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The Parrot Who Owns Me

Author : Joanna Burger
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“Birds are my passion,” says Joanna Burger, “but parrots are my weakness.” Fifteen years ago, when se adopted a neglected, orphaned thirty-six year old parrot named Tiko, she entered on of the most complex relationships of her life. Sullen and hostile when he entered Dr. Burger’s home, Tiko gradually warmed as she carefully persuaded him of her good intentions. Eventually he courted her, building nests inside household furniture during mating season and trying to coax her into them. He nursed her vigilantly through a bout with Lyme disease, regularly preening each strand of hair on the pillow as she slept. For a while he even fought her husband for her attentions, but eventually theirs became a relationship of deep mutual trust. The Parrot Who Owns Me is also the story of the science of birds, and of parrots in particular (America’s third most commonly owned pet, after cats and dogs). Woven into the narrative are insights and fascinating revelations from Joanna Burger’s work — not only about parrots, but about what it means to be human. By turns delightful, hilarious, touching, and enlightening, The Parrot Who Owns Me introduces us to an unforgettable bird and his human companion, whose friendships tells us much about ourselves.

Parrot Culture

Author : Bruce Thomas Boehrer
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After completing his conquest of the Persian empire, Alexander the Great maneuvered his army across the Hindu Kush and into India. During his two years there, he traveled from dry frigid mountains to humid tropical lowlands and then back across one of the most punishing deserts on the planet. He fought a series of desperate battles against strange foes mounted on war-elephants, suffering wounds that nearly killed him. And when he eventually turned homeward, he brought with him specimens of a rare, magical species, a bird that could speak with a human voice. Introduced to Europe by Alexander, parrots were quickly embraced by Western culture as exotic and astonishing, full of marvelous powers, and close to the gods. Over the centuries they would become objects of veneration or figures of folly, creatures prized for their wit—or their place on the dinner table. Ultimately, they would become emblematic of the West's interaction with the world at large. Identifying a deeply rooted obsession with these beautiful and loquacious birds, Bruce Thomas Boehrer provides the first account of parrots and their impact on the Western world. Parrot Culture: Our 2500-Year-Long Fascination with the World's Most Talkative Bird traces the unusual history of parrots from their introduction in the Graeco-Roman world as items of oriental luxury, through the great age of New World exploration, to the contemporary ecological crisis of globalism. Boehrer identifies the poignant irony in the way parrots became ubiquitous as symbols and mascots, while suffering near extinction at the hands of those who desired them. Exploring their presence and meanings in the art, literature, and history of Western civilization, Parrot Culture also celebrates the beauty, intelligence, and personality of these birds, whose fate will say as much about us and the world we have created as it will about them.


Author : Samantha Nugent
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Did you know that parrots can use their beaks to peel bananas? Parrots are also one of the smartest animals on Earth. Find out these and more exciting facts in I Am a Parrot. Parrot is part of the Let’s Read collection of media enhanced books designed for children ages 5 to 7. These books were created to inspire beginning readers to become independent readers. Educator and reading expert Dr. Edward Fry created a list of 1,000 instant sight words. These 1,000 sight words must be learned by students in elementary grades. By the third grade, students are expected to instantly recognize the first 300 of these words. The Let’s Read books combine these 300 sight words with vivid color photography and nonfiction content within a kindergarten to second grade curriculum framework.

The Pet Owners Guide to Parrot

Author : Matthew Debanks
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Parrots have long been a favoured pet by humans. The first parrot was imported into the UK in 1504 however they were kept by the ancient Romans long before this. Parrots when cared for properly and given sufficient attention will live a long time. Because of their unique ability to talk and their very intelligent nature parrots often become more than a pet and instead part of the family. In this guide you will learn everything you need to know about keeping a pet parrot.

Parrot Developer s Guide

Author : Allison Randal
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The authors discuss Parrot Intermediate Representation (PIR), Parrot's native low-level language. PIR is fundamentally an assembly language, but it has some higher-level features such as operator syntax, syntactic sugar for subroutine and method calls, and a more friendly conditional syntax.

The Case Of The Perjured Parrot

Author : Erle Stanley Gardner
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The only witness to a millionaire’s murder is a parrot that keeps repeating phrases that may identify the killer.

The Paragon Parrot

Author : Rumi
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Rumi is regarded by many as the world's greatest poet. This selection by Arthur Scholey provides a taster of Rumi's great work. Here are stories plucked from friends and folk tales and real life, embodying Sufi wisdom, kindness, courtesy and candour.

The Parrot Reckonings

Author : Marguerite Floyd
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a selection of humorous essays on life with parrots

The Ultimate Parrot Training Secrets

Author :
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Parrot Crackers

Author : Kelly Doudna
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Peg leg Polly Parrot and her pirate crew capture a cargo of fancy snack crackers in exchange for some fruit.

