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World Government Ready Or Not

Author : Garry Davis
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WORLD GOVERNMENT, READY OR NOT! is the first how-to-do-it and how-it-is-being done book on the making of world peace through government of, by, and for the citizens of the world recounted in masterful detail by a veteran of over 50 years experience in the "field." WWII bomber pilot Garry Davis, in 1948 took Emery Reves (Anatomy of Peace) at his word first that "...the ideal of the nation-state is bankrupt.." and second that "There is no first step to world government. World Government is the first step." The eclectic Renaissance Man, stateless World Citizen Davis "lives" the future today treating philosophy, law, economics, travel, space, history and more with equal ease and insight. Moreover, as a world activist, he has seen the inside of over 30 national prisons. E. B.White wrote that "Davis marches to the beat of the Universe while we all march to a broken drum." "The birth pangs of the new world order are already upon us," Davis writes in the Prologue, "and as necessity knows no law but its own, we are too busy attending to that long-heralded and momentous birth to still the shrill cries of infidelity." WORLD GOVERNMENT, READY OR NOT! is a book for the 21st century and beyond.

Developing the Rivers of East and West Africa

Author : Heather J. Hoag
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How did rivers contribute to the economic and political development of modern Africa? How did African and European notions of nature's value and meaning differ? And how have these evaluations of Africa's rivers changed between 1850 and the present day? Drawing upon examples from across the African continent, Developing the Rivers of East and West Africa explores the role African waterways played in the continent's economic, social, and political development and provides the first historical study of the key themes in African river history. Rivers acted as more than important transportation byways; their waters were central to both colonial and postcolonial economic development efforts. This book synthesizes the available research on African rivers with new evidence to offer students of African and environmental history a narrative of how people have used and engaged the continent's water resources. It analyzes key themes in Africa's modern history - European exploration, establishment of colonial rule, economic development, 'green' politics - and each case study provides a lens through which to view social, economic and ecological change in Africa.

Air University Review

Author :
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Cinema and Ireland

Author : Kevin Rockett
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This was the first comprehensive study of film production in Ireland from the silent period to the present day, and of representations of Ireland and ‘Irishness’ in native, British, and American films. It remains an authority on the topic. The book focuses on Irish history and politics to examine the context and significance of such films as Irish Destiny, The Quiet Man, Ryan’s Daughter, Man of Aran, Cal, The Courier, and The Dead.

United States Treaties and Other International Agreements

Author : United States
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Agricultural Statistics

Author :
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Treaties and Other International Acts Series

Author : United States. Department of State
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Records of General Science

Author : Robert Dundas Thomson
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Inspiring air A history of air related science

Author : Pere Grapí
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Eudiometers were instruments originally devised for checking the ‘goodness’ of common air. Seeking to be more than just a chronological inventory of eudiometers, this book presents a unique retrospective of these fascinating apparatuses from the end of the eighteenth century to the mid-nineteenth century. By paying particular attention to the experimental procedures involved over the course of the test, this book aims to understand and explore how eudiometers function, to describe the materials used in making them and the different reagents employed in each eudiometrical test. Importantly, eudiometers were employed within a variety of spheres including human and animal health, gas analysis, chemical theory, plant and animal physiology, atmospheric composition, chemical compound composition, gas lighting, chemical revolution and experimental demonstration. Finally, this book looks to redress the existing imbalance in the history of chemistry regarding the attention given to theoretical aspects of chemistry in comparison to chemical practice and apparatus. The few existing accounts of chemical devices written in the past century have not been sufficiently helpful for the understanding of experimental practice in chemistry. Until now no work that deals exclusively with eudiometers and gas analysis from a historical standpoint has been published. Thus, this book will not only cast new light on the subject, but will also contribute to further research on the history of chemical instruments.

Official Gazette of the United States Patent Office

Author : United States. Patent Office
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