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Peacemaking for Families

Author : Ken Sande
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Distinguishing between positive and negative conflict resolution, "Peacemaking for Families" introduces readers to valuable principles. Real-life stories and case studies help the reader acquire the skills needed to create a true "peacemaking family."

Contemporary Peacemaking

Author : J. Darby
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Contemporary Peacemaking draws on recent experience to identify and explore the essential components of peace processes. The book is organized around five key themes in peacemaking: planning for peace; negotiations; violence on peace processes; peace accords; and peace accord implementation and post-war reconstruction.

Peacemaking Among Primates

Author : Frans B. M. Waal
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Examines how simians cope with aggression, and how they make peace after fights.

Resurrection Peacemaking Plowsharing the Tools of War

Author : Clifford Kindy
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The author draws the reader through the drama and mediocrity of his personal experience. The hard work of peacemaking is clearly strengthened through team efforts. Space is provided for the reader to step into the shallows of peacemaking and then on into the depths. This book is intended to be acted into being!

The Peacemaking Pastor

Author : Alfred J. Poirier
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Seminaries generally are not very effective in equipping pastors to be ministers of reconciliation, says pastor and experienced mediator Alfred Poirier. The result is pastors trained in biblical exposition, well-ordered worship, and good theology, but with little practical know-how about one of the most important functions they will be expected to perform: conflict resolution. The Peacemaking Pastor provides a survey of the nature and kinds of conflict typical in the pastorate to bring to light the need to recover the ministry of reconciliation. Poirier, chairman of the board of Peacemaker Ministries, shows pastors the importance of a reconciliation ministry, gives them a theological framework for peacemaking, and provides practical tools for facilitating the peacemaking process. Written by a pastor for pastors, this insightful book will encourage and equip seminaries and ministry leaders in their original calling-promoting a culture of peacemaking in the church.

The Peacemaker

Author : Ken Sande
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Providing practical tips, ideas, and suggestions drawn from many years of experience, the president of Peacemaker Industries presents a valuable conflict resolution tool, based on biblical wisdom and principles, that will bring about harmony and unity in every aspect of life. Original.

Bloodtaking and Peacemaking

Author : William Ian Miller
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Dubbed by the New York Times as "one of the most sought-after legal academics in the county," William Ian Miller presents the arcane worlds of the Old Norse studies in a way sure to attract the interest of a wide range of readers. Bloodtaking and Peacemaking delves beneath the chaos and brutality of the Norse world to discover a complex interplay of ordering and disordering impulses. Miller's unique and engaging readings of ancient Iceland's sagas and extensive legal code reconstruct and illuminate the society that produced them. People in the saga world negotiated a maze of violent possibility, with strategies that frequently put life and limb in the balance. But there was a paradox in striking the balance—one could not get even without going one better. Miller shows how blood vengeance, law, and peacemaking were inextricably bound together in the feuding process. This book offers fascinating insights into the politics of a stateless society, its methods of social control, and the role that a uniquely sophisticated and self-conscious law played in the construction of Icelandic society. "Illuminating."—Rory McTurk, Times Literary Supplement "An impressive achievement in ethnohistory; it is an amalgam of historical research with legal and anthropological interpretation. What is more, and rarer, is that it is a pleasure to read due to the inclusion of narrative case material from the sagas themselves."—Dan Bauer, Journal of Interdisciplinary History

Just Peacemaking

Author : Glen Harold Stassen
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Believing Christians should direct their energies toward finding a set of criteria and a model for a "just peace" instead of "just war", Stassen bases his peace theory on the new reality of our world, recent Biblical interpretation, and on the experiences of people who lived in the face of oppression and nuclear threat.

Peacemaking Strategies in Northern Ireland

Author : David Bloomfield
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The interreliance between the practical approaches in Northern Ireland suggests ways for improving complementarity at the theoretical level, by means of a flexible and inductive model of conflict management.

Peacemaking From Practice to Theory 2 volumes

Author : Susan Allen Nan
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In a world where conflict is never ending, this thoughtful compilation fosters a new appreciation of the art of peacemaking as it is understood and practiced in a variety of contemporary settings. • Contributions from an international, interdisciplinary team of 48 experts who bring together insights from peace and conflict resolution studies, anthropology, sociology, law, cultural studies, and political science • First-person narratives detailing the experiences of prominent peacemakers • Offers access to an ongoing, Internet-based, practice-to-theory project • An extensive bibliography of resources about peacemaking and related fields

Creating the Third Force

Author : Hamdesa Tuso
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This book uses case studies from around the world to analyze the peacemaking processes of indigenous communities. Critical themes examined in the volume include change and continuity, the role of indigenous women, tools of peacemakers, common features of peacemaking processes, and the over-arching goals of peacemaking.

Interfaith Just Peacemaking

Author : S. Thistlethwaite
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Interfaith Just Peacemaking is a collected work by 27 Jewish, Muslim and Christian scholars and religious leaders on the ten 'practice norms' of the peacemaking paradigm called 'Just Peace.'Just Peace theory, like the paradigm it most resembles, Just War theory, is a list of specific practices that are applied to concrete contexts.

Peacemaking and the Extractive Industries

Author : Natalie Ralph
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Peacemaking and the Extractive Industries addresses a significant gap in research on the political and diplomatic role of multinational corporations in peace processes in intrastate conflict: Corporate Peacemaking. The author focuses on corporations in the oil and mining sectors, supporting or participating in peace negotiations and mediation. The chapters explore national-level peace processes, as well as those at community and global levels. While the focus is on extractive companies, the findings are valuable to companies from all industries looking at peace-related processes. This ground-breaking book gives a comprehensive picture of how Corporate Peacemaking currently works, how it can be developed and implemented, and how it is likely to impact global governance and corporate culture in the future. The book demonstrates that Corporate Peacemaking has the potential to be a powerful element in international governance and peace efforts; and Ralph shows through the business case that companies, as well as communities, will benefit. Ralph presents a new framework for Corporate Peace that will assist companies from all sectors in countries experiencing violent conflict, in addition to instability, human rights abuses and poor governance. Based on rigorous academic research with practical case studies, it is essential reading for practitioners, academics, policy-makers and NGOs.

