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Perspectives on Clinical Teaching

Author : Dorothy W. Smith
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Cultivating a Thinking Surgeon

Author : Linda de Cossart,
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This book offers a carefully argued approach to the postgraduate preparation of surgeons and doctors. At a time when surgical/medical education is undergoing profound change this text will prove an invaluable resource for those both reorganizing teaching programmes and those working with learning surgeons/doctors. It emphasizes what is involved in learning to be a surgeon and/or doctor who can engage in professional conduct and exercise professional judgement, as opposed to being trained in surgical/medical activities in order to demonstrate the behaviour expected by assessors. It provides many examples and ideas which have been developed and refined over the past three years in partnership with a wide range of working surgeons and doctors in practical settings and in reflective seminars. The authors have together brought to the production of this book a unique combination of a practising surgeon who is dedicated to the development of excellence in surgical practice, and a practising teacher educator who is dedicated to developing expertise in educational practice, particularly in clinical settings.

Students and Patients Perspectives of Clinical Teaching at a Dental School

Author : Nicholas J. Grimaudo
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ABSTRACT: In dental education, the clinic is the learning environment that requires students to transfer knowledge from the basic sciences and utilize it to render safe and efficient patient care. The effectiveness of teaching and learning in the clinical learning environment and how it prepares dental students to independently provide patient care is a central concern for dental education. The underlying theory in this study was to describe how teacher effectiveness influences students in the clinical learning environment and impacts patient care. There is growing awareness that students' responses to and views of their educational experiences are important to shaping and modifying the educational process. The primary purpose of this study was to describe the instructional practices among clinical dental educators as they pertain to student and patient involvement. The secondary purpose was to describe the interactions between the teacher, student, and patient during clinical teaching. The study examined the students' and patients' perspectives of the dental clinical teaching environment. Utilizing participant observation, this study focused on the oral health care educator-patient-student triad and the learning experience in comprehensive oral health care. Methods of data collection included unobtrusive observations of interactions between oral health care educators, patients, and students, and patient and student interviews.

Basics in Medical Education

Author : Zubair Amin
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Medical education ? the art and science behind medical teaching and learning ? has progressed remarkably. Teaching and learning have become more scientific and rigorous, curricula are based on sound pedagogical principles, and problem-based and other forms of active and self-directed learning have become the mainstream. We have progressed from the role of problem-identifier to that of solution-provider. This book provides a balanced overview of the "why" of medical education, emphasizing the need for change and adaptation, and the "how", by demonstrating the way concepts and theories of medical education can be of immediate benefit to the medical teacher. In this improved second edition, student assessment, curriculum, outcome-based education, clinical teaching, and problem-based learning receive more emphasis with the addition of new chapters, essential updates, and consolidation. The tone is more pragmatic, with implementable examples and incorporation of newer evidence and better practices. However, one thing has not changed: the book still targets medical teachers without a formal background in education. Contents: Historical Overview of Medical Education; Global and Regional Perspectives in Medical Education; Change Process and Role of Leadership; Learning Concepts and Philosophies; Curricular Design and Planning; Educational Outcomes; Teaching and Learning Methodology: General, Clinical, PBL; Assessment of Students; Program Evaluation; Research in Medical Education; Glossary and Further Resources.

Clinical Teaching Strategies in Nursing Fourth Edition

Author : Kathleen B. Gaberson
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The fourth edition of this highly acclaimed text continues to provide a comprehensive framework for planning, guiding, and evaluating learning activities for graduate and undergraduate nursing students in numerous clinical settings. A respected resource for clinical faculty, it addresses the distinct requirements of clinical learning as opposed to classroom learning and provides proven strategies to maximize clinical education. The revision features expanded content on teaching graduate students, regulatory issues affecting distance education, and the use of social media. It covers establishing and using dedicated education units (DEUs), the challenges of student access to electronic health records and documentation of care, and reducing teh demands of clinical staff members when multiple students rotate through a praticular setting.

Feedback in Clinical Teaching

Author : Mohamed E. Salih
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Author : Sameh Elhabashy
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Clinical Teaching in Nursing

Author : Ruth White
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This book aims to assist clinical teachers in the practice of clinical teaching. It assumes that clinical teachers will bring to their task a background knowledge of educational principles, experience in a clinical nursing field, knowledge of substantive nursing content, a love of teaching and a desire to share with their students the joys, tears, challenge and wonder of learning in the clinical setting. The format is designed around a set of commonly encountered problems and encourages readers, whether on the threshold of a career as a clinical teacher or those who are experienced, to think through their responses to the problem situation before reading on to a disclosure of possible courses of action. In brief, the book is a companion to Teaching Nursing: A Self Instructional Handbook (Ewan and White, 1984). The authors' interest in clinical teaching can be traced through a number of years in a variety of teaching careers with multidisciplinary health professional groups, of whom nurses comprise the majority of practitioners. As senior lecturers in the School of Medical Education, the authors were involved in developing and teaching a Master of Health Personnel Education Degree course; the students (or Fellows) in that programme were all graduates from a broad range of health care disciplines - nursing, medicine, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nutrition, dentistry, health education, health resources management, radiography, social work, community development, occupational safety and health.

Work Based Learning in Clinical Settings

Author : Viv Cook
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The importance of learning in the workplace has long been recognised in clinical education, however the twin demands of the explosion in clinical knowledge and the changing dynamics of the clinical workplace have exposed the shortcomings of existing clinical learning practices and understandings of clinical learning in the workplace. There is a growing demand for conceptual and methodological tools that can help to develop understanding of the complex set of relationships involved in learning in professional healthcare contexts. This ground-breaking volume brings together the work of pioneering scholars of learning and is unique in providing a detailed account of socio-cultural theory in relation to clinical education. Work-based Learning in Clinical Settings clearly illustrates the potential breadth of application and the strength and diversity of research in this field. Each chapter engages with a distinct issue and follows a specific structure to present an extended case-based presentation of the research that explains the: .architecture of the concept or theory .application of the concept/theory to clinical education .methodological approaches used as well as the implications and limitations . understanding of the workplace clinical learning that emerged as a result of the research It is ideal for professionals in clinical education, healthcare policy makers and shapers, and postgraduate students who will find the thorough, innovative research enlightening.

Critical Incidents in Clinical Teaching

Author :
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