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Penny and Her Sled

Author : Kevin Henkes
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"A gentle story of patience."--Horn Book (starred review) Caldecott Medal-winner Kevin Henkes's award-winning and bestselling mouse, Penny, stars in an irresistible story about anticipation, disappointment, and a brand-new sled. Told in five short chapters, Penny and Her Sled is perfect for reading alone, reading aloud, and sharing together. When Penny, a sweet and curious mouse, gets a new sled, she can't wait to use it. But there's one big problem--there's no snow! Patiently, Penny waits and watches for the snow to appear. She puts on her scarf and hat. She sleeps with her mittens. Maybe if she's ready, the snow will finally come. But day after day, the snow does not arrive. Finally, Penny decides she will use her sled for other things--it's too wonderful not to! With a little imagination, the sled becomes a bridge for her glass animals to cross. It becomes a bed for her doll, Rose. It becomes a magic carpet that takes Penny and Rose on adventures all around the world. And as Penny waits for a snowfall that may never appear, she learns all about the power of patience, imagination, play . . . and spring! Told in five short chapters, and with an emphasis on family and patience, Penny and Her Sled is the perfect choice for emergent readers and for family sharing.

The Healing

Author : Wanda E. Brunstetter
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Now a New York Times and USA Bestseller! Seek a fresh start with Amish widower Samuel Fisher as he journeys from Lancaster County to Bluegrass Country, hoping to find a balm for the grief he’s carried with him. Will this single father, burdened by yesterday’s memories, discover a new and perhaps better life in Kentucky, the land of tomorrow? Esther Beiler, who helps watch Samuel’s children, develops a crush on Samuel and a true affection for his kids. Can she win his heart, or has she already lost it to an English woman? How will God untangle star-crossed lovers when jealousies and misconceptions threaten to tear them apart?

Tourist Trap

Author : Sue Ann Bowling
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Roi and his best friends from slavery are taking a challenge journey on Falaron, a planet terraformed from Earth during the Ice Age. They look forward to a vacation of dog sledding, hang gliding, horseback trekking, sailing, whitewater rafting, and rock climbingbut the friction developing within the group is adding its own level of challenge to the trip. Their guide, Penny, finds the four a refreshing change from her usual spoiled clients. She is worried, however, by the unusual number of accidents the group is experiencing. Even though they are vacationing on a wilderness planet, this foursome seems particularly accident prone. But they arent all accidents. Rois half-brother Zhaim, a brilliant and malicious sociopath, has decided that the journey is an ideal opportunity to rid himself of his rival. He is capable of manipulating not only the weather but affairs on distant planets. His schemes distract the only two adults who would be able to protect the young people and draw them far enough away that they can be of no help. He has even managed to plant an unsuspecting agent in the party. As the group travels, their journey becomes a far more serious challenge than any of them could have imagined.

The Penny Parker Megapack

Author : Mildred Benson
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This volume assembles 15 complete novels by Mildred A. Wirt (writing as Mildred Benson). A rival to the Nancy Drew series (and created by one of the primary Nancy Drew writers), Penny is a plucky girl reporter whose nose for trouble always leads to a new mystery. Included in this volume are: DANGER AT THE DRAWBRIDGE BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR CLUE OF THE SILKEN LADDER THE SECRET PACT THE CLOCK STRIKES THIRTEEN THE WISHING WELL SABOTEURS ON THE RIVER GHOST BEYOND THE GATE HOOFBEATS ON THE TURNPIKE VOICE FROM THE CAVE GUILT OF THE BRASS THIEVES SIGNAL IN THE DARK WHISPERING WALLS SWAMP ISLAND THE CRY AT MIDNIGHT

Riggs Park

Author : Ellyn Bache
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We'd all grown up in the flourishing Washington, D.C., suburb#nbsp;— Marilyn, me, Steve, Penny and Wish…the boy I'd loved. It was during the baby-boom years, when the future was luminous. But things don't always turn out as expected. Riggs Park had secrets, and Penny was one of them. Sometimes there's a chance to go back and right a wrong. Marilyn is convinced Penny had had a baby, and that the child belonged to her family. My lifelong friend can't follow up#nbsp;— she's fighting cancer. Only I can search for answers. But would finding the truth break my heart…or set us all free?

Kissed by the Country Doc

Author : Melinda Curtis
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She came to sell a town… But she found a home Never in her wildest dreams could single mom Ella Monroe imagine co-inheriting the small town of Second Chance, Idaho—or falling for its curmudgeonly doctor, Noah Bishop. Despite his rough edges and protests for isolation, Noah has her believing in love at first sight again. But when she’s pressured to sell her stake, Ella is torn between family loyalty and following her heart.

Curse of the Great Blue Diamond

Author : Rosemary Hanagan
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Curse of the Great Blue Diamond A Fable for Adult Children By: Rosemary Hanagan When Penny, a recently graduated chemist, moves to sleepy Flyattown on the banks of Lake Ontario, she isn’t expecting anything more than a monotonous career developing perfumes. Sure, she’d been warned about the town before moving there, had heard all about the disappearances, the murders, the lake monsters. But those were just stories told by bored residents of a sleepy lakeside town, right? Penny is about to find out that there’s something lurking along the shores of Flyattown. If she’s lucky, she’ll make more allies than enemies and get to the bottom of the mystery, before it’s too late. Dive head first into the mysterious world of Flyattown and see what’s hiding beneath the calm waters of Lake Ontario.

Rip Gone Wrong

Author : Tori L. Ridgewood
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Ethan thought he was going for an easy snowmobile ride to Quebec and home again, but looking back from his hospital bed, the only thing easy to see were the mistakes he'd made along the way. Told by a social worker to record everything that happened to him

Papa s Gift

Author : Julie Ann Flake
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When Papa gives Amelia a copy of the Book of Mormon for her eleventh birthday, she makes a commitment to read and discovers that it contains more than just a lot of stories.

Alaskan Hideaway

Author : Beth Carpenter
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He traveled 3,800 miles to be alone …but is it what he really wants? Relocating to Alaska after a family tragedy seemed an ideal way for author R.D. “Mac” Macleod to grieve in peace. But solitude feels overrated when Mac’s around B&B owner Ursula Anderson and her orphaned goddaughter, Rory, who’s already bonding with his dog. Worse, he’s imagining a future with Ursula and Rory. Is it time to finally forgive himself?