Peacemaking and Peacekeeping for the New Century

Author : International Peace Academy
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Here, a dynamic group of leading diplomats, academics, and journalists combines forces with UN policymakers and leaders including current Secretary-General Kofi Annan and former Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali to explore how the international community can improve its practice in negotiating and implementing peace.

The United Nations Iran and Iraq

Author : Cameron R. Hume
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"...a serious and insightful account of the changing role of the U.N. in the Iran-Iraq an able diplomat who was directly involved." - Shibley Telhami "This insider's account of the revolutionary changes in the U.N. Security a major contribution to understanding why the U.N. and the council are now more effective and more used....[A] well-written, important book." - U.S. Ambasssador Thomas R. Pickering "As one of the participants I am impressed by Mr. Hume's understanding and mastery of the diplomtic complexities." - Sir Crispin Tickell In 1985, faced with conflicts involving Iran and Iraq, the United Nations Security Council's permanent members joined forces for the first time to mobilize the U.N. agains threats to international peace and security. Cameron R. Hume's authoritative account follows the transformation of the Security Council from a stage for acrimonious public diplomacy into a forum where governments collaborate to settle regional disputes. Hume underscores three interconnected themes: changes in Security Council diplomacy during forty-five years of successive conflicts involving Iran and Iraq (including Iraq's 1990 invasion of Kuwait); the Council's progression from involing gentler means within its authority (under the U.N. Charter) to a more muscular assertion of its will; and the growing congruence between diplomacy as practiced in the Secuirty Council and the bilateral policies of the major powers.Based on U.N. documents and the author's firsthand experience, The United Nations, Iran, and Iraq is important for students and practitioners in international organizations, multilateral diplomacy, and conflict resolution.

Women in Peacemaking and Peacebuilding in Northern Uganda

Author : Sidonia Angom
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The book analyses the two decades of the brutal civil war of northern Uganda. The author modified Lederach's peacebuilding framework to include peacemaking to bring out the argument that women and men make significant contributions to the peace processes and point out women’s position as top leadership actors. The book uncovers the under-emphasised role of women in peacemaking and building. From grassroots to national level, women were found to have organised themselves and assumed roles as advocates, negotiators and mobilisers. The actions by women became evident at the stalemated Juba peace talks when women presented the Peace Torch to the peace negotiating teams who on the occasion shook hands for the first time and peace was ushered in. Their initiatives and non-violent actions offer lessons to resolve civil conflicts in Africa. The book recommends that women should undergo relevant training in times of peace as this would make them more effective in times of need.

Peacemaking Circles

Author : Kay Pranis
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Peacemaking Circles, often referred to as the "bible" of Circles, lays out the inner and outer dynamics of the peacemaking Circle process. Circles are now being used in schools, families, workplaces, organizations, as well as in the justice system. The use of Circles shifts the focus from blame and punishment to finding out what happened and exploring as a group or community how to put things right.

Little Book of Circle Processes

Author : Kay Pranis
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Our ancestors gathered around a fire in a circle, families gather around their kitchen tables in circles, and now we are gathering in circles as communities to solve problems. The practice draws on the ancient Native American tradition of a talking piece. Peacemaking Circles are used in neighborhoods to provide support for those harmed by crime and to decide sentences for those who commit crime, in schools to create positive classroom climates and resolve behavior problems, in the workplace to deal with conflict, and in social services to develop more organic support systems for people struggling to get their lives together. A title in The Little Books of Justice and Peacebuilding Series.

Practical Peacemaking

Author : Mark Anstey
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Intended as a quick reference for practitioners and for use in training, this book explores some of the differences and similarities of the mediation process across fields and provides practical guidelines for intervention.

Camp David

Author : William B. Quandt
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In September 1978, William Quandt, a member of the White House National Security Council staff, spent thirteen momentous days at Camp David, the presidential retreat in Maryland, where three world leaders were holding secret negotiations. When U.S. President Jimmy Carter, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin emerged on September 17, they announced a monumental accomplishment: the first peace agreement between Israel and one of its Arab neighbors. Praised by some for laying the foundations for peace between Egypt and Israel, the accords have also been criticized for failing to achieve a comprehensive settlement, including a resolution of the Palestinian question. But supporters and critics alike recognize the importance of what happened at Camp David, and both groups acknowledge the vital role played by the United States in reaching an agreement. There are few eyewitness accounts of the Camp David negotiations. Of the three leaders present, only Jimmy Carter wrote specifically of the talks in Keeping Faith: Memoirs of a President (1982). Neither Sadat nor Begin ever wrote about Camp David. Quandt's book is not only an eyewitness account but a scholar's reconstruction of the event, with insights into the people, politics, and policies. His Camp David has provided a comprehensive and lasting guide to the difficult negotiations surrounding the talks, including the fraught scenario leading up to the meetings at the presidential retreat and the accord that would lead to Sadat and Begin jointly receiving the 1978 Nobel Peace Prize. Praise for Camp David: Peacemaking and Politics "The most authoritative account of a major historic event, written with scrupulous scholarship by a key behind-the-scenes participant." —Zbigniew Brzezinski, Adviser to the President for National Security Affairs, 1977–81 "An excellent piece of work... will represent a major contribution to the acade