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Philosophy in Schools

Author : Sara Goering
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All of us ponder the big and enduring human questions--Who am I? Am I free? What should I do? What is good? Is there justice? Is life meaningful?--but this kind of philosophical interrogation is rarely carefully explored or even taken seriously in most primary and secondary school settings. However, introducing philosophy to young people well before they get to college can help to develop and deepen critical and creative thinking, foster social and behavioral skills, and increase philosophical awareness. Philosophy in Schools: An Introduction Philosophers and Teachers is an invaluable resource for students and practitioners who wish to learn about the philosophy for children movement, and how to work its principles into their own classroom activities. The volume provides a wealth of practical information, including how to train educators to incorporate philosophy into their daily lessons, best practices and activity ideas for every grade level, and assessment strategies. With contributions from some of the best practitioners of philosophy for children, Philosophy in Schools is a must-have resource for students of philosophy and education alike.

Philosophy in Schools

Author : Michael Hand
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A collection of original philosophical essays that together make a robust case for the teaching of philosophy in schools. >

Philosophy in Education

Author : Jana Mohr Lone
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Philosophy in Education: Questioning and Dialog in K-12 Classrooms is a textbook in the fields of pre-college philosophy and philosophy of education, intended for philosophers and philosophy students, K-12 classroom teachers, administrators and educators, policymakers, and pre-college practitioners of all kinds. The book offers a wealth of practical resources for use in elementary, middle school, and high school classrooms, as well as consideration of many of the broader educational, social, and political topics in the field, including the educational value of pre-college philosophy, the philosophies of education that inform this philosophical practice, and the relevance of pre-college philosophy for pressing issues in contemporary education (such as education reform, child development, and prejudice and privilege in classrooms). The book includes sections on: the expansion of philosophy beyond higher education to pre-college populations; the importance of wondering, questioning and reflection in K-12 education; the ways that philosophy is uniquely suited to help students cultivate critical reasoning and independent thinking capacities; how to develop classroom communities of philosophical inquiry and their potentially transformative impact on students; the cultivation of philosophical sensitivity and positive identity formation in childhood; strategies for recognizing and diminishing the impact of social inequalities in classrooms; and the relationship between introducing philosophy in schools and education reform.

Philosophy of Education in Action

Author : David W. Nicholson
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Philosophy of Education in Action is an innovative, inquiry-based introductory text that invites readers to study philosophy of education through the lens of their own observations and experiences. Structured according to a "Wonder Model of Inquiry," each chapter begins by posing a fundamental What if question about curriculum, pedagogy, and the role of the school before investigating the various philosophical perspectives that guide and influence educational practices. Classroom vignettes and examples of actual schools and educational programs help to ground philosophical perspectives in real-world scenarios, while the book’s unique inquiry-based approach leads students to both think critically about philosophical questions and apply the concepts to their own teaching. Features of the text include: What if questions that structure each chapter to pique students' curiosity, stimulate creativity, and promote critical thinking. Authentic classroom vignettes that encourage students to analyze what it means to "do" philosophy and to reflect upon their own practices, examine their role in the educational process, and articulate their own philosophical beliefs. A concluding section asking readers to imagine and design their own hypothetical school or classroom as a project-based means of analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating the different philosophies discussed. Accessible and thought-provoking, Philosophy of Education in Action provides a dynamic learning experience for readers to understand and apply philosophy in educational practice.

Philosophy and Education

Author : Roberta Israeloff
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Are children natural philosophers? They are curious about questions such as the meaning and purpose of being alive and whether we can know anything at all. Pre-college philosophy takes as a starting point young people’s inherent interest in large questions about the human condition. Philosophy and Education: Introducing Philosophy to Young People seeks to illuminate the ways in which philosophy can strengthen and deepen pre-college education. The book examines various issues involved in teaching philosophy to young people at different grade levels, including assessing what teachers need in order to teach philosophy and describing several models for introducing philosophy into schools. Ways to explore specific branches of philosophy – ethics, epistemology, metaphysics, aesthetics, and logic – through literature, thought experiments, and games and activities, as well as traditional philosophy texts, are described. The book’s final section considers student assessment and program evaluation, and analyzes the contributions pre-college philosophy can make to education in general. Teachers and educators – and parents – all want young people to grow up with the skills they need to pursue their own goals and become productive and successful adults. Thinking independently and reasoning clearly are central to these objectives. Philosophy helps students develop some of the analytic skills they need to engage in thoughtful decision-making throughout their lives, and the richness of the questions involved can help young people maintain their awareness of the world as marvelous and mysterious.

