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The Parent Teacher Partnership

Author : Scott Mandel
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With the National PTA's Standard for School-Family-Community Partnership as a framework, this guide offers advice for resolving common points of contention between parents and teachers, such as the most productive use of a parent-teacher conference, the best at-home environment for doing homework, the helpfulness of parental rewards for classroom performance, and a teacher's role in supporting a student with an at-home crisis. This solution manual draws from real-world experiences of parents, teachers, and administrators to tackle issues of communication, parenting skills, classroom volunteering, and mutual respect.

Parent Teacher Partnership

Author : Mike Blamires
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First Published in 1997. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Teacher parent Partnerships to Enhance School Success in Early Childhood Education

Author : Kevin J. Swick
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This publication discusses issues of parent-teacher partnerships that affect children's development. An introductory chapter suggests that the central figures in fostering the development of a child's potential are the significant adults in the child's world. Chapter 2 considers family relationships as prototypes for later partnerships, and lists several family attributes, such as love, communication, and commitment, that promote partnerships. Chapter 3 lists attributes of parents and teachers that promote parent-teacher partnerships, and explains several paradigms of parent and teacher involvement in family and school. Chapter 4 stresses the importance of establishing partnerships during the child's early years, and warns of the dangers of degrading partnerships for at-risk parents. Chapter 5 suggests a framework for teacher-parent partnerships and offers examples of successful partnership programs. The chapter also suggests partnership strategies, including home visits, training programs, conferences, newsletters, efforts to welcome parents, homework activities, and the involvement of parents in decision making. Chapter 6 addresses the topics of evaluation of partnerships, role conflicts and confrontation within partnerships, cultural differences as learning experiences, and support for at-risk families. Chapter 7 discusses issues concerning the process of strengthening families and schools. A bibliography of 130 items is included. (BC)

Parents and Teachers Together

Author : Mary Stacey
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Parental Involvement in Childhood Education

Author : Garry Hornby
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Parental participation has long been recognized as a positive factor in children’s education. Research consistently shows that parents’ contributions to their children’s education lead to improvements in their academic and behavioral outcomes, from elementary through middle and secondary school. Recognizing the critical role of school psychologists in this equation, Parental Involvement in Childhood Education clearly sets out an evidence-based rationale and blueprint for building parental involvement and faculty awareness. The author’s starting point is the gap between the ideals found in the literature and the reality of parental involvement in schools. An ecological analysis identifies professional, institutional, and societal factors that keep schools and parents distant. Methods for evaluating parental involvement are detailed, as is a model for developing and maintaining strong parental relationships at the instructor, school, and education system level, with an emphasis on flexible communication and greater understanding of parents’ needs. This empirically sound coverage offers readers: A detailed understanding of obstacles to parental involvement. An evidence-based model for parental participation. A three-nation study of parental involvement practices in schools. Guidelines for implementing parental involvement activities and initiatives. A review of effective communication strategies with parents. Analysis of key interpersonal skills for effective work with parents. Parental Involvement in Childhood Education is essential reading for practitioners and researchers in school psychology and counseling, social work, and educational psychology, whether they work directly with schools or in providing training for teachers and other professionals who work with children and their parents.

Activating Participation

Author : Gill Crozier
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This book collects together significant research on the involvement of parents and carers in their children's education. The findings stress the importance of dialogue and action between teachers and parents so parents can actively share in the decisions about their children's educational experience. The contributors explore the challenges this presents for both the teachers and the parents. The book is for teachers, policy makers, school governors, and for local authority advisers, councillors and practitioners. It is also important reading for students of teaching, child development, social policy, sociology, and gender studies.

The Parent teacher Partnership

Author : Ernest Glenn Osborne
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Foundational Aspects of Family School Partnership Research

Author : Susan M. Sheridan
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This volume focuses on how family-school partnerships are conceptualized, defined, and operationalized as well as the research that is needed to advance these foundational issues. Each chapter integrates prevailing approaches into a research-based framework for supporting learning from pre-K through high school. The book incorporates structural and relational methods into the larger context of educational processes to promote research about collaboration and to improve the academic and behavioral development of students. Diverse theories and models of family-school alliances demonstrate approaches and interventions that are goal-directed and strengths-based, respectful and responsive. In addition, the book analyzes cognitive, behavioral, and interpersonal aspects of partnership and discusses different methods of assessing parental involvement and student outcomes. Included in the coverage are innovative, agenda-setting discussions on: Definitions and conceptual frameworks of family-school partnerships. Need-satisfying partnerships. Diverse parent perspectives and participation. Measurement of family-school partnership constructs over time. Foundational Aspects of Family-School Partnership Research is an essential resource for researchers, professionals, and graduate students in child and school psychology, educational policy and politics, family studies, developmental psychology, sociology of education, sociology, and anthropology.

Partnership with Parents in Early Childhood Settings

Author : Liz Hryniewicz
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Partnership with Parents in Early Childhood Settings examines how practitioners can work effectively with parents and families, acknowledging the complex nature of these relationships. Drawing on policy, research and practice from kindergartens and early years settings in five European countries, it provides insight into how political, social and cultural contexts affect the relationships between educators and families and the impact this has on children’s early experiences. The book is based upon learning from an Erasmus mobility project between educators from five countries in OMEP (the World Organisation for Early Childhood Education). It presents examples from practice and research from the different countries and highlights some positive and practical ways in which professionals can work with parents, as well as potential barriers to parental partnership and how these might be overcome. Each section focuses on a different country and allows for a detailed exploration into how relationships are developed and sustained for the benefit of young children and their families in different places. Throughout, the reader is encouraged to reflect on their current understanding of parental partnership and how they can plan for positive parental partnership working in the future. This thought-provoking text will be an indispensable resource for students of early childhood and teachers and practitioners, as well as academics and those with an interest in early years social and educational policy.

Parent Partnerships in the Early Years

Author : Damien Fitzgerald
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Both home and school play a crucial role in the long-term development of a young child, yet many children experience a disjunction between their two worlds. This book explores strategies for developing effective partnerships between teachers and parents for a more integrated approach.