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Perfection in Imperfection

Author : Janice Wong
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A unique way of seeing and thinking, and an attention to detail are what shape Chef Janice Wong's inventive desserts - creations applauded by some of the world's most celebrated chefs from French chocolatier-patissier Pierre Herme to Spanish chef-restauranteurs Juan Mari and Elena Arzak. Through this book, the creative mind behind 2am: dessertbar invites you to enter her world. It is a world where beauty is everything, where no detail is too small to appreciate. This is not an ordinary cookbook. It is an exploration of the mind and senses, of perceptions and emotions. The chapters - Origins of Taste, Colours of Taste, Textures of Taste and Memories of Taste - explore the inspirations behind each of her creations, be it the unique, natural flavour of an ingredient, a distinct hue that evokes an emotion, an unexpected texture that jolts the senses, a nostalgic taste that allows the mind to wander back to childhood days. These seemingly disparate sources of inspiration and the creations that stem from them are all threaded by a commonality, a pursuit for perfection in imperfection, and an appreciation of imperfection in perfection. Welcome to Janice Wong's artistic, gastronomic world of flawless imperfection and flawed perfection.

Gregory the Great

Author : Carole Straw
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Gregory I (590-604) is often considered the first medieval pope and the first exponent of a truly medieval spirituality. Carole Straw places Gregory in his historical context and considers the many facets of his personality—monk, preacher, and pope—in order to elucidate the structure of his thought and present a unified, thematic interpretation of his spiritual concerns.

Wabi Sabi

Author : Samuel Molin
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DESCRIPTION "Wabi" means "rustic simplicity" or "understated elegance" with an emphasis on a less-is-more way of thinking. "Sabi" is interpreted as "finding joy in the imperfect." Wabi-sabi's meaning is vast and almost difficult to distill in a single sentence, but it can be easily applied to situations in daily life. In possessions, partnerships, successes, the relentless pursuit of success also contributes to pain, fear, disappointment, and hasty decision. This is where wabi-sabi prompts you to take a break. The Japanese ideology teaches us to reflect on the benefits that are concealed in our daily lives, and appreciate as things are rather than how they ought to be. Wabi-sabi rewards genuineness. Wabi-sabi with a conscious choice is like a minimalism. A good example of wabi-sabi in innovation is the art of kintsugi, where broken pottery is filled with gold dusted lacquer as a way to showcase the age's elegance and destruction, rather than conceal it. The flaw is not hidden, but is revealed. This isn't to suggest that the craftsman was incompetent (wabi-sabi isn't an excuse for poor handicraft). As part of the object's beauty, Wabi-sabi draws attention to the cracks in a tea-cup. It's as simple (or as difficult) to follow wabi-sabi as understanding and accepting yourself- imperfections, and everything. It's about being honest about yourself as you are, and improving on anything that's - not striving feverishly to reinvent yourself and appear as something else completely. Today, appreciating the stuff we have, the people we love, and the opportunities we have in our lives is losing value. Simply put, wabi-sabi lets you be yourself. Embrace the incomplete beauty of being you. ENJOY READING!!!

The Paradox of Perfection

Author : Jeffrey Reber
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Americans are wealthier, smarter, and more beautiful than ever before, but we are also more depressed, anxious, and lonely. How can this be? The answer for many of us is perfectionism. Perfectionists pursue flawlessness and often reach great heights as a result, but we ultimately fall frustratingly short of our ideal. Christian perfectionists turn frustration into despair, because Christ commands us to "be ye therefore perfect, even as your father which is in heaven is perfect." This seemingly impossible demand promotes feelings of guilt, unworthiness, and discouragement. Why would God put us in such a hopeless position? The short answer is, He didn't. In The Paradox of Perfection you will discover that the perfection Christ commands of us is actually possible here and now in this life, but to achieve it we must learn a new, properly Christian language of perfection. Relational experts, Dr. Jeffrey Reber and Steven Moody, will teach you this language and help you learn that the perfection Christ commands of you is not individual flawlessness, but a form of relationship with Him that depends precisely upon your weaknesses and imperfections, which enable Christ's perfect love within you, your marriage, your family, and your church.

