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G nter de Bruyn in Perspective

Author : Dennis Tate
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Martin Walser in Perspective

Author : K. Stuart Parkes
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The last decade has undoubtedly been the most controversial in the long literary career of Martin Walser. This volume presents a review of this career, going far beyond short-lived arguments to present an insightful overview of much of his work. It considers not only major aspects of his writing, covering both his literary beginnings and the most recent works, but also different, previously neglected features of his persona and his writing, namely his activity as a university teacher and his art criticism. In addition, fruitful comparisons are made with other writers, such as Proust, Grass and Uwe Johnson. At the same time, recent controversies are also considered with major attention being paid to Walser's public speeches and those works of fiction which have been seen by some as demanding the end of German self-recriminations over the Nazi past. This volume is unique in that much space is devoted to both sides of the argument. It will provide stimulating reading to all those interested in Germany and German literature.

Volker Braun in perspective

Author : Rolf Jucker
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Inhaltsverzeichnis: Ian WALLACE: Foreword Rolf JUCKER: Einleitung Überblicksartikel Katrin BOTHE: Der Text als geologische Formation. 'Archäologisches Schreiben' als poetologisches Programm im Werk Volker Brauns Dieter SCHLENSTEDT: Empfang der Barbaren. Ein Motivfeld bei Volker Braun. Gilbert BADIA: Zur Rezeption von Volker Brauns Werken in Frankreich Alain LANCE: 'Ein Freund, ein guter Freund, Das ist das schönste, was es gibt auf der Welt' Dennis TATE: '[...] vielleicht nur für Franz geschrieben': Volker Braun's intertextual tributes to his special relationship with Franz Fühmann Paul PETERS: Mysteriöse Übergänge. Anmerkungen zu einem Motiv bei Volker Braun Yasuko ASAOKA: Begriffe für Grenzlinien in Volker Brauns Werken der Zeit 1990-2001 Rolf JUCKER: Aspekte gesellschaftskritischer Literatur seit 1989: Einige Bemerkungen mit Bezug auf zwei Gedichte von Volker Braun Prosa Wilfried GRAUERT: Nach der Natur leben. Zivilisationskritik in Volker Brauns Der Wendehals Anna CHIARLONI: Das Wirklichgewollte. Eine Interpretation Lyrik Klaus SCHUHMANN: Warum soll ich Mode werden - Volker Brauns Gedicht 'Lagerfeld' Peter GEIST: 'Worte und Knochen' - 'Überlegungen zu Volker Brauns Gedicht 'Andres Wachtlied' Ruth J. OWEN: Time in Volker Braun's Poetry Theater Moray McGOWAN: 'Machen wir uns auf in das Land hinein.' Volker Braun's Übergangsgesellschaft: 'Übergangstheater', 'übergangenes Theater', 'Metatheater'? Götz WIENOLD: Volker Braun, Böhmen am Meer: Gedruckte Fassungen und einige Lesarten Schriften Gerd LABROISSE: Interpretative Überlegungen zu Volker Brauns Rede zur Verleihung des Georg-Büchner-Preises 2000: Die Verhältnisse zerbrechen Carol Anne COSTABILE-HEMING: 'Zur Sache Deutschland.' Volker Braun Takes Stock Verzeichnis der BeiträgerInnen

Linear Perspective Explained

Author : William Nelson Bartholomew
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A Manual of Linear Perspective

Author : Richard Somers Smith
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General Problems in the Linear Perspective of Form Shadow and Reflection

Author : Samuel Edward Warren
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A Manual of Elementary Problems in the Linear Perspective of Form and Shadow

Author : Samuel Edward Warren
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The Elements of Descriptive Geometry Shadows and Perspective

Author : Samuel Edward Warren
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Human Rights from a Comparative and International Law Perspective

Author : Joan Church
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In terms of the South African Constitution of 1996 there is a general need for an introduction to comparative law and one that covers what is technically known as applied comparative law; more particularly applied comparative law that involves a study of the bills of rights in other countries.

The Comparative Perspective on Literature

Author : Clayton Koelb
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Few would deny that comparative literature is rapidly moving from the periphery toward the center of literary studies in North America, but many are still unsure just what it is. The Comparative Perspective on Literature shows by means of twenty-two exemplary essays by many of the most distinguished scholars in the field how comparative literature as a discipline is conceived of and practiced in the 1980s. Nearly all of them published here for the first time, the essays discuss and themselves reflect significant changes at the core of the field as well as evolving notions as to what comparative literature is and should be. The volume editors, Clayton Koelb and Susan Noakes, have included essays that address the scope and concerns of comparative literature today, historical and international contexts of the field, and the relationship of literary criticism to other disciplines, as well as affording comparative perspectives on current critical issues.