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The Patent Infringement Litigation Handbook

Author : Alan R. Thiele
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The number of patent infringement lawsuits filed in United States district courts has continually increased. Such litigation results when the protection of inventions or the entry of a new product into the market is not properly managed. This practical book provides a well-considered plan for invention protection and management that can be used effectively to avoid expensive, time-consuming, and sometimes company-killing patent infringement litigation. However, because not all patent infringement litigation can be avoided, the second part of this important book explains how to manage patent infringement litigation should it become necessary. This book is perfect for corporate counsel and executives, and provides information on the management of invention protection; the characteristics of a high quality patent; avoiding patent infringement litigation from an offensive and defensive perspective; how to evaluate a patent before litigation: and how to make a patent ready for negotiation. settlement, or litigation. In addition, multiple appendices have been added to provide examples of documents used in invention protection and patent infringement litigation.

Antitrust Counterattack in Patent Infringement

Author : Elizabeth C. Benton
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Patent Infringement

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary. Subcommittee on Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights
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Considers S. 1047, to authorize the Federal use or manufacture of any invention covered by a U.S. patent when deemed necessary by Secretary of Defense for national defense.

Patent Infringement

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary
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Recovery in Patent Infringement Suits

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Patents
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Infringement of the United States Patent Right

Author : Richard T. Holzmann
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Dr. Holzmann introduces the manager and technologist as well as the student and the foreign patent practitioner to the United States Law of Patent Infringement. Dr. Holzmann directly addresses what to do when a patent is being infringed. The author explains and interprets the intricacies of the patent law and provides a strong basis of understanding future changes in patent law. This valuable volume should appeal to academics and students of law, attorneys specializing in corporate law, patent attorneys, CEOs in technical firms, and CEOs of foreign corporations.

Suits for Infringement of Patents where the Patentee is Violating the Antitrust Laws

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Patents
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The United States Patents Quarterly

Author :
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Journal of the Patent and Trademark Office Society

Author :
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Pharmaceutical Patents in Europe

Author : Bengt Domeij
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The pharmaceutical industry and patent legislation are inextricably linked. Pharmaceutical companies could not exist without some guarantee that they can recoup the cost of developing a new product. European patent law offers this opportunity, as it allows companies to exclude competition for a specific product for a fixed time scale. In "Pharmaceutical Patents in Europe" the current legal patent situation is examined by a detailed analysis of case law from the European Patent Office (EPO), the international body created with the signing of the European Patent Convention (EPC). Aspects of European patent law not primarily regulated in the EPC, for example Supplementary Protection Certificates and infringement matters, are examined in the setting provided by EC law and domestic laws of European states. This book is written for the reader who understands the main characteristics of patent law and is looking for a practitioner's text on the European pharmaceutical patent law scene. Moreover, the author's remarks can help all readers to look at the field with fresh eyes.