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Pattern Cutting for Men s Costume

Author : Elizabeth Friendship
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Pattern Cutting for Men's Costume is a practical guide featuring patterns for the most important garments worn by men between the 16th and 19th centuries. Easy-to-follow instructions explain how to cut patterns for 'average' and individual measurements - with expert advice on how to adapt patterns to fit men of all shapes and sizes. Introductions to each section describe the major developments in men's dress - revealing how garments evolved - and patterns for period garments for which there are no actual examples are based on contemporary paintings. Illustrated throughout with hundreds of diagrams, this is a much-awaited and valuable addition to the library of costume-makers in all fields. Features a new system of drafting patterns for men's period costume. Includes patterns for the most important non-fashionable garments (worn from the 16th to the 19th centuries) plus clothes in vogue from the middle of the 16th to the end of the 18th centuries. Illustrated with hundreds of diagrams accompanied by step-by-step instructions for period garments, plus a few versatile theatrical designs.

Men s Garments 1830 1900

Author : Ronald I. Davis
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A guide to pattern drafting for men's period costume: measurement and construction of dress coats, frock coats and morning coats, jackets, trousers, waistcoats and top coats, fully detailed. Revised: includes tailoring notes, alternate style and design cross-reference, more detailed patterns and over 175 costume illustrations -- fashion plates, photos and drawings.--Back cover.

Men s 17th 18th Century Costume Cut Fashion

Author : Ronald I. Davis
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"This is a comprehensive guide to understanding and creating men's costumes and fashions of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. As well as being historically accurate, the author's patterns have been prepared so that they fit the modern male figure and adapted so that they can be readily constructed using today's fabrics and sewing techniques."--Back cover.

Survey of Historic Costume

Author : Phyllis G. Tortora
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In the Preface of the 5th Edition of Survey of Historic Costume, Tortora and Eubank conclude with the following: "In the history of dress at the beginning of the 21st century, costume might be compared to a constantly moving river. This river divides into many narrower channels that separate, cross, come together, and separate again, and yet that river continually moves on." Building on the previous editions, the authors update their analysis of Western dress to 2008. Survey of Historic Costume has, from its beginnings, taken seriously the need to accompany the text with appropriate illustrations and the major change in the 5th Edition is the move to full color throughout the book to enrich the text and the concepts. Perfect for anyone interested in historic costume, fashion, textiles, drama, and design, this beautifully illustrated book is full of interesting facts and commentary.New to this Edition:-- Over 500 four-color photographs and illustrations-- Updated text to 2008-- Additional influences from one period or civilization to another, including influences from other cultures-- Index - updated and organized to be utilized as glossary with terms defined and page numbers printed in boldface-- Instructor's Guide provides sources for visuals, websites, teaching strategies and evaluation techniques-- PowerPoint® Presentation contains interactive visual presentation with links to Internet

Cutting for All

Author : Kevin L. Seligman
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Containing 2,729 entries, Kevin L. Seligman’s bibliography concentrates on books, manuals, journals, and catalogs covering a wide range of sartorial approaches over nearly five hundred years. After a historical overview, Seligman approaches his subject chronologically, listing items by century through 1799, then by decade. In this section, he deals with works on flat patterning, draping, grading, and tailoring techniques as well as on such related topics as accessories, armor, civil costumes, clerical costumes, dressmakers’ systems, fur, gloves, leather, military uniforms, and undergarments. Seligman then devotes a section to those American and English journals published for the professional tailor and dressmaker. Here, too, he includes the related areas of fur and undergarments. A section devoted to journal articles features selected articles from costume- and noncostumerelated professional journals and periodicals. The author breaks these articles down into three categories: American, English, and other. Seligman then devotes separate sections to other related areas, providing alphabetical listings of books and professional journals for costume and dance, dolls, folk and national dress, footwear, millinery, and wigmaking and hair. A section devoted to commercial pattern companies, periodicals, and catalogs is followed by an appendix covering pattern companies, publishers, and publications. In addition to full bibliographic notation, Seligman provides a library call number and library location if that information is available. The majority of the listings are annotated. Each listing is coded for identification and cross-referencing. An author index, a title index, a subject index, and a chronological index will guide readers to the material they want. Seligman’s historical review of the development of publications on the sartorial arts, professional journals, and the commercial paper pattern industry puts the bibliographical material into context. An appendix provides a cross-reference guide for research on American and English pattern companies, publishers, and publications. Given the size and scope of the bibliography, there is no other reference work even remotely like it.

