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Performance Management in Education

Author : Pauline Smith
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This book provides an overview of some of the key issues in developing professional performance and examines critically some of the key strategies that can be used to enhance professional performance.

Managing Teacher Appraisal and Performance

Author : David Middlewood
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The biggest single issue currently facing school managers is how they should appraise their staff and what the implications of the process are. This edited collection brings together the latest thinking on the subject, from both the UK and overseas, and places it directly in the context of school management. Issues discussed include the role of appraisal in school leadership and the role of appraisal in developing teachers. The importance of this combined with the lack of published material on the subject make this book an essential purchase for all headteachers, heads of department, INSET co-ordinators and postgraduate educational management students.

Implementing Performance Management

Author : Joan Dean
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This book is for headteachers, senior and middle managers in both primary and secondary schools, and all teachers involved in the performance management process. It sets out the aims and objectives of the system, and offers sensible, practical advice to help make performance management work effectively in schools. Case studies are used to illustrate the processes involved in performance management, and each chapter ends with suggestions for staff discussions, looking at the common concerns and issues that arise. Joan Dean has taught in primary, secondary and further education, and has held two headships. She has also been a primary schools adviser and a chief inspector, and has published more than thirty books on education. In 1980, she was awarded the OBE for services to education.

Performance Management in Education

Author : Jenny Reeves
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`This book makes an important contribution to the debate on how school and individual performance may be enhanced. It would be of value to any teachers, education manager or academic who is interested in the issues of improvement in school performance'- Scottish Educational Review `....there is much to commend this book. The diagrams are very clear and `lift' the text so that creative thought, rather than mere comprehension, becomes possible' - Nurturing Potential Managing the performance of staff has become a key concern in education. It is a controversial area with a number of approaches based on very different assumptions. This book provides an overview of some of the key issues in developing professional performance and examines critically some of the strategies that can be used to enhance it. - The first section of the book sets out the development of performance management. - The second section deals with theoretical issues. - The third section adopts a case study approach mapping out and critiquing a range of strategies that can be used to improve performance. - Current issues such as work-based learning, performance related pay, the assessment of performance and the use of standards are examined. Performance Management in Education is a valuable resource for practitioners, those involved in professional development, and academics in the field of school leadership and administration.

Performance Management in Schools

Author : Susan Tranter
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Performance Management in Schools is a practical 'how to' guide on the essential elements involved in successful performance management for school improvement. It is written for all those with line management responsibility in schools and unlike existing books on the market, deals with the nuts and bolts of a performance management system, including practical tips on how to manage the process, case studies that will identify possible problems, suggested solutions to help overcome these problems and sample documents (or paperwork) that can be customised to suit an individual school.

Performance Management for School Improvement

Author : Jeff Jones
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The recently introduced Performance Management (PM) arrangements for headteachers and teachers will replace the existing appraisal systems for schools in England. The introduction of PM places a significant responsibility upon governors strategically, and upon senior and middle managers operationally. This is a manual for middle managers and head teachers in secondary schools. It offers support and guidance on the new performance management legislation, the practical issues surrounding its introduction and strategies for successful implementation. The book will include sections on how to integrate PM into the school's other management processes, what roles and responsibilities need to be carried out, and managing the performance of teachers and headteachers. It will also cover the appraisal cycle, setting objectives, classroom observation, and selecting and appointing team leaders. The book also discussed auditing, monitoring, evaluating and reporting.

Aligning Professional Learning Performance Management and Effective Teaching

Author : Peter Cole
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Peter Cole illustrates how a school can improve its effectiveness by strengthening the alignment between its professional learning, performance management and teaching practices and processes. He addresses six questions – Why is there poor transference between professional learning and improved classroom practice? What are the characteristics of effective professional learning? How is a strong professional learning culture developed? What are the characteristics of effective teaching practice? How can effective professional learning practice be coupled with effective teaching practice? Where does performance appraisal fit into the picture? – and argues for changes in classroom practice that promote improvements in teacher efficacy, student engagement and learning outcomes.

Performance Appraisal

Author : Akampurira Abraham
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The study was carried out to investigate the effectiveness of teachers’ performances in secondary schools. This investigation is based upon the methods of qualitative and quantitative approaches, and is carried out amongst selected schools in Kabale Municipality, in the period from 2008 to 2009. The study investigates the teachers’ attitudes towards appraisal schemes, the effect of feedback on implementation of the appraisal schemes, problems faced while conducting performance appraisal, and the role of appraisal design.

Study of the Relationship Between Methods of Teachers Performance Appraisal and Teachers Job Performance at Darussalam Islamic Boarding School Gontor East Java Indonesia

Author : Muhammad Wildan Shohib
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This study attempts to explore a relationship between the methods of teachers' performance appraisal and teachers' job performance at Darussalam Islamic Boarding School Gontor, Ponorogo, East Java, Indonesia. The main objective of the study is to investigate the teachers' perception of methods of teachers' performance appraisal used by the management to evaluate the teachers' job performance at Gontor Islamic Boarding School. To achieve these purposes, a questionnaire was specifically designed for getting information from the respondents who are teachers with two to five years teaching experience in boarding school. Descriptive analysis is employed to describe the respondents' perception regarding the methods of teachers' performance appraisal used at this boarding school. A questionnaire, using the Six Points Likert Scale, is used as an instrument to collect the data. The sample of the study is randomly selected. It consists of 110 teachers of KMI who are involved in many activities in boarding school. Frequencies, percentages, means, and standard deviations for each item of the questionnaire are computed. The analysis reveals that the teachers' perceptions of methods of appraisal used is generally appeared to be positive. This study also identifies that each methods of teachers' performance appraisal showed significantly correlated with teachers' job performance. Finally, the study provides recommendations for heads and school principals of Darussalam Islamic boarding school on how to improve the teachers' professional development programme and suggests further research.

