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Anthropology of the Performing Arts

Author : Anya Peterson Royce
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Anya Peterson Royce turns the anthropological gaze on the performing arts, attempting to find broad commonalities in performance, art, and artists across space, time, and culture. She asks general questions as to the nature of artistic interpretation, the differences between virtuosity and artistry, and how artists interplay with audience, aesthetics, and style. To support her case, she examines artists as diverse as Fokine and the Ballets Russes, Tewa Indian dancers, 17th century commedia dell'arte, Japanese kabuki and butoh, Zapotec shamans, and the mime of Marcel Marceau, adding her own observations as a professional dancer in the classical ballet tradition. Royce also points to the recent move toward collaboration across artistic genres as evidence of the universality of aesthetics. Her analysis leads to a better understanding of artistic interpretation, artist-audience relationships, and the artistic imagination as cross-cultural phenomena. Over 29 black and white photographs and drawings illustrate the wide range of Royce's cross-cultural approach. Her well-crafted volume will be of great interest to anthropologists, arts researchers, and students of cultural studies and performing arts.

Libraries History Diplomacy and the Performing Arts

Author : Carleton Sprague Smith
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Performing Arts Center Management

Author : Patricia Dewey Lambert
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Performing arts centers (PACs) are an integral part of the cultural and creative industries, significantly influencing the cultural, social, and economic vitality of communities around the world. Virtually all PACs are community-based and serve the public interest, whether structured as a public, nonprofit, for-profit, or hybrid entity. However, there is a lack of knowledge about the important community role of performing arts centers, especially those that mainly host and present work produced by other arts organizations. This gap is startling, given the ubiquitous presence of PACs in urban centers, small communities, as well as colleges and universities. This co-edited reference book provides valuable information at the intersection of theory and practice in the professional field of executive leadership of performing arts centers. Drawing on the expertise of leading academics, consultants, and executives, this book focuses on institutions and practices in the United States, and is contextualized within additional fields such as cultural planning, urban revitalization, and economic development. Performing Arts Center Management aims to provide valuable theoretical, conceptual, empirical, and practice-based information to current and future leaders in creative and cultural industries management. It serves as a unique reference for researchers, university students, civic leaders, urban planners, public venue managers, and arts administrators aspiring to improve or advance their work in successfully managing performing arts centers.

Managing Performing Arts Collections in Academic and Public Libraries

Author : Carolyn A. Sheehy
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This professional reference provides solid advice to academic and public librarians for managing performing arts collections. The volume is divided into sections on the history of performing arts librarianship, dance collections, film studies collections, music collections, and theater collections. Each chapter is written by one or more expert contributors and presents current and reliable information on collection management. They discuss personnel management, collection development, technical services, public services, the impact of new technologies, facilities management, financial planning, and political considerations. Each chapter closes with references cited in the chapter, and the volume concludes with a valuable selected, annotated bibliography of important background sources and management tools.

Performing Arts in Transition

Author : Susanne Foellmer
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Artists especially from dance and performance art as well as opera are involved to an increasing degree in the transfer between different media, not only in their productions but also the events, materials, and documents that surround them. At the same time, the focus on that which remains has become central to any discussion of performance. Performing Arts in Transition explores what takes place in the moments of transition from one medium to another, and from the live performance to that which "survives" it. Case studies from a broad range of interdisciplinary scholars address phenomena such as: The dynamics of transfer between the performing and visual arts. The philosophy and terminologies of transitioning between media. Narratives and counternarratives in historical re-creations. The status of chronology and the document in art scholarship. This is an essential contribution to a vibrant, multidisciplinary and international field of research emerging at the intersections of performance, visual arts, and media studies.

The Performing Arts in Contemporary China

Author : Colin Mackerras
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First published in 1981. The overthrow of the 'gang of four' in October 1976 had profound effects in all areas of Chinese society, and probably nowhere can this be more clearly seen than in the performing arts. Jiang Qing, Mao Zedong's widow, was strongly interested in the performing arts and exercised great influence over them. This book describes her influence and the effects its removal had on the arts. Although the period covered is mainly that since the death of Mao, there is also considerable reference to the years following the Cultural Revolution.

America s Japan and Japan s Performing Arts

Author : Barbara E. Thornbury
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America’s Japan and Japan’s Performing Arts studies the images and myths that have shaped the reception of Japan-related theater, music, and dance in the United States since the 1950s. Soon after World War II, visits by Japanese performing artists to the United States emerged as a significant category of American cultural-exchange initiatives aimed at helping establish and build friendly ties with Japan. Barbara E. Thornbury explores how “Japan” and “Japanese culture” have been constructed, reconstructed, and transformed in response to the hundreds of productions that have taken place over the past sixty years in New York, the main entry point and defining cultural nexus in the United States for the global touring market in the performing arts. The author’s transdisciplinary approach makes the book appealing to those in the performing arts studies, Japanese studies, and cultural studies.

Philology and Performing Arts

Author : Mattia Cavagna
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This volume invites to bridge the traditional gap between the author and the scribes, which means between the "original text" and the “copies” in order deal with more complex situations, in which the performer, the screenwriter, or the director...