High Fashion Model Magazine the Object of My Perfection Or Imperfection

Author : Dahlia Keen
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Capturing Digital Media

Author : Thomas J. Connelly
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Why are filmmakers such as J.J. Abrams, Christopher Nolan and Quentin Tarantino continuing to shoot their movies on celluloid in the digital age of cinema? Are these filmmakers choosing the photochemical process of celluloid images purely for aesthetics purposes? Or could their preference for celluloid have something to do with analogue's intimate connection to the subject of lack and desire? Capturing Digital Media: Perfection and Imperfection in Contemporary Film and Television examines the relationship between the perfection of the digital form and the imperfection of the human subject in recent film and television. Using a number of key psychoanalytic terms and new media concepts, Capturing Digital Media shows that the necessity of imperfection is where we locate the human subject of desire within the binary logic of the digital. It argues that the perfection of digital must be wounded by forms of imperfection in order to make media texts such as film and television desirable. But even as films and television texts incorporate forms of imperfection, digital perfection remains a powerful attraction in our engagement with moving images, such as high definition screens, spectacular digital effects, and state-of-the-art sound.

Gifts of Imperfection

Author : Priscila June
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Gifts of Imperfection: The Ultimate Guide to Overcoming Your Imperfections, Learn How to Take Action And Believe In Yourself Despite the Imperfections There are people who constantly seek perfection because, for them, perfection equates to success. But as Voltaire said, "Perfect is the enemy of good." And usually, seeking perfection doesn't really move us forward. It actually holds us back. If we think everything is perfect already, it wouldn't allow us to improve or change in order to grow. One should not be too focused on achieving perfection but instead, one should learn how to take action despite the imperfections in their life. One should learn how to change his mindset in order to not let imperfections get in the way of success. this book will teach you how to do this. It will show you how to alter your beliefs and how your mind thinks in order to get things done even if things are not perfect. This book will teach you about the following topics: Our Mind How Belief Begins The Power of Manifestation Our Circumstances Taking Action Always aiming for perfection is what actually stops most people from doing something or actually putting something out there. Some people think their work is not perfect so they just abandon it. It is a defense mechanism that ultimately stops people from getting things done. If you want to learn how you can take action despite things being imperfect, scroll up and click "add to cart" now.

Imperfect Perfection

Author : Jonathan Sacker
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Jonathan Sacker was born with Cystic Fibrosis, a genetic disease which most effects the respiratory and digestive systems. "Imperfect Perfection" is a journey through the difficult and tumultuous battles that have resulted from this disease. With a comical and "laugh-at-yourself" style, Jonathan shares his life in an uplifting and positive manner with hope that each reader will find perfection within their own imperfection.


Author : Chung Canby
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When there's pressure to be perfect, it's a lot harder to get started on something. And then, you might feel stressed about the fact that you're procrastinating. And then, you might not be happy with the final product or outcome and beat yourself up over not starting sooner. In this book, you'll discover: -why you pursue perfection in the first place -how your perfectionism compels you to avoid taking risks -the harmful effect of negative self-talk (and how to stop it cold) -why perfectionism encourages procrastination -how perfectionism dampens your creativity (and how to reverse the effect) -why you have difficulty adapting to changing circumstances -how to tell whether your perfectionism is out of control -why your expectations may be at the heart of the problem -how to challenge your inner critic (and win every time!) -why your personal and professional growth is at risk -a simple way to use gamification to beat your perfectionism -how to use a popular productivity hack to control your perfectionism -18 exercises designed to help you squash your perfectionistic behavior

An Imperfect Woman

Author : Kim Hyland
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Women are bombarded with ideas of perfection--and tips for how to achieve it--every day. From her work to her looks to her parenting, today's modern woman is expected to strive to be picture perfect in every way. As a result, calls for authenticity and imperfection are on the rise. Yet, deep down, most of us still want to achieve perfection. Why? The desire to be perfect, says Kim Hyland, is actually a God-given urge. After all, we were made for Eden. But there is a difference between perfection and perfectionism, which is our attempt to achieve perfection on our own, by our own strength, and for our own purposes--the original temptation in the Garden. In this freeing book, Hyland offers women a stirring manifesto for acknowledging their limitations and embracing the perfection of God through his grace. This is a book for every woman who gives 110% and yet feels shame when one little thing goes wrong.

