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Information Assurance Security and Privacy Services

Author : H. Raghav Rao
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Focuses on Information Assurance, Security and Privacy Services. This book discusses Program Security, Data Security and Authentication, Internet Scourges, Web Security, Usable Security, Human-Centric Aspects, Security, Privacy and Access Control, Economic Aspects of Security, Threat Modeling, Intrusion and Response.

Impacts and Risk Assessment of Technology for Internet Security

Author : Charles A. Shoniregun
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Details the key impacts and risk assessment within the context of technology-enabled information (TEI). This volume is designed as a secondary text for graduate students, and also for a professional audience of researchers and practitioners in industry.

Mitigating Phishing Attacks

Author : Ebrima N. Ceesay
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Information Technology and Mobile Communication

Author : Vinu V Das
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the International Conference on Advances in Information Technology and Mobile Communication, AIM 2011, held at Nagpur, India, in April 2011. The 31 revised full papers presented together with 27 short papers and 34 poster papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 313 submissions. The papers cover all current issues in theory, practices, and applications of Information Technology, Computer and Mobile Communication Technology and related topics.

Advances in Network Security and Applications

Author : David C. Wyld
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This book constitutes the proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Network Security and Applications held in Chennai, India, in July 2011. The 63 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from numerous submissions. The papers address all technical and practical aspects of security and its applications for wired and wireless networks and are organized in topical sections on network security and applications, ad hoc, sensor and ubiquitous computing, as well as peer-to-peer networks and trust management.

Advances in Communications Computing Networks and Security Volume 8

Author : Paul Dowland
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This book is the eighth in a series presenting research papers arising from MSc/MRes research projects undertaken by students of the School of Computing and Mathematics at Plymouth University. The publications in this volume are based upon research projects that were undertaken during the 2009/10 academic year. A total of 30 papers are presented, covering many aspects of modern networking and communication technology, including security, mobility, coding schemes and quality measurement. The expanded topic coverage compared to earlier volumes in this series reflects the broadening of our range of MSc programmes. Specifically contributing programmes are: Communications Engineering and Signal Processing, Computer and Information Security, Computer Science, Network Systems Engineering, Robotics, and Web Applications Development.

Cybercrime An Encyclopedia of Digital Crime

Author : Nancy E. Marion
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This important reference work is an extensive, up-to-date resource for students wanting to immerse themselves in the world of cybercrime, or for those seeking further knowledge of specific attacks both domestically and internationally. Cybercrime is characterized by criminal acts that take place in the borderless digital realm. It takes on many forms, and its perpetrators and victims are varied. From financial theft, destruction of systems, fraud, corporate espionage, and ransoming of information to the more personal, such as stalking and web-cam spying as well as cyberterrorism, this work covers the full spectrum of crimes committed via cyberspace. This comprehensive encyclopedia covers the most noteworthy attacks while also focusing on the myriad issues that surround cybercrime. It includes entries on such topics as the different types of cyberattacks, cybercrime techniques, specific cybercriminals and cybercrime groups, and cybercrime investigations. While objective in its approach, this book does not shy away from covering such relevant, controversial topics as Julian Assange and Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. It also provides detailed information on all of the latest developments in this constantly evolving field. Includes an introductory overview essay that discusses all aspects of cybercrime—how it's defined, how it developed, and its massive expansion in recent years Offers a wide array of entries regarding cybercrime and the many ways it can be committed Explores the largest, most costly cyber attacks on a variety of victims, including corporations, governments, consumers, and individuals Provides up-to-date information on the ever-evolving field of cybercrime

A Machine Learning Approach to Phishing Detection and Defense

Author : Iraj Sadegh Amiri
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Phishing is one of the most widely-perpetrated forms of cyber attack, used to gather sensitive information such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers, and user logins and passwords, as well as other information entered via a web site. The authors of A Machine-Learning Approach to Phishing Detetion and Defense have conducted research to demonstrate how a machine learning algorithm can be used as an effective and efficient tool in detecting phishing websites and designating them as information security threats. This methodology can prove useful to a wide variety of businesses and organizations who are seeking solutions to this long-standing threat. A Machine-Learning Approach to Phishing Detetion and Defense also provides information security researchers with a starting point for leveraging the machine algorithm approach as a solution to other information security threats. Discover novel research into the uses of machine-learning principles and algorithms to detect and prevent phishing attacks Help your business or organization avoid costly damage from phishing sources Gain insight into machine-learning strategies for facing a variety of information security threats

Phishing and Countermeasures

Author : Markus Jakobsson
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Phishing and Counter-Measures discusses how and why phishing is a threat, and presents effective countermeasures. Showing you how phishing attacks have been mounting over the years, how to detect and prevent current as well as future attacks, this text focuses on corporations who supply the resources used by attackers. The authors subsequently deliberate on what action the government can take to respond to this situation and compare adequate versus inadequate countermeasures.

Phishing Exposed

Author : Lance James
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Phishing Exposed unveils the techniques phishers employ that enable them to successfully commit fraudulent acts against the global financial industry. Also highlights the motivation, psychology and legal aspects encircling this deceptive art of exploitation. The External Threat Assessment Team will outline innovative forensic techniques employed in order to unveil the identities of these organized individuals, and does not hesitate to remain candid about the legal complications that make prevention and apprehension so difficult today. This title provides an in-depth, high-tech view from both sides of the playing field, and is a real eye-opener for the average internet user, the advanced security engineer, on up through the senior executive management of a financial institution. This is the book to provide the intelligence necessary to stay one step ahead of the enemy, and to successfully employ a pro-active and confident strategy against the evolving attacks against e-commerce and its customers. * Unveils the techniques phishers employ that enable them to successfully commit fraudulent acts * Offers an in-depth, high-tech view from both sides of the playing field to this current epidemic * Stay one step ahead of the enemy with all the latest information