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Passive Infrared Detection

Author : J. Caniou
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Familiarization with the infrared world Thermal imaging systems extend human perception beyond the visible spectrum. Since their principle is based on the natural emission of energy by physical bodies, they represent today the subject of a great deal of interest in many fields, whether in the military field or in industry or in research laboratories. They can be employed to analyse physical properties of objects, such as their energy level or their surface appearance; they are also commonly used to observe scenes in particular conditions like night vision, or in order to increase the visibility range through haze and fogs. All of these applications exploit the properties of infrared radiation whose characteristics are described in this book. This is achieved in a manner which differs from other publications on the same subject in that the book is governed by the intention to progressively lead the reader to a complete understanding of the infrared. The author intends to link physical theory to each specific aspect of the elements involved in the detection process, from their physical origin up to energy mapping in a two-dimensional picture. However we thought that it was unnecessary to demonstrate again that which the reader will easily find in scientific literature, nor to write another data book. Our aim is to fill the gap between theory and practical application. The subject is vast: infrared systems combines a wide variety of disciplines and image interpretation depends on the precise understanding of various phenomena.

Design and Evaluation of Physical Protection Systems

Author : Mary Lynn Garcia
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Design and Evaluation of Physical Security Systems, Second Edition, includes updated references to security expectations and changes since 9/11. The threat chapter includes references to new threat capabilities in Weapons of Mass Destruction, and a new figure on hate crime groups in the US. All the technology chapters have been reviewed and updated to include technology in use since 2001, when the first edition was published. Garcia has also added a new chapter that shows how the methodology described in the book is applied in transportation systems. College faculty who have adopted this text have suggested improvements and these have been incorporated as well. This second edition also includes some references to the author's recent book on Vulnerability Assessment, to link the two volumes at a high level. New chapter on transportation systems Extensively updated chapter on threat definition Major changes to response chapter

Home Security

Author : Vivian Capel
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Every reason now exists to make homes more secure: the crime rate is increasing, insurance companies are insisting on adequate protection, and more householders are improving home security, so criminals are seeking out the easier jobs - one of which could be yours! This book provides practical, independent guidance. It shows how burglars work, and how to thwart them. In a jargon-free way, the selection and installation of alarm systems are described in this practical guide for home-owners.

Intrusion Detection Systems

Author : Robert Barnard
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Intrusion Detection Systems has long been considered the most important reference for intrusion detection system equipment and implementation. In this revised and expanded edition, it goes even further in providing the reader with a better understanding of how to design an integrated system. The book describes the basic operating principles and applications of the equipment in an easy to understand manner. This book was written for those security directors, consultants, and companies that select the equipment or make critical decisions about security systems design. Mr. Barnard provides sufficient detail to satisfy the needs of those interested in the technical principles, yet has included enough description on the operation and application of these systems to make Intrusion Detection Systems, Second Edition a useful reference for any security professional.

GB 50394 2007 Translated English of Chinese Standard GB50394 2007

Author :
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[After payment, write to & get a FREE-of-charge, unprotected true-PDF from: [email protected]] This code was formulated with a view to regulating the design of intrusion alarm system engineering, improving the quality of intrusion alarm system engineering and protecting the personal safety of citizens and safety of the national, collective and personal properties.

Safety and Security Engineering III

Author : C. A. Brebbia
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"ISSN=(on-line) 1743-3509" -- T.p. verso.

Passive Infrared Detection

Author : J. Caniou
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This book aims to link each of the specific aspects involved in the detection process to foundational physical principles. Following a development of the basic radiometric laws and units the text is organized around three main topics: (1) thermal radiation of sources and electromagnetic wave propagation through the atmosphere; (2) a comprehensive description of infrared detection systems from the most up-to-date components to equipment either in use or in development; (3) a detailed presentation of the two most common applications, being infrared observation and temperature measurement. Since the text provides all the necessary theory and relationships, together with an in-depth look at the practical side of infrared detection, it is an aid to both physicists and engineers in order to specify appropriate solutions to their specific problems. It is also a guide for technicians to check the conditions required for temperature measurement or thermal image analysis. Some parts of the text have been used for several years in lectures; consequently, many students have contributed directly or indirectly by their questions and reactions in selecting the topics and clarifying the presentation, resulting in a book that is ideal for both graduate and higher undergraduate courses. Equally it can be used as a reference for students entering this multidisciplinary subject.

Safety and Security Engineering VII

Author : Lombardi, M.
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Papers presented at the 7th in a series of interdisciplinary conferences on safety and security engineering are contained in this book. The papers include the work of engineers, scientists, field researchers, managers and other specialists involved in one or more of the theoretical and practical aspects of safety and security. Safety and Security Engineering, due to its special nature, is an interdisciplinary area of research and application that brings together in a systematic way, many disciplines of engineering, from the traditional to the most technologically advanced. This volume covers topics such as crisis management, security engineering, natural and man-made disasters and emergencies, risk management, and control, protection and mitigation issues. Specific themes include: Risk analysis, assessment and management; System safety engineering; Incident monitoring; Information and communication security; Disaster management; Emergency response; Critical infrastructure protection; Counter terrorism issues; Human factors; Transportation safety and security; Modelling and experiments; Security surveillance systems; Cyber security / E security; Loss prevention; BIM in Safety and Security.

Museum Archive and Library Security

Author : Lawrence J. Fennelly
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Museum, Archive, and Library Security provides an introduction to the security programs of museums and other park facilities. This book discusses the mechanism that provides for the protection of information, collections, equipment, personnel, and physical facilities of museums. Organized into seven parts encompassing 30 chapters, this book begins with an overview of the security programs of the National Park Service. This text then examines the quality of security personnel and its proper training, as well as its most efficient utilization and allocation. Other chapters consider the standard instruction in how to implement new security procedures by staff members. This book discusses as well the significance of good security for the protection of fine arts of any nature. The final chapter deals with global concern on the prevention, protection, import, or export of cultural property. This book is a valuable resource for security directors, archivists, curators, maintenance personnel, historic preservation specialists, and librarians.

Handbook of Smart Materials Technologies and Devices

Author : Chaudhery Mustansar Hussain
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This handbook brings together technical expertise, conceptual background, applications, and societal aspects of Industry 4.0: the evolution of automation and data exchange in fabrication technologies, materials processing, and device manufacturing at both experimental and theoretical model scales. The book assembles all the aspects of Industry 4.0, starting from the emergence of the concept to the consequences of its progression. Drawing on expert contributors from around the world, the volume details the technologies that sparked the fourth revolution and illustrates their characteristics, potential, and methods of use in the industrial and societal domains. In addition, important topics such as ethics, privacy and security are considered in a reality where all data is shared and saved remotely. The collection of contribution serve a very broad audience working in the fields of science and engineering, chemical engineering, materials science, nanotechnology, energy, environment, green chemistry, sustainability, electrical and electronic engineering, solid-state physics, surface science, aerosol technology, chemistry, colloid science, device engineering, and computer technology. This handbook ideal reference libraries in universities and industrial institutions, government and independent institutes, individual research groups and scientists.