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Beschreibung der Welt

Author : Xenja von Ertzdorff
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Die Vorträge dieses Bandes gewähren mit Herodot einen Blick auf die Anfänge der antiken Berichte über außergriechische Völker und Länder, lassen teilhaben an der Reise eines Römers in die Vergangenheit und an den legendären Reisen Brendans zur “terra repromissionis” und der Isländer nach “Vinland”. Untersucht werden Erscheinungsformen des Raumes im Pilgerbericht des chinesischen Mönches Xuanzang, Strukturen und Topoi arabischer Reiseberichte und die Sinaibeschreibung des Metropoliten von Rhodos von 1577/92. Ein Forschungsbericht über Palästrina-Pilgerberichte der deutschen Literatur des Mittelalters und der frühen Neuzeit im allgemeinen fehlt genausowenig wie der über dasEvagatorium des Dominikanermönchs Felix Fabri im speziellen. Die Orientreise des Joos van Ghistele, Ludovico de VarthemasItinerar und die wundersamen Reisen des Portugiesen Mendes Pinto im Fernen Osten sind ebenso Themen dieses faszinierenden Tagungsbandes eines interdisziplinären Symposiums aus dem Jahre 1998 wie dieMuscowitische vnd Persische Reise von Olearius und Fleming, ein Kabinettstück des Hofjuweliers Dinglinger aus Gold, Edelsteinen und Perlen, die Weltumsegelung Bougainvilles, SternesSentimental Journey oder Stil und Beobachtung beim reisenden Alexander von Humboldt. Die Untersuchung der Poetik früher chinesischer Berichte von Reisen in den Westen und ein Ausblick in Form von Wünschen an den Reisebericht 2000 schließen den Band, der mit umfangreichem Namen- und Werktitelregister vesehen ist, ab. Die Beiträge dieses Buches verstehen sich als Beisteine zu einer Literaturgeschichte der Reiseberichte und Länderbeschreibungen.

Classica et Mediaevalia 55

Author : Ole Thomsen
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Classica et Mediaevalia is an international periodical, published annually, with articles written by Danish and international scholars. The articles are mainly written in English, but also in French and German. The periodical deals from a philological point of view on Classical Antiquity in general and topics such as history of law and philosophy and the medieval ecclesiastic history. It covers the period from the Greco-Roman Antiquity until the Late Middle Ages. Volume 55 contents include: The Date of Xenophon's PoroiSocratic Apologetics in Xenophon's Symposionberlegungen zur Argumentationsstruktur in Platons ProtagorasTrial by Riddle: The Testing of the Counsellor and the Contest of Kings in the Legend of Amasis and BiasHorace on Tradition and the Individul Talent: Ars Poetica 119-52L'Itinerarium Egeriae: un point de vue littaire INemo Mecenas, nemo modo Cesar. Die Idee der Literaturfrderung in der lateinischen Dichtung des hohen MittelaltersOn the Composition of Herbert Lo

Egeria Diary of a Pilgrimage

Author : Egeria
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Written in the first part of the fifth century, this work is a charming record of the observations of a Christian woman on a lengthy pilgrimage to the Holy Lands. Her firsthand account is a work of major significance for the fields of archaeology, church history, philology, and comparative liturgy.

mittellateinische studien

Author : Walter Berschin
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Classica Et Mediaevalia

Author : William Norvin
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List of members of the society in v. 1.


Author : Wagenvoort
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New Studies in Latin Linguistics

Author : Robert Coleman
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The 29 papers in this volume cover a wide variety of topics, ranging from the Glottalic Theory and Lachmann's Law to the hermeneutic analysis of text-structure in Tacitus' Germania. The volume focuses on three themes specifically: the morphology and semantics of lexical formation; the internal and external syntax of the noun phrase; and the pragmatics of textual cohesion. The papers are descriptive rather than historical in approach, and most of the contributors are Latinists by training. For this reason the volume will be of interest not only for philologists and general linguists but also for those working with the Latin language.

Arbeten utgifna med understhod af Vilhelm Ekmans universitetsfond Uppsala

Author :
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The Language of the Freedmen in Petronius Cena Trimalchionis

Author : B. Boyce
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The present study of the representation of the speech of the lower classes in Petronius' Satyrica contains a thorough review of scholarship on the subject, a detailed examination of phonological, morphological, lexical and syntactic features, and an exploration of how the different freedmen are characterized through their language.

