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Perspectives on Rescuing Urban Literacy Education

Author : Robert B. Cooter
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Perspectives on Rescuing Urban Literacy Education: Spies, Saboteurs, and Saints is an exploration of the variables that contribute to the improvement of literacy instruction in large urban school districts. The book grows out of a five-year initiative known as The Dallas Reading Plan--a $50 million collaborative effort between area business and corporate interests, philanthropy, and the Dallas Independent School District. Audiences include university professors and graduate students in reading/literacy education, educational leadership, special education, urban studies, and change management theory, school board members, business and community leaders, classroom teachers, parents, and those concerned with the status of literacy education in urban settings.

Handbook of Professional Development in Education

Author : Linda E. Martin
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"This handbook shares successful models and practices of teacher professional development and learning along with suggestions for sustaining professional development. The handbook is intended to address professional development issues for P-12 educators in all content areas, forges a balance between policy issues and theoretical frameworks, along with presenting recommendations for best practices in professional development. It is divided into four parts: (1) professional development past and present; (2) the complexity of professional development in today's schools; (3) developing solutions for effective professional development; and (4) pulling it all together"--

Teaching Literacy in Fourth Grade

Author : Denise Johnson
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Fourth grade is a momentous year for literacy learning. Having left the primary grades behind, students must grapple with more demanding texts and content material--and effective, motivating instruction can help them succeed. This book helps teachers vanquish the dreaded "fourth-grade slump" by creating an energized and organized learning environment in which all students can improve their reading and writing strategies. Taking readers into the classroom of an exemplary fourth-grade teacher, the book includes useful assessment tools, differentiation techniques, mini lessons, unit plans, reproducibles, and examples of student work. Special attention is given to meeting the challenges of high-stakes testing without sacrificing instructional quality.

The Administration and Supervision of Literacy Programs

Author : Shelley B. Wepner
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“Readers gain insight into the research behind these issues and why they are particularly relevant to the 21st century classroom. More importantly, one sees how these various topics should be operationalized in schools and classrooms—always with a good literacy leader guiding the way.” —From the Foreword by Jack Cassidy, past president, International Literacy Association The Sixth Edition focuses on providing instruction at all grade levels and for different types of learners within the context of current state and federal mandates. It explores specific program elements related to materials selection, teacher evaluation, professional development, student assessment, writing, technology, school- and districtwide evaluation, and parent and community outreach. Contributors include Peter Afflerbach, Rita M. Bean, William G. Brozo, M. Susan Burns, Patricia A. Edwards, Douglas Fisher, Elena Forzani, Nancy Frey, Jennifer L. Goeke, James V. Hoffman, Jacy Ippolito, Julie K. Kidd, Diane Lapp, Donald J. Leu, Maryann Mraz, Diana J. Quatroche, Timothy Rasinski, D. Ray Reutzel, Kristen D. Ritchey, Misty Sailors, MaryEllen Vogt, Shelley B. Wepner.

RTI and the Adolescent Reader

Author : William G. Brozo
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This accessible guide defines RTI and explains why and how it is considered a viable intervention model for adolescent readers. Drawn from real secondary school cases demonstrating tiered interventions, the text includes evidence-based strategies, discussion questions for each case study, and prompts that foster critical thinking and the application of chapter ideas.

The Brilliance in the Building

Author : Bo Ryan
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Meet any challenge, any day, with clarity, competence, and confidence. Written with the needs of urban educators in mind, this essential guide shares specific action steps and ready-to-use tools for supporting successful Professional Learning Communities at WorkR. From scheduling teacher collaboration time to using data to inform high-quality instruction, author Bo Ryan delivers field-tested practices that lead to high levels of student achievement. Collaborative teams will: Access excellent, data-backed reproducibles Make immediate changes that positively impact student learning Realize the value in the resources you have and leverage them Gain insight into the PLC at Work process Reflect on your own personal mindsets and ways you personally can improve Contents: Introduction Chapter 1: A Culture of Care Chapter 2: A Culture of Collaboration Chapter 3: A Culture of Learning Chapter 4: A Culture of Effective Instruction Chapter 5: A Culture of Continuous Improvement Final Thoughts Appendix Strategy Implementation Guide Learning Block Planning Tool Data Team Meeting Templates Teacher Framework Intervention Action Plan Learning Block Planning Tool Examples References and Resources Index

University Partnerships for Community and School System Development

Author :
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This volume examines the diverse ways in which universities and colleges around the world are partnering and collaborating with other institutions to fulfil their missions and visions.

Evidence Based Practice in School Mental Health

Author : James C Raines
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Though recent legislation embedded with the No Child Left Behind Act and the Individuals with Disabilities Improvement Act mandates the use of evidence in school-based practice to demonstrate positive outcomes for all students, school social workers - especially those long out of school - often lack the conceptual tools to locate, evaluate, and apply evidence in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of their work. The first of its kind tailored specifically to this audience, this SSAAA Workshop title guides school professionals in infusing research throughout their daily practice. It shows school service providers a pragmatic approach to informing every major practice decision with the appropriate research so that students receive the best possible services. This includes how to use research to make reliable and valid assessments, how to use research to choose the best intervention, and how to do research to evaluate progress. Raines goes beyond creating a catalog of interventions that will soon be outdated and provides school social workers with a detailed road map of the EBP process. Chapters detail the nuts and bolts of EBP, explaining how to ask a relevant, answerable question; where to search for evidence; how to appraise the literature and avoid the pitfalls of web based information; how to adapt and apply the evidence in a developmentally and culturally sensitive way; and how to evaluate the results. Detailed examples along the way, including sample spreadsheets practitioners can easily adapt to evaluate their students' progress, bring accountability within reach for school professionals who struggle to find the time, resources, and support sufficient to apply the best evidence to their schools.

Curriculum Leadership Development

Author : Carol A. Mullen
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Curriculum Leadership Development is an up-to-date, user-friendly textbook offering unique approaches to help readers understand the complexity of curriculum leadership. It is grounded in current and relevant theory, research, legislation, and application in the closely related areas of curriculum leadership, development, and scholarship. The text solidifies the concepts of curriculum and leadership in experiential learning contexts, and promotes democratic action and critical thinking. Author Carol A. Mullen uses a descriptive, qualitative approach that integrates case study, data analysis, personal reflection, and lessons learned. Among the most important elements of the book are: *the inclusion of the voice and curricular experiences of the professional student who is a seasoned teacher or beginning adminstrator; *detailed illustrations of practitioners' experiences as curriculum makers and action researchers; *an articulation of the links among curriculum development, constructivist curricula, and mentoring scaffolds; and *practical exercises to accompany case studies. Graduate and advanced undergraduate students in education will find this textbook of value in their coursework, as will curriculum professionals who teach practicing teachers.

The Essentials of Teaching Children to Read

Author : D. Ray Reutzel
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"Teaching Children to Read" has always been well known for its comprehensive look at literacy instruction. This streamlined edition of that text has been developed to provide readers a brief version that offers essential information about reading instruction based on research that aligns with No Child Left Behind directives. The focus of this book is how to teach phonemic awareness, phonics, comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, and ongoing classroom assessment. Special features include: A theory chapter to ground literacy background knowledge. An infusion of the most current research available to inform practice and all five No Child Left Behind initiatives regarding phonemic awareness, phonics, comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency. A newly organized assessment chapter presenting four purposes of assessment as identified by Reading First legislation, including outcome assessment; screening instruments; diagnostic assessment tools; and ongoing, progress-monitoring assessments.