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Passing Rhythms

Author : Stephen Hopkins
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Liverpool Football Club, in stark contrast to its competitors, remains locally owned, not a conglomerate or media business. Unlike its main rivals, the Liverpool club has been loathe to pursue global markets for merchandizing - though it attracts a huge fandom around the world - and its ambitions remain resolutely fixed on footballing success. No football club has ever had such an extended period of dominance inthe English game, nor extended that dominance to Europe so effectively.Many of the current crop of top young players are locally born and are a central feature of the city's nightlife, as well as national icons in pop/football/youth culture. But there are fears that the Club's great days have now passed. At the height of its powers in the 1980s, Liverpool FC was the site of two catastrophic crowd disasters, which effectively transformed the sport and added to wounding perceptions about the city's alleged sentimentality, fatalism and irreversible decline. The legacy of the Heysel and Hillsborough tragedies continues to shape the self-image of the Club and those who support it. A seething rivalry with nearby corporate giant Manchester United is a constant reminder of football's new order.Addressing all of these concerns, as well as Liverpool's global reputation as the home of the Beatles and the 'Mersey sound', this book takes an original approach to the study of football by examining its links with other important popular culture forms, especially pop music, but also television and youth styles. In particular, however, it looks at the very special meaning of football in Liverpool.

Brotherhood in Rhythm

Author : Constance Valis Hill
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When the Nicholas Brothers danced, uptown at the Cotton Club, downtown at the Roxy, in segregated movie theatres in the South, and dance halls across the country, audiences cheered, clapped, stomped their feet, and shouted out uncontrollably. Their exuberant style of American theatrical dance--a melding of jazz, tap, acrobatics, black vernacular dance, and witty repartee--was dazzling. Though daredevil flips, slides, and hair-raising splits made them show-stoppers, the Nicholas Brothers were also highly sophisticated dancers who refined a centuries-old tradition of percussive dance into the rhythmic brilliance of jazz tap. In Brotherhood in Rhythm, author Constance Valis Hill interweaves an intimate portrait of these great performers with a richly detailed history of jazz music and jazz dance, both bringing their act to life and explaining their significance through a colourful analysis of their eloquent footwork, their full-bodied expressiveness, and their changing style. Hill vividly captures their soaring careers, from the Cotton Club appearances with Duke Ellington, Cab Calloway, and Jimmy Lunceford, to film-stealing big-screen performances with Chick Webb, Tommy Dorsey, and Glenn Miller. Drawing on a deep well of research and endless hours of interviews with the Nicholas brothers themselves, she also documents their struggles against the nets of racism and segregation that constantly enmeshed their careers and denied them the recognition they deserved. More than a biography of two immensely talented but underappreciated performers, Brotherhood in Rhythm offers a profound understanding of this distinctively American art and its intricate links to the history of jazz.

Symmetric Passing

Author : Matthew Wise
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The ultimate reference for numbers club passing and interesting passing rhythms, Symmetric Passing turns you into the juggler who knows how all the rhythms work. This book is a great place to start for beginning club passers, with sections on five and six clubs for two jugglers. Experienced club passers will enjoy popular rhythms like WhyNot and Popcorn, and over one hundred other passing rhythms. You don't need to learn any crazy juggling notations because every rhythm is broken down into specific instructions for each juggler. Don't worry, siteswaps and causal diagrams are still included, and there is a primer on each in case you want to use those notations. Symmetric Passing is the book you want to pull out the next time some one asks you, -Wanna pass?-

Cross Rhythms

Author : Keren Omry
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Cross-Rhythms investigates the literary uses and effects of blues and jazz in African-American literature of the twentieth century. Texts by James Baldwin, Ralph Ellison, Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston, Gayl Jones, Toni Morrison and Ishmael Reed variously adopt or are consciously informed by a jazz aesthetic; this aesthetic becomes part of a strategy of ethnic identification and provides a medium with which to consider the legacy of trauma in African-American history. These diverse writers are all thoroughly immersed in a socio-cultural context and a literary aesthetic that embodies shifting conceptions of ethnic identity across the twentieth century. The emergence of blues and jazz is, likewise, a crucial product of, as well as catalyst for, this context, and in their own aesthetic explorations of notions of ethnicity these writers consciously engage with this musical milieu. By examining the highly varied manifestations of a jazz aesthetic as possibly the fundamental common denominator which links these writers, this study attempts to identify an underlying unifying principle. As the different writers write against essentializing or organic categories of race, the very fact of a shared engagement with jazz sensibilities in their work redefines the basis of African-American communal identity.

The Little Book of Rhythm and Raps

Author : Judith Harries
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This brand new Little Book focuses on introducing beat and rhythm through a fun mix of games and activities for teachers to use in the classroom, in assemblies, and in whole-school performances. Activities include beat games and inventing rhythms, while the performance raps are based on traditional tales and nursery rhymes as well as original topics.

