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Some Effects of Peer Teaching on the Students the Relations of Its Motivational and Achievement Effects

Author : Ehsanolah Siavash Soofi
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Teaching for Learning

Author : Claire Howell Major
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Teaching for Learning is a comprehensive, practical resource for instructors that highlights and synthesizes proven teaching methods and active learning strategies. Each of the 101 entries describes an approach and lists its essential features and elements, demonstrates how the approach may be used in various educational contexts, reviews findings from the research literature, and describes techniques to improve effectiveness. Fully revised and updated to reflect the latest research and innovations in the field, this second edition also features critical new content on adapting techniques for use in online courses.

Teaching and Learning Chinese in Higher Education

Author : Yang Lu
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Teaching and Learning Chinese in Higher Education deals with the current issues and challenges faced by teachers and learners of Chinese. Written by leading professionals and academics, the book is the first collection of research articles based on data collected in higher education institutions in the UK. The studies focus on concerns related to learners of Chinese as a foreign language (CFL) and aim to establish studies on teaching Chinese as a foreign language (TCFL) as part of the mainstream of applied linguistics The contributors have applied their theoretical backgrounds in applied linguistics and education to tackle issues such as how to benchmark the Chinese written language with CEFR, how to integrate standardised Chinese proficiency tests with institutional assessments and teaching methodologies. Teaching and Learning Chinese in Higher Education will be invaluable to professionals, academics and students seeking theoretical frameworks in applied linguistics for TCFL.

Teaching Children Physical Education

Author : George Graham
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Contains brief vignettes of elementary school physical education teachers demonstrating some of the teaching skills described in the book.

Teaching Anatomy

Author : Lap Ki Chan
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The field of anatomy is dynamic and fertile. The rapid advances in technology in the past few years have produced exciting opportunities in the teaching of gross anatomy such as 3D printing, virtual reality, augmented reality, digital anatomy models, portable ultrasound, and more. Pedagogical innovations such as gamification and the flipped classroom, among others, have also been developed and implemented. As a result, preparing anatomy teachers in the use of these new teaching tools and methods is very timely. The main aim of the second edition of Teaching Anatomy – A Practical Guide is to offer gross anatomy teachers the most up-to-date advice and guidance for anatomy teaching, utilizing pedagogical and technological innovations at the forefront of anatomy education in the five years since the publication of the first edition. This edition is structured according to the teaching and learning situations that gross anatomy teachers will find themselves in: large group setting, small group setting, gross anatomy laboratory, writing examination questions, designing anatomy curriculum, using anatomy teaching tools, or building up their scholarship of teaching and learning. Fully revised and updated, including fifteen new chapters discussing the latest advances, this second edition is an excellent resource for all instructors in gross anatomy.

Undergraduate Curricular Peer Mentoring Programs

Author : Tania S. Smith
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Curricular peer mentoring is a programmatic approach to enrich student learning and engagement in postsecondary courses in which instructors welcome a more experienced undergraduate student into a credit course they are teaching. The student then serves as peer mentor to the students enrolled. Peer mentors can provide a variety of peer-appropriate, course-specific mentoring, tutoring, facilitation and leadership roles and activities that complement the roles of the course’s instructor and teaching assistants both in classroom settings and beyond. A program provides training and ongoing support for a larger number of peer mentors and instructional teams and manages recruitment and program research and quality. This volume provides research findings, definitions, theories, and practical program descriptions as a foundation for program development and research of undergraduate curricular peer mentoring programs in higher education. This work builds on a long history of higher education program development and collects a significant amount of literature that has previously been scattered.

Adapted Physical Education and Sport

Author : Joseph P. Winnick
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Adapted Physical Education and Sport, Fifth Edition, offers a comprehensive look at providing high-quality physical education and sport experiences for people through age 21 with disabilities. Readers learn best practices and applications for inclusion and discover how to develop individualized education programs. The text comes with a DVD and has a companion Web site with an instructor guide, test bank, and PowerPoint presentations.

Clinical Learning and Teaching Innovations in Nursing

Author : Kay Edgecombe
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This book provides an in-depth insight into the Dedicated Education Units (DEU) clinical learning strategy. It shows how DEUs work and explains the concept, philosophy, principles, practical implementation and first-hand experiences of this ground-breaking, global work-integrated learning strategy. It presents the benefits of DEUs and offers insight into how DEUs can provide real options for solving the increasingly complex dilemma of providing more students with more experiences of hands-on practice while reducing costs and ensuring greater numbers of work ready graduates. The book serves as a reference for nurse student education and is particularly salient for those setting up a DEU. It can be used as a springboard for work-integrated learning innovations for all practice-based disciplines. Dedicated Education Units (DEU) provide a flexible clinical learning strategy with a focus on founding principles and adaptation to different clinical contexts rather than a concrete model for clinical learning. DEUs are essentially clinical environments in which students develop a sense of security to explore learning opportunities, knowing there are people present who will ensure they do not make intractable errors; people who will guide and support them to achieve optimal learning. Whilst developed initially for nurse education, DEUs can be adapted to other professional learning settings.

Tutor Role Enactment in the Peer Teaching Dyad

Author : Shelagh Margaret Jane Towson
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Learning to Teach Physical Education in the Secondary School

Author : Susan Capel
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This book focuses on the requirements of student PE teachers in relation to teaching skills and issues covered in PGCE and initial teacher education courses. The new edition of this popular textbook draws together background information about teaching and about PE, basic teaching skills specifically related to physical education and broader knowledge and understanding of issues in the wider context of PE. The book is organized so that each chapter contains text and underpinning theory interspersed with activities that student teachers are asked to undertake either alone, with another student teacher, or with a tutor. This is not a book of teaching tips but promotes critical thinking and reflection to enable student PE teachers to develop into reflective practitioners. Learning to Teach Physical Education in the Secondary School is an essential resource for any student teacher undertaking PGCE or school-based initial teacher education to become a teacher of PE in secondary schools.