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Parenting a Child Who Has Experienced Trauma

Author : Dan Hughes
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This practical handbook explores traumatic experiences and their effects on children at different stages of development. The first half of the book examines what constitutes trauma in childhood, including its symptoms, prognosis and treatment. It outlines specific parenting tasks, addresses educational and social issues and answers a range of frequently asked questions. In the second half, single adopter Matthew Blythe describes his experience of parenting twin boys who have experienced significant trauma.

Trauma Responsive Child Welfare Systems

Author : Virginia C. Strand
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This comprehensive reference offers a robust framework for introducing and sustaining trauma-responsive services and culture in child welfare systems. Organized around concepts of safety, permanency, and well-being, chapters describe innovations in child protection, violence prevention, foster care, and adoption services to reduce immediate effects of trauma on children and improve long-term development and maturation. Foundations and interventions for practice include collaborations with families and community entities, cultural competency, trauma-responsive assessment and treatment, promoting trauma-informed parenting, and, when appropriate, working toward reunification of families. The book’s chapters on agency culture also address staffing, supervisory, and training issues, planning and implementation, and developing a competent, committed, and sturdy workforce. Among the topics covered: Trauma-informed family engagement with resistant clients. Introducing evidence-based trauma treatment in preventive services. Working with resource parents for trauma-informed foster care. Use of implementation science principles in program development for sustainability. Trauma informed and secondary traumatic stress informed organizational readiness assessments. Caseworker training for trauma practice and building worker resiliency. Trauma Responsive Child Welfare Systems ably assists psychology professionals of varied disciplines, social workers, and mental health professionals applying trauma theory and trauma-informed family engagement to clinical practice and/or research seeking to gain strategies for creating trauma-informed agency practice and agency culture. It also makes a worthwhile text for a child welfare training curriculum.

Does My Child Have Ptsd

Author : Jolene Philo
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A mother, advocate, and educator shares research and personal experience in this guide to help anyone care for children dealing with PTSD. Is it possible that the struggles you have with your child may be because he or she suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)? Once ignored, even by the medical professionals treating war veterans, PTSD is gaining global recognition as a very real and serious issue for those who have experienced traumatic events, even children. When children experience medical illness, witness violence, or are abused, it can leave a lasting effect. According to recent studies, 50 to 60 percent of children who experience these traumas early in life may suffer from a form of PTSD, leading to issues in childhood, through adolescence, and even into adulthood. Does My Child Have PTSD? is designed for readers looking for answers about the puzzling, disturbing behaviors of children in their care. With years of research and personal experience, Philo provides critical information to help people understand causes, symptoms, prevention, and effective diagnosis, treatment, and care for any child struggling with PTSD. “Philo’s dramatic story will capture the reader's attention, and there’s tremendous value in her patient explanations, from a simple definition of trauma to an exploration of PTSD causes, myths, and common terminology. . . . Though occasionally heart-wrenching, the book is organized so simply and logically as to be easy to follow and digest. Each chapter ends with “reflection questions” and additional valuable resources. Philo concludes on a hopeful note, providing encouragement and reassurance for other families in similar situations.” —Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

Parenting and Children s Resilience in Military Families

Author : Abigail H. Gewirtz
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This reference examines the wide-ranging impact of military life on families, parenting, and child development. It examines the complex family needs of this diverse population, especially as familiar issues such as trauma, domestic violence, and child abuse manifest differently than in civilian life. Expert contributors review findings on deployed mothers, active-duty fathers, and other military parents while offering evidence for interventions and prevention programs to enhance children’s healthy adjustment in this highly structured yet uncertain context. Its emphasis on resource and policy improvements keeps the book focused on the evolution of military families in the face of future change and challenges. Included in the coverage: Impacts of military life on young children and their parents. Parenting school-age children and adolescents through military deployments. Parenting in military families faced with combat-related injury, illness, or death. The special case of civilian service members: supporting parents in the National Guard and Reserves. Interventions to support and strengthen parenting in military families: state of the evidence. Military parenting in the digital age: existing practices, new possibilities. Addressing a major need in family and parenting studies, Parenting and Children’s Resilience in Military Families is necessary reading for scholars and practitioners interested in parenting and military family research.