Social Reconstruction Learning

Author : Jennifer Bleazby
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This volume argues that educational problems have their basis in an ideology of binary opposites often referred to as dualism, which is deeply embedded in all aspects of Western society and philosophy, and that it is partly because mainstream schooling incorporates dualism that it is unable to facilitate the thinking skills, dispositions and understandings necessary for autonomy, democratic citizenship and leading a meaningful life. Drawing on the philosophy of John Dewey, feminist pragmatism, Matthew Lipman’s Philosophy for Children program, and the service learning movement, Bleazby proposes an approach to schooling termed "social reconstruction learning," in which students engage in philosophical inquiries with members of their community in order to reconstruct real social problems, arguing that this pedagogy can better facilitate independent thinking, imaginativeness, emotional intelligence, autonomy, and active citizenship.

Philosophy of Education

Author : M. L. Dhawan
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The book aims to familiarise readers with the most important perennial questions in philosophy of education. It explores the ideas and views of famous Indian and Western philosophers, theologians, and educationists with distinctive theories of education and methods of teaching. It is a very exhaustive and serious study on the subject.

Philosophy in Schools

Author : Felicity Haynes
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In 1972, Matthew Lipman founded the Institute of Advancement for Philosophy for Children (IAPC), producing a series of novels and teaching manuals promoting philosophical inquiry at all levels of schooling. The programme consisted of stories about children discussing traditional topics of ethics, values, logic, reality, perception, and politics, as they related to their own daily experiences. Philosophy for Children has been adapted beyond the IAPC texts, but the process remains one of an open community of inquiry in which teachers promote respect, conceptual clarity, critical judgement, and active listening without imposing their own ideas. Philosophy in Schools describes the successes and difficulties in implementing this community of inquiry model. The book covers topics including the formation of non-didactic courses in ethics, the difficulties of fitting a post-compulsory philosophy course into a standard curriculum framework, and the political assumptions of adopting this model in a low socio-economic school. The contributions also ask deeper questions about how a genuine community of inquiry model is incompatible with conventional models of schooling, with their positioning of the discipline of philosophy in the curriculum. This book was originally published as a special issue of Educational Philosophy and Theory.

The Philosophy of Mathematics Education Today

Author : Paul Ernest
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This book offers an up-to-date overview of the research on philosophy of mathematics education, one of the most important and relevant areas of theory. The contributions analyse, question, challenge, and critique the claims of mathematics education practice, policy, theory and research, offering ways forward for new and better solutions. The book poses basic questions, including: What are our aims of teaching and learning mathematics? What is mathematics anyway? How is mathematics related to society in the 21st century? How do students learn mathematics? What have we learnt about mathematics teaching? Applied philosophy can help to answer these and other fundamental questions, and only through an in-depth analysis can the practice of the teaching and learning of mathematics be improved. The book addresses important themes, such as critical mathematics education, the traditional role of mathematics in schools during the current unprecedented political, social, and environmental crises, and the way in which the teaching and learning of mathematics can better serve social justice and make the world a better place for the future.


Author : P. Sooriya
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Philosophies of Education

Author : A. S. Seetharamu
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The work consists of three parts. The first part is devoted to a discussion of the meanings of philosophy and education, and their mutual relations. Various issues in education are also discussed in the light of the traditional schools of philosophy that have influenced educational thought. The second part consists of a discussion of the normative and operational aspects of aims of education of contemporary interest such as national integration, international understanding, democracy and the relative importance of individual and social aims in education. There is also a discussion of the place and importance of the curriculum and its organisation, shortcomings of the present day curriculum and remedies to overcome them. The final part of the book covers the philosophical and derivative educational views of a few philosophers as well as educational views of a few philosophers as well as educational thinkers who have influenced Indian educational thought or practice or both.

The History and Philosophy of Art Education

Author : Stuart Macdonald
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An investigation of the development of Art and Design education in Italy, France, Britain, Germany, and the United States. This study traces the philosophies of teachers from the age of the guilds and the academies, setting them in the context of the general education theories of their times.

Philosophy of Education

Author : Joseph James Chambliss
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This first-of-its-kind Encyclopedia charts the influence of philosophic ideas that have had the greatest influence on education from ancient Greece to the present. It covers such classical thinkers as Plato, Augustine, Hypatia, Locke, and Rousseau, as well as such recent figures as Montessori, Heidegger, Du Bois, and Dewey. It illuminates time-honored ideas and concepts such as idealism, practical wisdom, scholasticism, tragedy, and truth, as well as such modern construct as critical theory, existentialism, phenomenology, Marxism, and post-colonialism. The Encyclopedia also examines contributions from politics, religion, poetry, rhetoric, the social sciences, and other fields. The coverage consists of 228 articles by 184 contributors, who survey the full spectrum of the philosophy of education. While the emphasis is on theory, many articles show how theory works in practice. For students and general readers, the Encyclopedia demonstrates the influence of philosophic points of view on the practice of education. For scholars and other researchers, it is a useful tool for exploring the relationship of the philosophy of education to philosophy, the philosophy of science, the social sciences, and the history of education. Classroom teachers and administrators in elementary and secondary schools will find helpful the Encyclopedia's discussions of the interplay between classroom practices and educational theory. Internal cross-references and a comprehensive index are included, and each article is followed by a bibliography.