The Visigoths in Gaul and Iberia Update

Author : Alberto Ferreiro
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This bibliography is a supplement to the three volumes previously published by Brill. This one covers material from 2007 to 2009. The chronology covers form the fourth to the eighth century. All of the Iberian Church Fathers are represented as in the previous ones. The book contains author and subject indexes and is cross-referenced throughout.

Women Writers of the Middle Ages

Author : Peter Dronke
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This book gives a detailed picture of the contributions made by women writers to Western literature from the third century to the thirteenth. Many of the texts Peter Dronke presents and interprets have hitherto remained unknown, or virtually inaccessible; some have never been edited or translated before. The emphasis throughout is on personal testimonies, and on texts that have notable literary or intellectual interest. Thus the book affords many new insights into medieval literature, not only into the writings of renowned women such as Hrotsvitha or Heloise, but also into those of a number of neglected writers who are exceptional in their gifts and individuality. Already highly influential, Women Writers of the Middle Ages continues to be essential reading for specialists and students alike in medieval literature, medieval intellectual history, and women's studies.

Martial Liber Spectaculorum

Author : Martial
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An edition of a collection of Latin epigrams by the poet Martial to celebrate games held in the Colosseum. An introduction sets the epigrams in their literary and social context. Each epigram is followed by an English translation and a detailed commentary discussing matters of linguistic, literary, and historical interest.

Early and Late Latin

Author : J. N. Adams
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This book addresses the question of whether there are continuities in Latin spanning the period from the early Republic through to the Romance languages. It is often maintained that various usages admitted by early comedy were rejected later by the literary language but continued in speech, to resurface centuries later in the written record (and in Romance). Are certain similarities between early and late Latin all that they seem, or might they be superficial, reflecting different phenomena at different periods? Most of the chapters, on numerous syntactic and other topics and using different methodologies, have a long chronological range. All attempt to identify patterns of change that might undermine any theory of submerged continuity. The patterns found are summarised in a concluding chapter. The volume addresses classicists with an interest in any of the different periods of Latin, and Romance linguists.

Introduction to Medieval Latin

Author : Karl Strecker
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From Latin to Modern French with Especial Consideration of Anglo Norman

Author : Mildred Katharine Pope
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VI 9 Ordinis sexti tomus nonus

Author : M.L. Poll-van de Lisdonk
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Part Five of the Amsterdam edition of the Latin text of Erasmus’ Annotations to the New Testament presents his notes on Paul’s letters to the Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and to the Thessalonians 1 & 2.

Essays on Linguistic Themes

Author : Yakov Malkiel
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Studies in the Transmission of Latin Texts

Author : S. P. Oakley
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This volume offers a comprehensive study of all the known manuscripts and incunables of two works: the history of Alexander the Great written by Quintus Curtius Rufus, probably in the first century AD, and the translation into Latin by Lucius Septimius of the spoof history of the Trojan War, allegedly written at the time of that war by a certain Dictys Cretensis. Drawing on in excess of 200 witnesses, the analysis reveals how the text of Curtius in all our extant manuscripts descends from one damaged copy that survived from the Roman Empire into the Middle Ages, and how the text of Dictys survived in two such copies. It demonstrates that clear and decisive results can be achieved by application of the so-called stemmatic method, and how the application of those results will lead to several improvements to our standard text of Dictys. As well as determining which manuscripts future editors should use in editing these texts and examining them in detail, it also offers equally full discussion of those which will not be needed, establishing many localizations and derivations. The result is a large body of material that will help deepen our knowledge of the transmission of classical Latin texts, especially in the Renaissance, as well as our knowledge of scribal practice and of techniques that can be deployed in the genealogical study of manuscripts and incunables.

Arbeten utgivna med underst d av Vilhelm Ekmans universitetsfond Uppsala

Author :
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Palladius the Lausiac History

Author : Palladius (Bishop of Aspuna)
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Palladius has written an important history of early monasticism in Egypt with these biographic sketches or notes on some sixty holy men and women he had met or heard of. The work, dating from 419 or 420, is dedicated to Lausus, the royal chamberlain at the court of Emperor Theodosius II.