Brave Not Perfect

Author : Reshma Saujani
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INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER • Inspired by her popular TED Talk, the founder and CEO of Girls Who Code urges women to embrace imperfection and live a bolder, more authentic life. “A timely message for women of all ages: Perfection isn’t just impossible but, worse, insidious.”—Angela Duckworth, bestselling author of Grit Imagine if you lived without the fear of not being good enough. If you didn’t care how your life looked on Instagram. If you could let go of the guilt and stop beating yourself up for making human mistakes. Imagine if, in every decision you faced, you took the bolder path? As women, too many of us feel crushed under the weight of our own expectations. We run ourselves ragged trying to please everyone, pass up opportunities that scare us, and avoid rejection at all costs. There’s a reason we act this way, Saujani says. As girls, we were taught to play it safe. Well-meaning parents and teachers praised us for being quiet and polite, urged us to be careful so we didn’t get hurt, and steered us to activities at which we could shine. As a result, we grew up to be women who are afraid to fail. It’s time to stop letting our fears drown out our dreams and narrow our world, along with our chance at happiness. By choosing bravery over perfection, we can find the power to claim our voice, to leave behind what makes us unhappy, and to go for the things we genuinely, passionately want. Perfection may set us on a path that feels safe, but bravery leads us to the one we’re authentically meant to follow. In Brave, Not Perfect,Saujani shares powerful insights and practices to help us let go of our need for perfection and make bravery a lifelong habit. By being brave, not perfect, we can all become the authors of our best and most joyful life.

Dirty Enlightenment

Author : Peter Brown
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Dirty Enlightenment is a stripped-down, radical presentation of the Nature of Reality and your spiritual place in it. In actuality, you are a miraculously present infinite field of transcendental being presenting itself to itself as subtle radiant energy of pure intelligence. This truth is consonant with the view of Dzogchen, Kashmir Shaivism, Kundalini Yoga, primal Buddhism, and with all radical spiritual traditions. Since this is already and eternally the sole condition, the spiritual challenge is merely to recognize that this is the case. With the simple recognition of the nature of your actual condition, you are freed from the confused implications of any misinterpretations of what your condition is, that you may have been laboring under. The apparent "imperfection" that you may believe your life to be, is in fact already and inherently an entirely transcendental, miraculous eternal perfection, and it can be easy to discover this fact with self-verifying certainty.


Author : Michael J Walsh, B.E., Ph.D
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ABOUT THE BOOK: ** PERFECTION and IMPERFECTION in the Universe? ** GOODNESS and EVIL in our World? ** Dr. Michael Walsh (mathematician/philosopher, Trinity College Dublin) has pondered for many years these two great topics and has done extensive research into them. He provides a wide-ranging analysis of the legacy of many great thinkers - Aristotle, Plato, Aquinas, Newton, Michelangelo, Leibniz, Darwin, Heisenberg, Godel, Einstein, Penrose, Hawking - all from the illuminating perspective of perfection/imperfection, goodness/ evil.** Dr. Walsh outlines the need for an entirely new intellectual framework and vocabulary for the debate of these important topics. He concludes that neither science nor religion offer satisfying methodologies or any convincing answers. Religion has a problem in explaining evil and science has a problem in explaining goodness. In physical creation and in life, imperfection abounds and perfection plays no ostensible role. An entirely different starting point is needed. ** The book identifies the fundamental boundaries of science, and argues for a much wider vision. It does not argue for the existence of a God, but it shows the clear necessity for a guiding force acting from outside of space and time and thus beyond the reach of scientific analysis. Many scientists now accept this need – even some physical phenomena clearly belong to the metaphysical. ** The presence of evil and imperfection does not necessarily imply lack of purpose or design or the absence of a Creator; they can be part of a purposeful strategy of creation. The extraordinary trajectory of the universe to date indicates a journey with purpose and destination, albeit zig-zag with plenty of accidents along the way. A bold new model is proposed. Imperfection is identified in the book as the Workshop of Creation. In this workshop the tiger was forged. ** YOU-TUBE VIDEO - ** WEBSITE:

Henri Nouwen

Author : Wil Hernandez
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Pie perfect Imperfection

Author : Ibn Ahmad
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Pie - perfect Imperfection is a white pearl unlocking guide that focuses on enhancing relationships through the releasing of a positive charge. Our own positive charge. Through purification, coagulation andenjoyment. To remove blockages of negativity that cause difficulty in our daily lives. It is a three-step guide to accenting hues as hues reflect happiness. Our enjoyment of pleasure. In relationships of every kind. Families, Marriages, Courtships, Corporate team building and Sports team development. Hueyanism - that which glues us together: Our escargot punt.

