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Perspective Drawing for Beginners

Author : Len A. Doust
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DIVDoust carefully explains the roles of lines, boxes, and circles, and shows how visualizing shapes and forms can be used in accurate depictions of perspective. One of the most concise introductions available. 33 illustrations. /div

Basic Perspective Drawing

Author : John Montague
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Master the art of perspective drawing with an updated edition of this bestselling guide Basic Perspective Drawing, Sixth Edition gives artists, illustrators, designers, and architects an accessible guide for developing a firm and thorough grasp of the important principles and techniques for perspective drawing. Logically moving from simple concepts to specific tools and methods, the book provides clear step-by-step illustrations on how to construct perspective views with graphic examples covering every part of the process. With the same attractive, easy-to-follow style that made previous editions so popular, the new, streamlined Sixth Edition contains must-have content for students and instructors in art and design, architecture, and interior design programs. Illustrations are updated to reflect the most current drawing styles and examples, and supplementary tutorial videos provide live-action demonstrations of some of the key topics discussed in the book.

The Complete Guide to Perspective Drawing

Author : Craig Attebery
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Computers can calculate perspective angles and create a drawing for us, but the spontaneity of mark making, the tactile quality of a writing surface, the weight of a drawing instrument, and the immediacy of the human touch are sensations that keep traditional drawing skills perpetually relevant. The sensuality and convenience of the hand persists and will survive as a valuable communication tool, as will the need to accurately express your ideas on paper. As a professional, understanding the foundations of drawing, how we process images, and how we interpret what we see are principal skills. Understanding linear perspective enables artists to accurately communicate their ideas on paper. The Complete Guide to Perspective Drawing offers a step-by-step guide for the beginner as well as the advanced student on how to draw in one-point through six-point perspective and how to make scientifically accurate conceptual illustrations from simple to complex situations.

The Perspective Drawing Guide

Author : Spencer Nugent
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Perspective drawing is the foundation for creating art that pops off the page. This is the ultimate guide to helping aspiring artists understand and develop techniques to draw confidently using the power of perspective. While mastering perspective can take years, this book will provide understanding of why things look the way they do and how to draw them accurately and confidently.

In The Perspective Drawing Guide: Simple Techniques for Mastering Every Angle, designer and teacher Spencer Nugent takes a fundamental approach and gives tips, tricks, and techniques that enable readers to draw more confidently by breaking down objects into easier to draw shapes, showing the mechanics of perspective, and demonstrating how to make drawings presentation ready. This guide is perfect for beginning artists looking to develop their perspective drawing abilities or even seasoned artists wanting to sharpen their skills.

Perspective Drawing Handbook

Author : Joseph D'Amelio
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DIVConcisely written text accompanied by more than 150 simply drawn illustrations together demonstrate vanishing points and eye level and explain such concepts as appearance versus reality and perspective distortion. /div

Progressive Perspective Drawing for Theatrical Scene Design

Author : Dunsi Dai
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Progressive Perspective Drawing for Theatrical Scene Design provides theatrical scenic designers with the tools to create quick and precise perspective drawings. The book explores three methods of perspective drawings at progressive skill levels – the Grid Method, the Frame Method, and the Freehand with References Method – allowing scenic designers to build on their drawing technique consistently. Replete with discussions on pencil techniques, step by step instructions, and set sketches from professional set design projects, this volume guides readers from the basics of the cube system to the more challenging freehand drawing. Progressive Perspective Drawing for Theatrical Scene Design is an excellent resource for students of Scene Design, Stage Design, Set Design, Scenography, Stagecraft, and Design for Theatre, as well as an accessible self-study guide for those with an interest in scene design. The book includes access to downloadable pre-made perspective grids, to help readers familiarize themselves with one and two vanishing point grids.

Perspective Drawing

Author : Joseph William Hull
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More than 200 instructive figures and 17 plates complement this functional approach. In addition to cultivating freehand drawing, the simple but thorough text addresses the basic principles of perspective.

Perspective Drawing for Kids

Author : Liron Yanconsky
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Perspective Drawing for Kids: A Comprehensive Perspective Drawing Guide for KidsPerspective Drawing for Kids is a simple and comprehensive guide aimed at kids and teens (ages 10-18). Inside you will find simple explanations for complex concepts. All the information is presented using simple language, and accompanied with MANY illustrations. The book discusses perspective basics, one-point perspective, two-point perspective and three-point perspective. Each part contains an exercise. There is also a final exercise that concludes everything your kids will learn, in which they will create a complete, beautiful city landscape. Liron is a great believer in the "anyone can do it" approach, and this belief resides in every chapter and page of this book. Get your copy today, and help your kids learn how to draw in perspective!

Drawing Perspective and Space

Author : Markus Agerer
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This book is dedicated in its entirety to the topic "Drawing in Perspective." Primarily, it involves so-called vanishing-point perspective. By making use of vanishing-point perspective, it is possible to realistically display objects, landscapes and architecture. A persuasive illusion of reality is thus created on paper. This book offers many vivid examples and exercises about perspective drawing. In this way you will learn to use the technique of drawing in perspective quickly. The most important contents are: Methods of illustration depth and space How the perspective occurs in our eye Drawing in one-point perspective Drawing in two-point perspective Drawing in three-point perspective How to draw circles, cylinders and arcs in perspective How to draw shadows in perspective Illustrating in perspective that is true to proportion Learn how to draw in perspective easily with many step-by-step lessons for beginners. For advanced drawers, this book provides methods that will show you how to draw and paint bodies that are true to proportion - a skill that is especially interesting for people who have to draw architecture.

Perspective Drawing

Author : Harry Merritt
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A book that teaches hands-on perspective drawing using the projected image method developed by architect and former University of Florida architecture professor Harry Merritt. The book includes detailed instructions on how to generate one-, two- and three-point perspectives. With many illustrations and a Preface by Culicidae Architectural Press editor Mikesch Muecke.