Rhythm Games for Perception Cognition

Author : Robert M. Abramson
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Games are based on the principles of Emile Jacques-Dalcroze. "Presents models on which teachers and students can invent their own variations ... "

Rhythms of Love Jasmuheen s Travel Journal

Author : Jasmuheen
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As a commitment to witness, stimulate and record humanityÕs co-creation of paradise on earth, Jasmuheen shares her experiences and insights on this as she travels the globe during 2006 to 2012. From Russia and the Eastern Bloc countries, through Europe to the jungles of Colombia and India, Jasmuheen reports on her work with many open hearted groups that gather with her. In this journal the reader gains insight on what life is like for someone who is in full time service with this Ôparadise co-creationÕ agenda. Spending nearly half of each year on the road, living in hotel rooms, airports and seminar halls, constantly adjusting to continually changing weather patterns, all the while being nourished only by prana, Jasmuheen manages to keep herself healthy and happy regardless of the many challenges she faces for despite all of this she grows and learns and thoroughly enjoys meeting with all the beautiful light filled people that she now constantly meets in this world.


Author : Elizabeth Lindley
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Drawing on thinkers such as Deleuze and Guattari, Kristeva, Lefebvre, Meschonnic, and Virilio, this book explores the concept of rhythms in relation to questions of temporality and the everyday, technology and the city, poetry and autobiography, space and the body in performance.

Rhythm for Dance and Art

Author : Florence Fleming Noyes
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Man in Isolation and Confinement

Author : John E. Rasmussen
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This book focuses on those special circumstances in which men (alone or in groups) are isolated or confined for periods of time long enough to affect the way in which they think and behave. Active research in these phenomena initially grew out of a concern about prisoners of war in Korea and the presumed effects of "brainwashing," but this interest has been augmented by the technological advances that have allowed men to enter into isolation situations previously unattainable--in outer space, under the sea, on the face of the moon, or in remote places on the earth's surface. For the scientist himself, applications of the knowledge derived from these special situations is obvious. The variety of ways in which the search may be carried on, in both the laboratory and "real-life" situations, is amply illustrated in the approaches as well as the settings for research that are reviewed in this volume. This book represents the first attempt to cover the total spectrum of isolation and confinement in one volume. The chapters are arranged so as to begin with study of the individual, proceed through artificial and natural groups, and conclude with broad ecological and taxonomic considerations. Each chapter of the book has its own unique form; however, they have been planned and written to address a single central theme--that increased understanding of this important social phenomenon depends upon a spectrum of conceptual and methodological strategy, and on a continuing interplay between basic and applied research. The contributors are among the world's recognized experts in the area, and because of its breadth, the book constitutes an unusually complete reference to contemporary research on isolation. The volume has implications for urban planning and for space and undersea programs, and will be useful for teachers and students of applied social and behavioral science.

Football Supporters and the Commercialisation of Football

Author : Peter Kennedy
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As football clubs have become luxury investments, their decisions increasingly mirror those of any other business organisation. Football supporters have been encouraged to express their club loyalty by ‘thinking business’ - acting as consumers and generating money deemed necessary for their clubs to compete at the highest levels. In critical studies, supporters have been portrayed as passive or reluctant consumers who, imprisoned by enduring club loyalties, embody a fatalistic attitude to their own exploitation. As this book aims to show, however, such expressions of loyalty are far from hegemonic and often interface haphazardly with traditional ideas about what constitutes the ‘loyal fan’. While there is little doubt that professional football is experiencing commodification, the reality is that football clubs are not simply businesses, nor can they ever aspire to be organisations driven solely by expanding or protecting economic value. Rather, clubs hover uncertainly between being businesses and community assets. Football Supporters and the Commercialisation of Football explores the implications of this uncertainty for understanding supporter resistance to, and compromise with, commodification. Every club and its supporters exist in their own unique national and local contexts. In this respect, this book offers a Euro-wide comparison of supporter reactions to commercialisation and provides unique insight into how football supporters actively mediate regional, local and national contexts, as they intersect with the universalistic presumptions of commerce. This book was previously published as a special issue of Soccer and Society.

Biological Clocks Rhythms and Oscillations

Author : Daniel B. Forger
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An introduction to the mathematical, computational, and analytical techniques used for modeling biological rhythms, presenting tools from many disciplines and example applications. All areas of biology and medicine contain rhythms, and these behaviors are best understood through mathematical tools and techniques. This book offers a survey of mathematical, computational, and analytical techniques used for modeling biological rhythms, gathering these methods for the first time in one volume. Drawing on material from such disciplines as mathematical biology, nonlinear dynamics, physics, statistics, and engineering, it presents practical advice and techniques for studying biological rhythms, with a common language. The chapters proceed with increasing mathematical abstraction. Part I, on models, highlights the implicit assumptions and common pitfalls of modeling, and is accessible to readers with basic knowledge of differential equations and linear algebra. Part II, on behaviors, focuses on simpler models, describing common properties of biological rhythms that range from the firing properties of squid giant axon to human circadian rhythms. Part III, on mathematical techniques, guides readers who have specific models or goals in mind. Sections on “frontiers” present the latest research; “theory” sections present interesting mathematical results using more accessible approaches than can be found elsewhere. Each chapter offers exercises. Commented MATLAB code is provided to help readers get practical experience. The book, by an expert in the field, can be used as a textbook for undergraduate courses in mathematical biology or graduate courses in modeling biological rhythms and as a reference for researchers.