Securely Attached

Author : Kristin Berry
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Has Trauma Affected the Child You’re Caring For? Just as you prepared your home to welcome a new child, it is important to prepare your heart and mind—especially if the child has suffered from a background of trauma. Perhaps your invitation for love is met with hostility, and you find that this new member of your family rejects connection. If so, then it’s critical to acknowledge the effects of trauma on a child’s ability to attach. Mike and Kristin Berry realized this when they became adoptive and foster parents. In their twenty-year marriage, they have had the joy of adopting eight children and fostering twenty-three. They now offer guidance from their own journey to others parenting a child who has experienced past trauma. In Securely Attached, they offer practical insights that are supported by therapeutic and medical facts, so all parents can provide best for the children in their care. You’ll learn: How trauma changes the brain How to identify trauma-induced behaviors How to identify attachment disorders How to advocate for your child in the community. Get the help you need to better care for the children in your home. Discover how you can create a family and home that is safe and supportive so your children can grow to trust and become securely attached.

Parenting A Child Who Has Experienced Trauma

Author : Cassidy Savasta
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Parenting kids exposed to trauma is hard. Sometimes very hard, but these kids need parents and these families can thrive. This book brings you everything she's learned as mama, friend, and counselor, in a new and easy-to-understand way by: -Demystifying attachment disorders and the impact of complex emotional trauma on our homes and society. -Breaking down current treatment options for attachment disorders. -Equipping you with information, strategies, and stories to know you are not alone or powerless in your own home. -Resources specifically for the friend or family member who wants to support adoptive/foster families.

The Seven Core Issues Workbook for Parents of Traumatized Children and Teens

Author : Sharon Roszia
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Based on a hugely successful US model, The Seven Core Issues Workbook is accessible and parent-friendly with brief explanations, activities and exercises. The Seven Core Issues are Loss, Rejection, Shame/Guilt, Grief, Identity, Intimacy and Mastery/Control. The workbook gives parents the ability to explore their own issues as well as their child's through varies experiential exercise and activities. Parents can identify and address their core issues in order to more effectively assist and support the child's core issues. The workbook and its exercises allow for a variety of diverse groups to use the book with ease, making it the essential tool for all individuals to grow and heal themselves and their families.

Children and Trauma

Author : Justin S. Holcomb
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Children can experience trauma from a variety of situations, including neglect, physical, sexual, or psychological abuse, death of a loved one, bullying, racism, and more. Trauma occurs when children are exposed to an experience perceived as threatening or harmful and respond with intense fear that affects them physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Justin and Lindsey Holcomb help parents and caregivers recognize the signs of trauma and guide them in stepping into children’s lives and demonstrating Jesus’s care and protection for them. The compassionate and helpful response of parents or caregivers can help children who have experienced trauma to access spiritual, emotional, and physical healing.

The Emotional Experience of Adoption

Author : Debbie Hindle
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Adoption is an extremely complex and emotionally demanding process for all those involved. This book explores the emotional experience of adoption from a psychoanalytic perspective, and demonstrates how psychoanalytic understanding and treatment can contribute to thinking about and working with adopted children and their families. Drawing on psychoanalytic, attachment and child development theory, and detailed in-depth clinical case discussion, The Emotional Experience of Adoption explores issues such as: the emotional experience of children placed for adoption, and how this both shapes and is shaped by unconscious processes in the child’s inner world how psychoanalytic child psychotherapy can help as a distinctive source of understanding and as a treatment for children who are either in the process of being adopted or already adopted how such understanding can inform planning and decision making amongst professionals and carers. The Emotional Experience of Adoption explains and accounts for the emotional and psychological complexities involved for child, parents and professionals in adoption. It will be of interest and relevance to anyone involved at a personal level in the adoption process or professionals working in the fields of adoption, social work, child mental health, foster care and family support.

Working with Relational and Developmental Trauma in Children and Adolescents

Author : Karen Treisman
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Working with Relational and Developmental Trauma in Children and Adolescents focuses on the multi-layered complex and dynamic area of trauma, loss and disrupted attachment on babies, children, adolescents and the systems around them. The book explores the impact of relational and developmental trauma and toxic stress on children’s bodies, brains, relationships, behaviours, cognitions, and emotions. The book draws on a range of theoretical perspectives through reflective exercises, rich case studies, practical applications and therapeutic strategies. With chapters on wider organisational and systemic dynamics, strength-based practices and the intergenerational transmission of relational trauma, Karen Treisman provides a holistic view of the pervasive nature and impact of working with trauma. Working with Relational and Developmental Trauma in Children and Adolescents will be of interest to professionals working with children and families in the community, in-patient, school, residential, and court-based settings, including clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, teachers, and students.