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Author : Wyn La Bouchardiere
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A heady mix of paranormal tales from India to give the reader goose-bumps, handed down verbally from generation to generation. Supernatural sightings of female demons, disguised as lovely women, set out to lure unsuspecting young men to their death. Reincarnated spirits born again, ghostly apparitions of dead relatives, haunted houses, grave robbers and spooks arising from their tombs at the stroke of mid-night, local superstition and myths form part of the anecdotes. These collected stories, were always related to pass the time before going to bed in the days when there were no TVs or cyber activities to serve as distractions. The narrator often was the family patriarch and the audience were generally family members and any visiting guests. The selected settings for listening to the stories were ideal – either on house terraces or front yards of homes amidst the dark shadows of the palms and other trees lit only by starlight or moonlight. Silence reigned except for the occasional sounds of the hooting of resident owls from abandoned old houses adding to the eerie atmosphere.

The Telltale Lilac Bush and Other West Virginia Ghost Tales

Author : Ruth Ann Musick
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" West Virginia boasts an unusually rich heritage of ghost tales. Originally West Virginians told these hundred stories not for idle amusement but to report supernatural experiences that defied ordinary human explanation. From jealous rivals and ghostly children to murdered kinsmen and omens of death, these tales reflect the inner lives—the hopes, beliefs, and fears—of a people. Like all folklore, these tales reveal much of the history of the region: its isolation and violence, the passions and bloodshed of the Civil War era, the hardships of miners and railroad laborers, and the lingering vitality of Old World traditions.

Best Ghost Tales of North Carolina

Author : Terrance Zepke
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Here are twenty-five tales about strange happenings, creepy places, and engaging specters across the Old North State. Six are new for this 2nd edition. Stealthy and forlorn, cunning and mysterious, the ghosts of North Carolina's past linger among the living in this thrilling collection of ghost tales.

Coffin Hollow and Other Ghost Tales

Author : Ruth Ann Musick
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Suffolk Ghost Tales

Author : Kirsty Hartsiotis
File Size : 22.4 MB
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SUFFOLK – a peaceful, rural county with big skies, rolling fi elds, unspoilt beaches, quaint towns and villages. But all is not as quiet as it seems. Could that be the eerie clanking of gibbet chains at the crossroads? Did you see a desolate face at an upper window or a spectral white form lurking in the hedgerow? Cats are not always lucky – and beware a north Suffolk Broad in the still, small hours of Midsummer Night . . . Kirsty Hartsiotis and Cherry Wilkinson retell, with spine-chilling freshness, thirty fabulous ghost tales from all corners of this beguiling county. So pull up a chair, stoke the fire and prepare to see its gentle landscape in a new light.

5 Paranormal Tales

Author : Diane Browne
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Ghost Tales

Author : Charles Edward Brown
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Ghost Tales for Retelling

Author : Idella Bodie
File Size : 34.41 MB
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Presents a collection of ghost stories drawn from the author's childhood. Includes storytelling hints.

Ghost Tales of the Moratoc

Author : Catherine T. Carter
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Format : PDF, Docs
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A collection of eighteen ghost stories written about the Northeastern part of North Carolina, the Moratoc region, spanning the years from colonial days to the present

Mexican Ghost Tales of the Southwest

Author : Alfred Avila
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Format : PDF, Docs
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Traditional Mexican stories tell of ghosts, evil spirits, devils, curses, and supernatural forces

True Ghost Stories

Author : Christy R. Gordon
File Size : 41.97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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True Ghost Stories is a collection of 30 paranormal tales from around the world. Settle in for a chilling read as real people share their harrowing encounters with everything from haunted forests to possessed mannequins. In this book, you'll find: Terror on the Farm - An evil entity terrorizes a family in South Africa The Thing With No Face - Soldiers encounter a horrifying presence deep in the jungle Something Wicked This Way Comes - An avid fisherman gets the fright of his life Paranormal Call - Police officers respond to a disturbance call they'll never forget Originally published on the popular paranormal-themed blog,, the tales in True Ghost Stories are sure to leave you sleepless.

Haunted Kansas

Author : Lisa Hefner Heitz
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Collects oral histories, eye-witness accounts, and local legends about ghosts, poltergeists, spook lights, and other restless spirits.

Ghost Stories of the Lehigh Valley

Author : Charles Jesse Adams
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A super, natural companion to this book, Ghost Stories of the Lehigh Valley (Book One).

Victorian Ghost Stories

Author : Richard Dalby
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A Ghost a Day

Author : Maureen Wood
File Size : 88.64 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Can't get enough spooks, spirits, and specters? Now you'll never have to go a day without your ghoulish fix. This ghastly collection features some of the scariest stories of murder, revenge, and suicide ever told—and the spirits that haunt their resting place for all time. As a truly unique convention, each story directly relates to the specific day on which it's found. You'll find shocking stories of: Sightings of the spectral SS Valencia that was lost at sea on January 22nd, 1906 The "Thirteen Lost Souls" trapped in the burning Jolema Building in Brazil on February 1st, 1974 seen roaming the new corridors and offices The ghostly "mist of the Green Lady" in the oldest graveyard in Burlington, Connecticut, which she started haunting on April 12, 1800 Not for the faint of heart, this book delivers tales to terrify you every day of the year!

Paranormal Tales

Author : Lori Yaney
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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A collection of 27 fictional short paranormal (ghost) stories plus added bonus fictional supernatural story.

The Skeptical Inquirer

Author :
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Senior High School Library Catalog

Author : H.W. Wilson Company
File Size : 78.81 MB
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Each vol. is divided into 2 parts 1st-7th ed.: Dictionary catalog and Classified catalog; 8th-9th ed. have 3rd. part: Directory of publishers.

St Andrews Ghost Stories

Author : W. T. Linskill
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Paranormal Investigator s Handbook

Author : Valerie Hope
File Size : 83.72 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Get closer to the truth about anomalous phenomena! This extraordinary volume draws together a team of experts to provide the latest techniques for investigating cases, interviewing witnesses, researching background information, and recognizing a hoax. Real-life studies and actual photos are presented, along with helpful checklists, diagrams, and instructions for leading your own investigations. Read about documented ghost and poltergeist hauntings, and conduct your own vigil. Delve into earth mysteries, like ley lines--locate them on a map and prove them in the field. Try remote viewing or use telepathy to "see" a distant place or event, then arrange your own session. Plus: UFOs, out-of-body experiences, life after death, street-light interference, premonitions and other mysterious occurrences. 144 pages, 40 b/w illus., 7 1/8 x 9 11/16.