Managing with Appraisal

Author : David Trethowan
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This book offers a complete strategy for managing the performance of others, from setting the work climate, through target-setting and other appropriate management, to developing, training, the day-to-day appraising relationships and the dreaded appraisal interview.

Talent Management in Education

Author : Brent Davies
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Talent management is a critical factor in developing successful organizations. There is a need for organisations to develop 'talent pools' of great staff for the future direction and leadership of our schools. This book explains the key concepts and provides frameworks for leaders to apply ideas of talent management in their organizations. The authors focus on talent management and how this contributes to other strategic objectives, such as building a high performance learning environment and building leadership in depth in the school. In showing how to develop talented individuals for roles and responsibilities in new configurations of schools and leadership, the authors focus on: Defining who are the talented individuals in your school Developing talent individuals & leaders in your school Building a talent culture in the school. This book is important for schools which are facing the challenge of developing innovative and imaginative leaders to meet the needs of school transformation. It is useful for school leaders and managers in educational organisations, such as Head teachers and senior leaders, aspiring middle and senior leader programmes and school business managers both in the UK and around the world.

Performance Management

Author : Madhu Arora
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The entrance of fast-paced technology into the workplace necessitates a proper re-look into performance management whether it is in education, marketing, finance, or information technology. Maintaining happiness and wellbeing despite the pressure of performance at work is a serious challenge. Happiness is not only important for work performance, but also for the physical and mental health of human beings. This book provides different concepts, theories, and methods to better understand the relationship between performance and happiness in the context of work in this information and technology era. Various domains of performance management are covered in the context of management and information technology, including topics related to the performance of digital wallets from the customer's point of view; evaluating the sustainability of micro-finance institutions; challenges in employee retention; problems the workforce faces in IT and management; dimensions of happiness for women in the workplace; the role of happiness in building a meaningful life; and the quality of work life. The findings are useful for practical applications in management and business scenarios. They also provide informative insights for researchers, academicians, industry professionals, and scholars.

Getting the Best Out of Performance Management in Your School

Author : Chris Baker
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Tried-and-tested by specialist educational consultants Hay Management Consultants, this volume will help head teachers and subject leaders make the most out of performance management in their schools. The government's insistence that each school in England (whether primary or secondary) implements a performance management system has lead schools to see this imposition as yet another bureaucratic chore. This volume shows how performance management can be turned to a school's advantage to improve teaching and school performance. Highly practical in tone, the book shows how schools can turn a government imposition into an opportunity for realistic and tangible improvement.

Performance Management

Author : A. S. Kohli
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Performance Management is a comprehensive textbook specially designed to meet the requirements of MBA students specializing in HR. The textbook focuses on managerial decision-making and application of concepts through examples, caselets and case studies.

Managing Performance Strategically in Education Agencies

Author : Allison Layland
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This book gives an education leader a practical path to organizational effectiveness, shared sense of direction, and clear focus on outcomes for students. Setting a clear direction, structuring personnel for the greatest productivity, engaging everyone in meaningful work, tracking organizational performance, and encouraging innovation are fundamental concerns for every kind of education organization—schools, districts, state agencies included. Yet, education leaders struggle to give due attention to these organizational matters while also tackling the challenges of meeting the needs of their students. They are searching for a path leading to both organizational productivity and excellence in learning for students, a path that enlists the passions and efforts of all personnel. Strategic Performance Management (SPM) integrates strategic planning with performance management into a seamless process by which an education organization develops and operationalizes a strategic direction. This direction goes beyond the basic elements of vision, mission, values, goals, and strategies to include careful analysis of the functions performed by the organization, its units, and its positions (roles) to facilitate effective placement, assignment, and training of personnel. SPM emphasizes planning through strategic thinking that enables the organization to make critical adjustments as needs and context change. It provides the flexibility to act in times of crisis. Most of all, it gets everyone moving in the same direction, aimed at goals for students.

Managing Employee Performance Reward

Author : John Shields
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This second edition offers a comprehensive coverage of employee performance and reward, presenting the material in a conceptually integrated way.

Human Resources Management In Education

Author : Austin Ezenne
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This book, Human Resources Management in Education, Developing Countries Perspectives, contains eleven chapters. Human resources in an educational organisation refer to all the human beings working in that organisation, including teachers, students, administrators and all other members of staff working in that organisation. The study of human resources management in education will provide you with a theoretical and practical knowledge about the processes of acquiring employees, establishing good relationships with them, training and developing them, retaining and compensating them for their services are important because effective school leadership and management have become very crucial in recent times in the management of educational organisations. Numerous problems are facing many school systems in developing countries today and human, financial and material resources are scarce, and therefore strategic management of all resources is crucial for achieving the goals of the educational systems and the school organisations.

Performance Management in Education

Author : Mabale Jacob Bonang
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Performance Management Systems and Strategies

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Human Resource Management in Education

Author : Colin R. Riches
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