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Journalism and the Philosophy of Truth

Author : Jesse Owen Hearns-Branaman
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This book bridges a gap between discussions about truth, human understanding, and epistemology in philosophical circles, and debates about objectivity, bias, and truth in journalism. It examines four major philosophical theories in easy to understand terms while maintaining a critical insight which is fundamental to the contemporary study of journalism. The book aims to move forward the discussion of truth in the news media by dissecting commonly used concepts such as bias, objectivity, balance, fairness, in a philosophically-grounded way, drawing on in depth interviews with journalists to explore how journalists talk about truth.

The Journalist in Plato s Cave

Author : Jay Newman
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A provocative study of the complex relations between philosophy and journalism. The discussion addresses such subjects as the essential nature of journalism, news value, the relation of journalism to education, the ideal of a free press, and practical strategies for press reform and the improvement of journalism.

Discovering Journalism

Author : Warren G. Bovée
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Journalism is the branch of mass communications that provides people with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about issues affecting their personal and public lives. Journalism not only provides news but also presents interpretation, evaluation, and persuasion. Any discussion about journalism requires a common understanding of basic terms and concepts. By defining what journalism is, this book provides the answers to many current questions and debates about the current state of the mass media: What is news? Is journalism concerned with more than news? What are the purposes of editorials? Is it good or bad to combine journalism and fiction? Is it possible to report the news objectively? How are public relations and advertising related to journalism? This book will appeal to all persons seeking a solid understanding and knowledge about the functions and responsibilities of journalism. Terms are specifically defined and related to the broad context of mass communications.

Media Ethics

Author : Matthew Kieran
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Concerns about the role and responsibilities of the media have become an increasingly important part of public debate. This te×t brings together philosophers, academics and media professionals to debate both ethics and morality.

Journalism Ethics at the Crossroads

Author : Roger Patching
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This book provides journalism students with an easy-to-read yet theoretically rich guide to the dialectics, contradictions, problems, and promises encapsulated in the term ‘journalism ethics’. Offering an overview of a series of crises that have shaken global journalism to its foundations in the last decade, including the coronavirus pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the 2020 US presidential election, the book explores the structural and ethical problems that shape the journalism industry today. The authors discuss the three principle existential crises that continue to plague the news industry: a failing business model, technological disruption, and growing public mistrust of journalism. Other topics covered include social media ethics, privacy concerns, chequebook journalism, as well as a new analysis of journalism theory that critiques the well-worn tropes of objectivity, the Fourth Estate, freedom of the press, and the marketplace of ideas to develop a sophisticated materialist reimagining of journalism ethics. This is a key text for students of journalism, mass communication, and media ethics, as well as for academics, researchers, and communications professionals interested in contemporary journalism ethics.

Ethical Issues in Journalism and the Media

Author : Andrew Belsey
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This book examines the ethical concepts which lie at the heart of journalism, including freedom, democracy, truth, objectivity, honesty and privacy. The common concern of the authors is to promote ethical conduct in the practice of journalism, as well as the quality of the information that readers and audience receive from the media.

Investigative Journalism

Author : Hugo de Burgh
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Investigative Journalismis a critical and reflective introduction to the traditions and practices of investigative journalism. It combines interviews with journalists, researchers, editors and television producers.

Teaching Media Ethics

Author : Sherry Baker
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Both new instructors teaching media ethics for the first time and mature faculty -- who recognize that media ethics instruction deserves more than being worked into the professional classes -- find most of their instructional techniques come from observing their own instructors or from hunches. The literature of media ethics appears to be long on principle and reasoning but short on how to transmit that body of wisdom to students already dazed by an assault on their right/wrong world. Accordingly, this special issue is aimed at providing some correction to the problem by presenting a few ideas to help instructors, whether they labor in the classroom or in the newsroom.

Journalistic Ethics

Author : Dale Jacquette
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Journalistic Ethics: Moral Responsibility in the Media examines the moral rights and responsibilities of journalists to provide what Dale Jacquette calls “truth telling in the public interest.” With 31 case studies from contemporary journalistic practice, the book demonstrates the immediate practical implications of ethics for working journalists as well as for those who read or watch the news. This case-study approach is paired with a theoretical grounding, and issues include freedom of the press, censorship and withholding sensitive information for the greater public good, protection of confidential sources, journalistic respect for privacy, objectivity, perspective and bias, and editorial license and its obligations. This is a book for anyone who now works in journalism, or is considering a career as a journalist. It is also important groundwork for everyone who follows the day's events in newspapers, radio, television, or on the internet.

Invention of Journalism Ethics

Author : Stephen J.A. Ward
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Does objectivity in the news media exist? In The Invention of Journalism Ethics Stephen Ward argues that, given the current emphasis on interpretation, analysis, and perspective, journalists and the public need a new theory of objectivity. He explores the varied ethical assertions of journalists over the past few centuries, focusing on the changing relationship between journalist and audience. This historical analysis leads to an innovative theory of pragmatic objectivity that enables journalists and the public to recognize and avoid biased and unbalanced reporting. Ward convincingly demonstrates that journalistic objectivity is not a set of absolute standards but the same fallible but reasonable objectivity used for making decisions in other professions and public institutions.