Economic Conditions in the Performing Arts

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Education and Labor
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Philosophy of the Performing Arts

Author : David Davies
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This book provides an accessible yet sophisticated introduction to the significant philosophical issues concerning the performing arts. Presents the significant philosophical issues concerning the performing arts in an accessible style, assuming no prior knowledge Provides a critical overview and a comprehensive framework for thinking about the performing arts Examines the assumption that classical music provides the best model for thinking about artistic performance across the performing arts Explores ways in which the ‘classical paradigm’ might be extended to other musical genres, to theatre, and to dance Applies the thinking on performing arts to the issue of ‘performance art’

Philidadelphia Guide to Visual Performing Arts

Author : Jim McClelland
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An informative guide to the best Philadelphia has to offer spotlights a full range of the cultural experiences and activities throughout the city, including art museums, gardens, opera, music, dance, and theater. Original.

Live Performing Arts Labor Relations Amendments

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Labor and Human Resources
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De a k la Emerging Trends in Performing Arts and Indic Studies

Author : Dr. Vidya Shimladka
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The academic activity in relation to the performing arts is exploding at quite a fast rate. There are a number of old and new Universities and research centers offering a wide range of academic courses in the performing arts. However, traditionally the teaching-learning process in the performing arts field has been outside the ambit of the academic structure. The move of a traditional process to the academic circle has brought to the forefront some of the challenges of the move. These include both the teaching-learning process and the examination method.

Psychotherapy Literature and the Visual and Performing Arts

Author : Bruce Kirkcaldy
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This book explores the relevance of literature and the performing and visual arts for effective clinical psychotherapy. There is a growing interest in the use of the arts in psychotherapy, in part due to an increasing awareness of the limitations in verbal communication and scepticism towards traditional forms of medical treatment. Gathering together perspectives from international practitioners this volume embraces the value of a range of mediums to psychotherapy, from film and photo-therapy to literature and narrative therapy. Based on theoretical studies, clinical expertise and experiential learning, authors offer detailed guidelines on the value of various art forms in practice.

Obituaries in the Performing Arts 2017

Author : Harris M. Lentz III
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"A one-stop resource summarizing the deaths of all major individuals in the fields of television, film cartoons, theater music and popular literature throughout the world. Each obituary is well written and concise...a great resource...recommended"--Choice "A solid reference work that deserves inclusion in all public libraries. Recommended"--ARBA "An absolute must...indispensible...informative, thorough, and interesting...most highly recommended" "Indispensable reference sources for obit information"--Classic Images "Magnificent research tools...invaluable...value packed with data, and written in an engaging, interesting manner that never becomes dull and statistical"--James L. Neibaur, writer. The entertainment world lost many notable talents in 2017, including iconic character actor Harry Dean Stanton, comedians Jerry Lewis and Dick Gregory, country singer Glen Campbell, playwright Sam Shepard and actor-singer Jim Nabors. Obituaries of actors, filmmakers, musicians, producers, dancers, composers, writers, animals and others associated with the performing arts who died in 2017 are included. Date, place and cause of death are provided for each, along with a career recap and a photograph. Filmographies are given for film and television performers.

Financing Operations of the John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Public Works and Transportation. Subcommittee on Public Buildings and Grounds
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Canadian Performing Arts Bundle

Author : Michelle Labrèche-Larouche
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Presenting three titles in the Quest Biography series that profiles prominent figures in Canada’s history. In these books we explore the lives of some Canadian pioneers in the world of performing arts. Profiled are: Mary Pickford, the silent screen star of the 1920s; Emma Albani, a classical singer who reached the heights of fame in Europe; and John Grierson, a filmmaker responsible for setting up the National Film Board of Canada. Includes: Emma Albani John Grierson Mary Pickford

Relevance and Marginalisation in Scandinavian and European Performing Arts 1770 1860

Author : Randi Margrete Selvik
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Relevance and Marginalisation in Scandinavian and European Performing Arts 1770–1860: Questioning Canons reveals how various cultural processes have influenced what has been included, and what has been marginalised from canons of European music, dance, and theatre around the turn of the nineteenth century and the following decades. This collection of essays includes discussion of the piano repertory for young ladies in England; canonisation of the French minuet; marginalisation of the popular German dramatist Kotzebue from the dramatic canon; dance repertory and social life in Christiania (Oslo); informal cultural activities in Trondheim; repertory of Norwegian musical clocks; female itinerant performers in the Nordic sphere; preconditions, dissemination, and popularity of equestrian drama; marginalisation and amateur staging of a Singspiel by the renowned Danish playwright Oehlenschläger, also with perspectives on the music and its composers; and the perceived relevance of Henrik Ibsen’s staged theatre repertory and early dramas. By questioning established notions about canon, marginalisation, and relevance within the performing arts in the period 1770–1860, this book asserts itself as an intriguing text both to the culturally interested public and to scholars and students of musicology, dance research, and theatre studies.

Communications Design Performing Arts and Related Occupations

Author :
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Performing Arts in the Austrian 18th Century

Author : Jaak Van Schoor
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The contributors to this volume address theater's role as the mirror of a perfect society and its strikingly international orientation in the Austrian 18th century.