series Paranormal State, Ryan Buell and his team of investigators delve deep into the mysterious world of ghosts, demonic disturbances, and sixth-sense sightings that shadows our everyday reality. Now, in this official companion book to the series, Buell takes you one step further, revealing the secrets of the show’s most intense cases and the shocking, never-before-told story of his own brush with the supernatural—the otherworldly experience that first inspired him to found the Paranormal Research Society.

Paranormal Research

Author : International Conference on Paranormal Research
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The Paranormal Investigator s Handbook

Author : Valerie Hope
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Get closer to the truth about anomalous phenomena! This extraordinary volume draws together a team of experts to provide the latest techniques for investigating cases, interviewing witnesses, researching background information, and recognizing a hoax. Real-life studies and actual photos are presented, along with helpful checklists, diagrams, and instructions for leading your own investigations. Read about documented ghost and poltergeist hauntings, and conduct your own vigil. Delve into earth mysteries, like ley lines--locate them on a map and prove them in the field. Try remote viewing or use telepathy to "see" a distant place or event, then arrange your own session. Plus: UFOs, out-of-body experiences, life after death, street-light interference, premonitions and other mysterious occurrences. 144 pages, 40 b/w illus., 7 1/8 x 9 11/16.

The Paranormal Source Book

Author : Jenny Randles
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Alien abductions, angels, dreams, ESP, ghosts, healing, poltergeists, reincarnation, crop cirles, UFOs.

Encyclopedia of Weird Detectives

Author : Paul Green
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The detective genre has explored supernatural and paranormal themes throughout its colorful history. Stories of detectives investigating spiritualists, ghostly apparitions, the occult and psychics have spanned pulp fiction magazines, comic books, novels, film, television, animation and video games. This encyclopedia covers the history of the genre in its multiple forms and informs and adds to the knowledge of either the new or informed reader. Its A-Z format provides ready reference by title. Detective fans browsing for new discoveries will enjoy the entertaining style.

The Atheist

Author :
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The Paranormal and the Politics of Truth

Author : Jeremy Northcote
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This book is based on the author's ten-year research into the politics of belief surrounding paranormal ideas. Through a detailed examination of the participants, issues, strategies and underlying factors that constitute the contemporary paranormal debate, the book explores the struggle surrounding the status of paranormal phenomena. It examines, on the one hand, how the principal arbiters of religious and scientific truths -- the Church and the academic establishment -- reject paranormal ideas as "occult" and "pseudo-scientific", and how, on the other hand, paranormal enthusiasts attempt to resist such labels and instead establish paranormal ideas as legitimate knowledge. The author contends that the paranormal debate is the outcome of wider discursive processes that are concerned with the construction and negotiation of truth in Western society generally. More specifically, the debate is seen as an aspect of the "boundary work" that defines the contours of religious and scientific orthodoxy. The book paves new ground in understanding the nature of belief relating to a topic that has long held fascination to academics and lay people alike - paranormal ideas. It develops a discursive framework for understanding a contemporary social phenomenon, hence placing the study at the cutting edge of ethnographic development that seeks to integrate discursive perspectives with empirical accounts of sociological phenomena. Most importantly, the study is intended to contribute to the debate surrounding communicative action, by outlining a discursive perspective on the negotiation of ideational differences that goes beyond the incommensurability theories that have dominated the sociology of communication and knowledge.

The Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research

Author : American Society for Psychical Research
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List of members in v. 1, 6, 12.

An Excursion Into the Paranormal

Author : George Karolyi
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"Paranormal phenomena encompass all phenomena that cannot be explained in terms of currently prevailing scientific knowledge, but which nevertheless can be shown to exist to a high degree of probability by accepted scientific methodology, or which are frequently reported by numerous reliable observers in a consistent way. This book is not an attempt to describe paranormal phenomena in an all-inclusive or systematic way. Rather, the book is a description of the author's own selective venture into the field of the paranorma, and presents the quthor's own results in particular areas. Nevertheless, these areas cover a wide range of the overall field, and include topics such as the human aura, corona discharge photography, extrasensory perception, psychokinesis, survival related phenomena, correlations between bioelectric variables and parnormal abilities, and attempts to enhance paranormal abilities via biofeedback."--Publisher's description.

Encyclopedia of Communication and Information Gay Pol

Author : Jorge Reina Schement
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Explores the full spectrum of communication, from careers to information technologies, in an interdisciplinary fashion. Emphasis is on both historical and current issues, topics, and people.

Supernatural Media s Guide To Ghost Box Hacks

Author : Shawn Taylor
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In this book Shawn Taylor & Daniel Morgan show you how to hack common radios and convert them into Ghost Boxes. These radios have been featured all over the world being used to break through the veil of death and hear spirits from the other side. This is a must have for any paranormal researcher looking to obtain or make their own Ghost Box. This is a supplement to their previous book "The Double-Blind Ghost Box".

Maryland Ghosts Paranormal Encounters in the Free State

Author : Amelia Cotter
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An author and paranormal explorer presents a chilling collection of personal paranormal encounters gathered from friends, family, ghost hunting teams, and suburban adventurers across MarylandNin some of its most legendary haunted locations, private homes, hidden, and sometimes unexpected places.

The Future of Post human Mass Media

Author : Peter Baofu
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Why should mass media be informational and accurate as much as its proponents would claimand, conversely, disinformational and propagandistic as much as its critics would argue? Contrary to the conventional wisdom held by many since the modern era of mass media, neither of the two opposing views is correct, to the extent that a total analysis of media influence has yet to be adequately explored and understood. Something fundamentally vital to the analysis of communication has been missing. This is not to say, however, that the literature on media studies hitherto existing in history has been much ado about nothing; on the contrary, indeed, much can be learned from different theoretical approaches in the field. But the important point to remember here is that this book aims to show an alternative (better) way to understand the nature of mass media (which goes beyond both the pros and cons in the literature on media influence, while learning from them all). If true, this seminal view will alter the way of how mass media are to be understood, with its enormous theoretical implications for going beyond the existing paradigms on the future of communication, in a small senseand for predicting the future of open and closed societies, in a large sense.

The Paranormal

Author : Michael A. Persinger
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Contents include: Introduction: Putative phenomena; Conditioning and learning; Paranormal experiences in terms of normal behavioural mechanisms; Interesting speculations on paranormal reports based on extensions of conditioning models: Paranormal experiences as responses to actual external stimuli; Possible physical mechanisms for paranormal responses.