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Paraphrase Grammars

Author : R.M. Smaby
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The recent rapid development of transformational grammars has incorpo rated some strong claims in the areas of semantics and co-occurrence. The earlier structuralists relied on a minimum of information about the meaning of strings of a language. They asked only if strings of sounds were different in meaning - or simply were different words or phrases. Current transfor mational grammars, on the other hand, set as their goal the production of exactly the meaningful strings of a language. Stated slightly differently, they wish to specify exactly which strings of a language can occur together (meaningfully) in a given order. The present book purports to show that transformational grammar is in dependent of the current trends in semantics. I claim that exciting and sophisticated transformational grammars are required for describing when strings of a language mean the same, that is, for describing when strings of a language are paraphrases of each other. This task can be quite naturally limited to a project of much weaker semantic claims than those which are current in transformational linguistics.

Paraphrase grammars

Author : Richard M. Smaby
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Sequel to the Grammar of Sacred History being a paraphrase on the Epistles and Gospels for every Sunday throughout the year with notes To which is prefixed a simple illustration of the Liturgy and a paraphrase on the Church Catechism

Author : Mary Ann RUNDALL
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Sequel to the Grammar of sacred history being a paraphrase on the epistles and gospels for every Sunday throughout the year c

Author : Mary Ann Rundall
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Vol 2 Paraphrase grammars

Author : R.M. Smaby
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Some Aspects of Text Grammars

Author : Teun A. van Dijk
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Routledge Dictionary of Language and Linguistics

Author : Hadumod Bussmann
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The Routledge Dictionary of Language and Linguistics is a unique reference work for students and teachers of linguistics. The highly regarded second edition of the Lexikon der Sprachwissenschaft by Hadumod Bussmann has been specifically adapted by a team of over thirty specialist linguists to form the most comprehensive and up-to-date work of its kind in the English language. In over 2,500 entries, the Dictionary provides an exhaustive survey of the key terminology and languages of more than 30 subdisciplines of linguistics. With its term-based approach and emphasis on clear analysis, it complements perfectly Routledge's established range of reference material in the field of linguistics.

Semiotics and Linguistic Structure

Author : Richard M. Martin
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This book is devoted to elementary formal logic and metalogic, and their applications to language.

English Grammar with Chapters on Composition Versification Paraphrasing and Punctuation

Author : John Miller Dow Meiklejohn
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High School English Grammar and Composition Book Multicolour Edition

Author : Wren & Martin
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Wren and Martin’s High School English Grammar & Composition is one of the most popular and widely used reference books on English Grammar. It not only helps the students to use the language, but also gives detailed information about the language.

The Early Meaning and the Developments of the middle Voice

Author : Eustace Miles
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Language and Language Behavior Abstracts

Author :
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Formal Grammars in Linguistics and Psycholinguistics

Author : Willem J. M. Levelt
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Almost four decades have passed since "Formal Grammars "first appeared in 1974. At that time it was still possible to rather comprehensively review for (psycho)linguists the relevant literature on the theory of formal languages and automata, on their applications in linguistic theory and in the psychology of language. That is no longer feasible. In all three areas developments have been substantial, if not breathtaking. Nowadays, an interested linguist or psycholinguist opening any text on formal languages can no longer see the wood for the trees, as it is by no means evident which formal, mathematical tools are really required for natural language applications. An historical perspective can be helpful here. There are paths through the wood that have been beaten since decades; they can still provide useful orientation. The origins of these paths can be traced in the three volumes of "Formal Grammars," brought together in the present re-edition. In a newly added postscript the author has sketched what has become, after all these years, of formal grammars in linguistics and psycholinguistics, or at least some of the core developments. This chapter may provide further motivation for the reader to make a trip back to some of the historical sources.


Author :
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Collected Papers Volume 1

Author : Stephen Stich
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This is the first of two volumes collecting articles by the distinguished philosopher Stephen Stich. This volume collects the best and most influential essays that Stephen Stich has published in the last 40 years on topics in the philosophy of mind and the philosophy of language. They discuss a wide range of topics including grammar, innateness, reference, folk psychology, eliminativism, connectionism, evolutionary psychology, simulation theory, social construction, and psychopathology.

Linear Unit Grammar

Author : John McHardy Sinclair
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People have a natural propensity to understand language text as a succession of smallish chunks, whether they are reading, writing, speaking or listening. Linguists have found that this propensity can shed light on the nature and structure of language, and there are many studies which attempt to harness the potential of natural chunking.This book explores the role of chunking in the description of discourse, especially spoken discourse. It appears that chunking offers a sound but flexible platform on which can be built a descriptive model which is more open and comprehensive than more familiar approaches to structural description. The model remains linear, in that it avoids hierarchies, and it concentrates on the combinatorial patterns of text. The linear approach turns out to have many advantages, bringing together under one descriptive method a wide variety of different styles of speech and writing. It is complementary to established grammars, but it raises pertinent questions about many of their assumptions.

Reversible Grammar in Natural Language Processing

Author : T. Strzalkowski
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Reversible grammar allows computational models to be built that are equally well suited for the analysis and generation of natural language utterances. This task can be viewed from very different perspectives by theoretical and computational linguists, and computer scientists. The papers in this volume present a broad range of approaches to reversible, bi-directional, and non-directional grammar systems that have emerged in recent years. This is also the first collection entirely devoted to the problems of reversibility in natural language processing. Most papers collected in this volume are derived from presentations at a workshop held at the University of California at Berkeley in the summer of 1991 organised under the auspices of the Association for Computational Linguistics. This book will be a valuable reference to researchers in linguistics and computer science with interests in computational linguistics, natural language processing, and machine translation, as well as in practical aspects of computability.

School English Grammar

Author : Prof. Y. Krishna Murthy
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Author : Sylvia Chalker
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An A-Z of 1,000 English grammatical terms, including current mainstream terminology, older, traditional and many new, controversial terms plus coverage of wider linguistics items. Concise definitions are accompanied by more detailed explanations with examples of usage and many quotations from grammar books. Now available in paperback this book should be found on the shelves of all those with an interest in the English language

Point Counterpoint

Author : Lynn Eubank
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Point Counterpoint offers a series of papers and replies originally presented at a special session of the Second Language Research Forum, UCLA, March 1989. The focus of the papers is primarily the role of Universal Grammar in second language acquisition, though the agenda also includes discussion of other fundamental questions, viz., the explanatory potential of linguistic theory in native-language development. It may come as no surprise that the contributors and their respondents often present very different perspectives on the issues, for most of the authors were known in advance to hold contrasting points of view. Contributors (c) and Respondents (r) are: Wolfgang Klein (c)/Nina Hyams (r); Sascha Felix (c)/Jacquelyn Schachter (r); Suzanne Flynn & Sharon Manuel (c)/David Birdsong (r); Lydia White (c)/Robert Bley-Vroman (r); Peter Jordens (c)/Lynn Eubank (r); Jurgen Meisel (c)/Bonnie Schwartz (r); Sharon Hilles (c)/William O'Grady (r); Daniel Finer (c)/Margaret Thomas (r); Usha Lakshmanan (c)/Nina Hymans & Ken Safir (r).