Manual of Parrot Behavior

Author : Andrew Luescher
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This authoritative reference, the first of its kind, is a necessary addition to the library of any practitioner or behaviorist who sees avain companion animals. Because of their beauty, intelligence, playfulness and ability in mimicry, parrots are the most widely kept companion birds. It is estimated that more than half of the psittacine cases presented to clinicians are the result of behavioral problems-problems inherent to captivity. Bringing together a host of international experts on avian behavior, Manual of Parrot Behavior explores the many facets of psittacine behavior, both normal and abnormal. The book not only provides readers with a solid understanding of the basic principles of psittacine behavior but also offers useful techniques of diagnosis and treatment for specific problems. * Covers both normal and abnormal parrot behavior * Offers practical techniques on diagnosis and treatment of behavior problems * Written by a team of international experts on avian behavior * A necessary addition to the library of any practitioner of behaviorist who sees avian companion animals

Recovery Plan for the Puerto Rican Parrot Amazona Vittata

Author : Puerto Rican Parrot Recovery Team
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World s Worst Parrot

Author : Alice Kuipers
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Ava works hard at maintaining a certain image online and at school. As far as anyone else knows, life is great. But when she inherits an African gray parrot from her great-uncle Bernie (whom she barely remembers), Ava’s carefully crafted world starts to crumble. The parrot, Mervin, is loud and messy and obnoxious. Ava’s brother thinks it’s hilarious to post videos of Ava trying to deal with the crazy bird. He even creates a profile for the two of them. Everyone wants to see more of Ava and Mervin. Suddenly, Ava is internet famous—in the worst possible way. Her friends think the parrot is gross and start acting weird. But then a new girl at school helps Ava see that this parrot might not be the worst gift in the world and that just being yourself is the best way to be.

Thinking Like a Parrot

Author : Alan B. Bond
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From two experts on wild parrot cognition, a close look at the intelligence, social behavior, and conservation of these widely threatened birds. People form enduring emotional bonds with other animal species, such as dogs, cats, and horses. For the most part, these are domesticated animals, with one notable exception: many people form close and supportive relationships with parrots, even though these amusing and curious birds remain thoroughly wild creatures. What enables this unique group of animals to form social bonds with people, and what does this mean for their survival? In Thinking like a Parrot, Alan B. Bond and Judy Diamond look beyond much of the standard work on captive parrots to the mischievous, inquisitive, and astonishingly vocal parrots of the wild. Focusing on the psychology and ecology of wild parrots, Bond and Diamond document their distinctive social behavior, sophisticated cognition, and extraordinary vocal abilities. Also included are short vignettes—field notes on the natural history and behavior of both rare and widely distributed species, from the neotropical crimson-fronted parakeet to New Zealand’s flightless, ground-dwelling kākāpō. This composite approach makes clear that the behavior of captive parrots is grounded in the birds’ wild ecology and evolution, revealing that parrots’ ability to bond with people is an evolutionary accident, a by-product of the intense sociality and flexible behavior that characterize their lives. Despite their adaptability and intelligence, however, nearly all large parrot species are rare, threatened, or endangered. To successfully manage and restore these wild populations, Bond and Diamond argue, we must develop a fuller understanding of their biology and the complex set of ecological and behavioral traits that has led to their vulnerability. Spanning the global distribution of parrot species, Thinking like a Parrot is rich with surprising insights into parrot intelligence, flexibility, and—even in the face of threats—resilience.

Jessie s Parrot

Author : Joanna H. Mathews
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Reproduction of the original: Jessie’s Parrot by Joanna H. Mathews

The Chinese Parrot

Author : Earl Derr Biggers
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"The Chinese Parrot" by Earl Derr Biggers. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

Perl 6 and Parrot Essentials

Author : Allison Randal
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This look at Perl 6 uncovers developments in Parrot - the interpreter engine that will execute code written in the new Perl 6 language and the most revolutionary change in the language itself - Apocalypse 12 on objects.

The Perfidious Parrot

Author : Janwillem van de Wetering
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The fourteenth Amsterdam Cops Mystery Retired policemen Grijpstra and de Gier are being blackmailed. The threat is a serious one: to set the income tax authority on them. The blackmailers, a wealthy yacht owner and his son, want them to investigate the mysterious hijacking of a supertanker’s entire cargo in the Caribbean. The Amsterdam cops reluctantly agree to take the case. Their rendezvous is in Key West, where they are confronted with a murder. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Adventures of a Parrot Named Poll Pry Including Her Birth Education Adversity Prosperity and Death

Author : Ann Elizabeth OULTON
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Parrot Eyes Lost

Author : Barton Grover Howe
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What begins as a morning of non-compensating for Surfland, Oregon’s Jackson Poe ends with a hyper-carnivorous eagle, a non-flying parrot and a mystery for Poe: Why are the coast’s birds of prey suddenly making snacks of Surfland’s pets? Following the trail from the beach to a daycare center for the perpetually hyper, Poe finds the truth: A perverter of the wild kingdom, whose need for greed is mutual with anyone willing to pay. So, Poe works with a beautiful marine biologist and a not-so-beautiful guy named ScubaPoop, to set a trap. But when everything goes wrong, and even the normally unflappable Jackson Poe seems to have gone off the deep-end, it looks like it just might be PARROT EYES LOST. “I giggled my way from on end of this short book all the way to the other. ... Love it.” —Ionia Martin, Amazon Top 500 Reviewer “Oregon’s answer to Carl Hiaasen and Dave Barry.” —Sheldon McArthur, North by Northwest Books “Move over Carl Hiassen, Tim Dorsey, Steve Berry and all the other Florida humor satire writers. A new voice and a very accomplished one I predict will be around for a long time, Howe does for the Oregon Coast what Hiaasen and the others have done for Florida.” —Sheldon McArthur, North by Northwest Books, on Beach Slapped “A non-stop laugh you cannot put down.” —Sheldon McArthur, North by Northwest Books, on The Beach is Back