Rhythms of Grace

Author : Kerri Weems
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Life is not a sprint; it’s a marathon. These well-known words of wisdom remind us to pace ourselves in the journey of life so we reach the finish line with no regrets. Pacing yourself is not as easy as it sounds. Life tends to take on a pace of its own which when left unchecked, will drive us toward burnout and fatigue. We can easily become driven by care, worry, and ambition rather than led by the Holy Spirit. We may tend to think of burnout as a modern problem, but we can see that people in Jesus’ day felt their own kind of spiritual and emotional fatigue. Why else would Jesus have said these comforting words? Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you’ll recover your life. I’ll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and work with me—watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won’t lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly (Matt. 11:28-30; The Message). Even though he spoke these words more than two millennia ago, Jesus’ call to rest and peace seem tailor-made to fit this generation. Author Kerri Weems had let the pace and rhythm of her life get out of control. At first the consequences were only physical, but they quickly impacted her spiritual life. Since then, God has been teaching her to walk in time with him; he is teaching her to be led rather than driven. In this book, she opens up her life and shares this journey with the reader. God’s best for each of us is that we go the full distance of our race, and not just crawl exhausted across the finish line. God wants us to enjoy the race and cross the line with our heads held high, a smile on our faces, and our arms lifted in a double fist-punch! Getting to that moment is all about learning the rhythms of grace and pacing ourselves for the long run.

Rhythms of Broken Hearts

Author : J. Anthony Gomes
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Adapt or Die

Author : Dub Maddox
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Football is evolving rapidly. Defenses are accelerating their ability to adapt to the no-huddle tempo, the full-field passing attack, and RPO advancements of the modern Offensive passing game. The Offense must adapt or get left behind. Fortunately, the R4 System continually advances, making an already proven equalizer the decisive weapon to fast-track Offensive adaptability against the modern warfare of Defense. Dub Maddox picks up where he left off with “Headset to Helmet.” In “Adapt or Die,” he provides an R4 field manual for coaches and players that provides fundamental tools to improve timing and space creation. Then he reveals how to implement new R4 scheme strategies that drive adaptability through simplicity. In this book you will learn how to: · Maximize drop-time advantages with a “toolbox” of quarterback under-center and shotgun drop · Increase route-side space advantage with a “toolbox” of wide receiver releases · Apply and execute specific route techniques for the Rhythm, Read, Rush and Release families · Reduce the number of concepts carried into the game by creating plays within a pass play · Apply progression platforms that accelerate adaptability for any concept · Implement the R4 route rules to maintain a full-field attack on any given pass play · Advance R.P.O. concepts with route attachment progressions

Rhythm in Art Psychology and New Materialism

Author : Gregory Minissale
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This book examines the psychology involved in handling, and responding to, materials in artistic practice, such as oils, charcoal, brushes, canvas, earth, and sand. Artists often work with intuitive, tactile sensations and rhythms that connect them to these materials. Rhythm connects the brain and body to the world, and the world of abstract art. The book features new readings of artworks by Matisse, Pollock, Dubuffet, Tápies, Benglis, Len Lye, Star Gossage, Shannon Novak, Simon Ingram, Lee Mingwei, L. N. Tallur and many others. Such art challenges centuries of philosophical and aesthetic order that has elevated the substance of mind over the substance of matter. This is a multidisciplinary study of different metastable patterns and rhythms: in art, the body, and the brain. This focus on the propagation of rhythm across domains represents a fresh art historical approach and provides important opportunities for art and science to cooperate.

Energy and Rhythm

Author : Gordon P. Walker
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This is a novel and far reaching polyrhythmic theorisation of our collective living with energy in its many natural and technological forms. It provides a distinctive understanding of the urgent challenges of transforming future energy systems into more just and lower carbon configurations.

Blue Rhythms

Author : Chip Deffaa
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Profiles six rhythm and blues pioneers, providing the social and historical context for the lives of such greats as Ruth Brown, Little Jimmy Scott, and Floyd Dixon.

In The Rhythm Of The Stream

Author : Keith Waldrop
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This is the collection of poetic works by Keith Waldrop that are flash poems. Flash poems appear in Keith's mind and he has to write them down. They cover many life experiences and events and has beautiful poetic works.Keith has had these poems for many years and he has added stories from his life as a minister, business executive, and through his journey of exploring the world.

A History of English Rhythms

Author : Edwin Guest
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