Pattern Cutting for Menswear

Author : Gareth Kershaw
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Designed for both students and professionals, Pattern Cutting for Menswear offers a comprehensive guide to pattern cutting from the basic skills through to advanced techniques. Including 20 complete patterns that show how to cut every aspect of menswear, the book features adaptations from basic blocks through to classic garments and trend-led styles. Illustrated throughout, this book contains everything you need to know to cut patterns for today’s menswear market. Using a step-by-step approach, illustrated with accurately sized and scaled flat diagrams, technical flats and fashion illustrations and photographs of toiles, Pattern Cutting for Menswear explains the theory behind the practice, enabling the reader to cut patterns with confidence.

Kinetic Garment Construction

Author : Rickard Lindqvist
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Fashion designers are presented with a range of methods and concepts for pattern cutting are presented, the main body of these methods, both traditional and contemporary, is predominately based on a theoretical approximation of the body that is derived from horizontal and vertical measurements of the body in an upright position: the tailoring matrix. As a consequence, there is a lack of interactive and dynamic qualities in methods connected to this paradigm of garment construction, from both expressional and functional perspectives. This work proposes and explores an alternative paradigm for pattern cutting that includes a new theoretical approximation of the body as well as a more kinetic method for garment construction that, unlike the prevalent theory and its related methods, takes as its point of origin the interaction between the anisotropic fabric and the biomechanical structure of the body. As such, the research conducted here is basic research, aiming to identify fundamental principles for garment construction. Based on some key principles found in the works of Geneviève Sevin-Doering and in pre-tailoring methods for constructing garments, the proposed theory for – and method of – garment construction was developed through concrete experiments by cutting and draping fabrics on live models. Instead of a static matrix of a non-moving body, the result is a kinetic construction theory of the body that is comprised of balance directions and key biomechanical points, along with an alternative draping method for dressmaking. This methodology challenges the fundamental relationship between dress, garment construction, and the body, working from the body outward, as opposed to the methods that are based on the prevalent paradigm of the tailoring matrix, which work from the outside toward the body. This alternative theory for understanding the body and the proposed method of working allows for diverse expressions and enhanced functional possibilities in dress.

Pattern Cutting Techniques for Ladies Jackets

Author : Jo Baker-Waters
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"Pattern Cutting Techniques for Ladies' Jackets shares the trade secrets from the world of bespoke tailoring and haute couture, alongside procedures from the ready-to-wear industry. Written by a trained Savile Row tailor working in the fashion industry, it explains how to make a basic pattern for a jacket by flat pattern cutting or draping on the dress form. It introduces a broad range of techniques with clear detailed instructions, and emphasizes the importance of an individual and creative approach."--Provided by publisher.

The Magic Garment

Author : Rebecca Cunningham
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American Book Publishing Record

Author :
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Period Costume for Stage Screen Cloaks capes stoles and wadded mantles

Author : Jean Hunnisett
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This reference for costume designers contains 38 scaleable patterns and instructions for constructing selected types of historical outdoor garments for women. Coverage includes taking measurements, types of fabrics, sewing techniques, fitting, and harnessing the garment to the actor. The text is acc

Theatre Design and Technology

Author :
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Issues for 1965- include "Recent publications on theatre architecture," no. 13/14-

Costume clothing fashion Information Access

Author : Valerie Burnham Oliver
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A research guide to sources of information in various aspects of costume, clothing and fashion. Divided into the following sections: Guides to the Literature, Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Directories, Bibliographies, Bibliographic Indexing & Abstracting Services, Visual Sources, Primary Sources, and Networks.

Costume Design as an Occupation

Author : Federated Council on Art Education
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The Cut of Men s Clothes

Author : Norah Waugh
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This book traces the evolution of the style of men's dress through a sequence of diagrams accurately scaled down from patterns of actual garments, many of them rare museum specimens. The plates have been selected with the same purpose. Some are photographs of suits for which diagrams have also been given; others, reproduced from paintings and old prints, show the costume complete with its accessories. Quotations from contemporary sources--from diaries, travelers' accounts and tailors' bills--supplement Norah Waugh's text with comments on fashion and lively eyewitness descriptions.

Women s Wear of the 1930 s

Author : Ruth S. Countryman
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A survey of women's patterns for the 1930's, from original garments, aimed at designers, costumers, historians and re-enactors, this book includes the patterns, sketches, notes and photographs of some original and reconstructed garments.

State Museum of Ethnography and Crafts Under the UKR SSR Academy of Sciences

Author : Ukraïnsʹkyĭ derz︠h︡avnyĭ muzeĭ etnohrafiï ta khudoz︠h︡nʹoho promyslu
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Ladies cutting made easy

Author : Thomas Hiram Holding
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AB Bookman s Weekly

Author :
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Patterns of Fashion

Author :
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Originally published: London: MacMillan, 1985.