The Aesthetics of Imperfection in Music and the Arts

Author : Andy Hamilton
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The aesthetics of imperfection emphasises spontaneity, disruption, process and energy over formal perfection and is often ignored by many commentators or seen only in improvisation. This comprehensive collection is the first time imperfection has been explored across all kinds of musical performance, whether improvisation or interpretation of compositions. Covering music, visual art, dance, comedy, architecture and design, it addresses the meaning, experience, and value of improvisation and spontaneous creation across different artistic media. A distinctive feature of the volume is that it brings together contributions from theoreticians and practitioners, presenting a wider range of perspectives on the issues involved. Contributors look at performance and practice across Western and non-Western musical, artistic and craft forms. Composers and non-performing artists offer a perspective on what is 'imperfect' or improvisatory within their work, contributing further dimensions to the discourse. The Aesthetics of Imperfection in Music and the Arts features 39 chapters organised into eight sections and written by a diverse group of scholars and performers. They consider divergent definitions of aesthetics, employing both 18th-century philosophy and more recent socially and historically situated conceptions making this an essential, up-to-date resource for anyone working on either side of the perfection-imperfection debate.

Perfect Imperfection

Author : Dahlia Rose
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Normalcy. That’s all Kaye yearned for. Was there any man who could look past the birthmark that covered her face to see who she really was? Tired of hiding. Tired of the makeup. Tired of being judged by shallow superficial men she had almost given up on love. Until Aros. He called her exquisite. His kisses made butterflies dance in her stomach. For the first time in her life Kaye felt seen. Until she saw his true form. A form that made her want to run in hide. People that could shift into dragons? Another world? Crazy talk. Myths. Legends. Fairy tales from books. And yet it was all real. And then he dropped another bombshell on her; she was a part of this new world. A world that mirrored the reality she had come to think of as hers. And on top of all that she was the key to his throne and saving his people. All she had to do was accept what he was offering her; eternal love and adoration. No more judgments or rejection. But could she handle the burden he was placing on her shoulders? Did she truly believe this beyond fantastical man when he told her she was the one person his heart longed for; his mate? Did she dare accept this new truth? Did she dare to embrace her destiny and him?

Living the Beauty of Imperfection

Author : Jarem Sawatsky
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Are you worried that life and the passage of time have sent you far past your prime? Discover how to overcome your desire for perfection and celebrate your true beauty. If you like hard-won wisdom, inspirational stories, and mindful living, then you'll love Jarem Sawatsky's transformative book.


Author : Patrick Grant
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"... aspirations to perfection awaken us to our actual imperfection." It is in the space between these aspirations and our inability to achieve them that Grant reflects upon imperfection. Grant argues that an awareness of imperfection, defined as both suffering and the need for justice, drive us to an unrelenting search for perfection, freedom, and self-determination. The twenty-one brief chapters of Imperfection develop this governing idea as it relates to the present situation of the God debate, modern ethnic conflicts, and the pursuit of freedom in relation to the uncertainties of personal identity and the quest for self-determination. Known for his exploration of the relationship between Buddhism and violent ethnic conflict in modern Sri Lanka, as well as his contribution to the study of Northern Ireland and the complex relationships among religion, literature, and ethnicity, Grant provides the reader with an analysis of the widespread rise of religious extremism across the globe. Referencing Plato, Van Gogh, Jesus, and the Buddha, he enlightens the reader with both succinct and original insights into human society. Imperfection is the result of an important Canadian public intellectual at work. A mature scholar and established literary critic, Patrick Grant is professor emeritus of English at the University of Victoria. He is the author of several books, including Buddhism and Ethnic Conflict in Sri Lanka; Literature, Rhetoric, and Violence in Northern Irelands; and Personalism and the Politics of Culture.

A Treatise Containing the Elementary Part of Fortification Regular and Irregular

Author : John Muller
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