Philosophy of Education

Author : Edward J. Power
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This book, as it covers the philosophies of education, probes the fundamental issues of education while establishing educational priorities.

The Philosophy Foundation Provocations

Author : David Birch
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This book is ideal for teachers, whether they are P4C trained or just experimenting with philosophy. It will help teachers to present ideas and stimulate discussions which both accommodate and engage adolescent appetites. Are human beings flawed? Is murder an act of insanity or just plain thoughtlessness? Do we need a soul? From the fall of Icarus to the rise of Caesar this practical book draws upon history, philosophy and literature to provoke students to think, question and wonder. Divided into chapters on The World, Self, Society and Others, this resource for secondary school is written to give teachers the means to listen rather than teach and to allow the ideas and thoughts of students to form the centre of the lesson. It raises questions on the nature of evil, belief in God, slavery, consumerism, utopia, the limits of freedom, and a whole lot more. With a clear introductory outline on its use both in and out of the classroom, Provocations also contains tips and advice to help guide teachers to span the curriculum. Applicable to History, Geography, RS, Science, Art, English and Citizenship it offers teachers of all subjects the opportunity to introduce a student-centred approach to their lessons. There is also an extensive bibliography for those who wish to explore the topics in greater depth. Provocations is a set of philosophy sessions designed for secondary school and predicated on the pedagogical methods of The Philosophy Foundation. These sessions are mature, challenging and provocative, using history, literature, myth and the world today as their basis. Each session contains particular pedagogical tips and advice and suggestions as to how they can be effectively delivered

The Philosophy of Ragged Schools

Author : Caroline Frances Cornwallis
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Education Philosophy and the Ethical Environment

Author : Graham Haydon
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How much can we reasonably expect from education? This book, written by a philosopher of education, casts new light on this question by seeing values education, not as a separate activity within schools, but as an aspect of education that both reflects the surrounding climate of values and can help to change it. Graham Haydon argues that all of us – whether as teachers, parents, students or citizens – share in a responsibility for the quality of that ethical environment. He argues that we must ensure that what happens in schools will: enable young people to appreciate the diversity of our ethical environment help them find their way through its complexities contribute to developing a climate of values that is desirable for all. This book shows that values education is too demanding to be left to parents and too important to be entrusted to government initiatives. For teachers engaged in values education, this book brings a fresh perspective to what they are doing, within a realistic view of their responsibilities. For students of education, it shows that practical issues can be illuminated by insights from philosophy.

A Primer for Philosophy and Education

Author : Samuel D. Rocha
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"Sam Rocha's primer reminds me of a French adage: la philo descends dans la rue-- philosophy comes to the street. Rocha's little book can be read and talked about, with profit, on the street, in the home, in the school, in the garden, anywhere the human heart beats and the human mind thinks." --David T. Hansen, Weinburg Professor in the History and Philosophy of Education, Teachers College Columbia University "Rocha gives us a compelling experience of first-hand philosophizing, in which the ordinary is shown in its powerful features, and the discipline of philosophy of education reclaims its necessity." --Cristina Cammarano, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Salisbury University "Rocha's illustrated primer is an eye-opening introduction to the philosophy of education. And, unlike too many illustrated texts, its pen and ink drawings are a thought provoking complement to this highly readable introduction." --David Mosley, Professor of Philosophy, Bellarmine University "An elegantly written invitation to students and the general reader to a frame of mind where one is ready to learn from and think about philosophy and education. Sam Rocha calls us all back, in heart-felt yet precise prose, to philosophy's ancient role of dialogue, wonder, and reflection. A joy to read and treasure." --AG Rud, Distinguished Professor, Washington State University "A charming and clearly written introduction to the philosophy of education, inspired by the writings of William James." --Graham Harman, Associate Provost for Research Administration and Professor of Philosophy, The American University in Cairo

Philosophy of Education in Historical Perspective

Author : Adrian M. Dupuis
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This book focuses on major educational philosophies impacting Western education and makes sense of past and current trends placed in historical context. This third edition is updated with the swift changes taking place in education and looks at postmodernism as it has continued to develop during the past fifty years.

The RoutledgeFalmer Reader in Philosophy of Education

Author : Wilfred Carr
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Format : PDF, ePub
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