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Planet of the Bugs

Author : Scott Richard Shaw
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This “excellent guide to the history of our planet” offers a bugs-eye view of evolution, biodiversity, and todays ecological crises (The Guardian, UK). According to entomologist Scott Richard Shaw, dinosaurs never ruled the earth—and neither do humans. The true potentates of our planet are, and always have been, insects. Starting in the shallow oceans of ancient Earth and ending in the far reaches of outer space—where insect-like aliens may also reign—Planet of the Bugs spins a sweeping account of insects’ evolution from humble arthropod ancestors into the bugs we know today. Leaving no stone unturned, Shaw explores how evolutionary innovations such as small body size, wings, metamorphosis, and parasitic behavior have enabled insects to disperse widely, occupy increasingly narrow niches, and survive global catastrophes in their rise to dominance. Through bizarre and buggy tales—from caddisflies that construct portable houses to parasitic wasp larvae that develop in the blood of host insects—he demonstrates how changes in our planet’s geology, flora, and fauna contributed to insects’ success, and also how, in return, insects came to shape terrestrial ecosystems. And in his visits to hyperdiverse rain forests to highlight the current insect extinction crisis, Shaw reaffirms how crucial these tiny beings are to planetary health and human survival.

Planet of the Bugs

Author : Scott Richard Shaw
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Chronicles the evolution of insects and explains how evolutionary innovations have enabled them to disperse widely, occupy narrow niches, and survive global catastrophes.

Bugs Planet

Author : Al Imran
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welcome to the planet of bugs. Opening the beautiful and accessible pages of this book is like turning over a series of stones under which you'll find a fascinating array of the world's coolest creepy-crawlies. This Book has cute Insect drawings featuring for kids or Kindergarten students, 50 beautiful illustrated Insects designs to solve for hours of coloring fun fun.....! for boys, girls, and kids who love Insects ! Kids can enjoy using this book at home or at school


Author : Helaine Becker
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Meet some gigantic prehistoric critters! A bug the size of a small crocodile? Or as large as a basketball player? As scary as it seems, supersized, insect-like creatures such as these roamed Earth long before humans. This peek into prehistory introduces seven of these fascinating megabugs — the ancestors of modern-day insects, spiders, crabs and other arthropods — which lived from 480 million to 47 million years ago. It explores when, where and how they each lived, why they grew so big and what caused their eventual extinction. Kids will never look at bugs the same way again!

Animal Planet The Most Extreme Bugs

Author : Discovery Channel
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Bugs of the World

Author : Francesco Tomasinelli
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From moths and beetles to worms and spiders, this completely illustrated, fact-filled book features hundreds of creepy-crawlies from all over the world for kids to discover and explore. This gorgeously illustrated book reveals the hidden world of some of the most mind-boggling insects. Divided into categorical sections like herbivores and predators, Bugs of the World includes beetles, wasps, bees, ants, caterpillars, butterflies, dragonflies, spiders, flies, crickets and grasshoppers, centipedes and millipedes, and more. Each of the 250 insects featured is accompanied by beautiful illustrations and facts about the creature, including its common name and scientific name, its size, its continent of origin, and a brief description of its unique characteristics. Kids will also learn about the different life cycles of insects, why they are important to ecology and our world, the planet's most dangerous insects, how bugs camouflage themselves, and so much more.

Daily Planet in the Classroom Wildlife

Author :
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Run Time: 45 minutes.

Reading Planet Red Bugs Pink B Galaxy

Author : Sasha Morton
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Red bugs come in all shapes and sizes. They are on rocks, leaves and flower buds. Can you spot all of the red bugs? Red Bugs is part of the Galaxy range of books from Rising Stars Reading Planet. Galaxy provides captivating fiction and non-fiction for Pink A to White band. The rich collection of highly decodable books immerses children in a range of cross-curricular topics and genres. Reading Planet books have been carefully levelled to support children in becoming fluent and confident readers. Each book features useful notes and activities to support reading at home as well as comprehension questions to check understanding. Reading age: 4-5 years

Bugs Animal Planet Chapter Books 3

Author : Animal Planet
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Animal Planet introduces information-packed nonfiction chapter books that are just right for pleasure reading and schoolwork. Fly away on a fascinating journey to the world of Bugs!. Meet the fastest flyers and the long-distance travelers--from huge moths and colorful butterflys to busy bees and annoying fleas. Learn about massive locust swarms and hungry caterpillars. Bugs! is the perfect overview for developing readers ready to explore this popular animal subject on their own. Special features include full-color photography throughout, "Meet the Scientist" sidebars, and "In Your Newsfeed" articles about amazing new discoveries. Don't miss the other books in the Animal Planet Chapter Books series: Snakes!, Dinosaurs!, and Sharks!.

Reading Planet Bugs in Bed Pink B Rocket Phonics

Author : Jillian Powell
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Rocket Phonics reading books are fully decodable phonics books allowing children to practise their phonic skills in context, developing emerging reading skills. Dad and Tom are on a camping trip. Tom helps Dad set up the tent but when Dad tugs too hard, the tent top rips! That night, annoying little bugs get into the gap and buzz around. Can Tom fix the hole? Reading age: 4-5 years

Reading Planet Zack and the Bugs Red C Rocket Phonics

Author : Ruth Baker Leask
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Zack, Dad and Gran get a big fright when they find their kitchen full of scary bugs! There are slugs, ants and moths and Dad gets rather cross. But Zack has a clever plan to get rid of the bugs. Zack and the Bugs is part of the Rocket Phonics range from Rising Stars Reading Planet. Rocket Phonics builds a firm foundation in word reading through fresh and fully decodable phonics books for Pink A to Orange band.Reading Planet books have been carefully levelled to support children in becoming fluent and confident readers. Each book features useful notes and activities to support reading at home as well as comprehension questions to check understanding. Reading age: 4-5 years


Author : Rosie Dickins
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This text looks at the main groups of species of bugs, the most numerous and diverse animals on the planet. Readers can discover how bugs live, grow and reproduce, and see why we couldn't live without them. It is packed with bug facts and records, including the deadliest bugs on Earth.


Author : Daniella Martin
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An anthropologist and certified entomophagist describes her international travels and studies to make a case for why insects may be the key to solving the world's food problems, explaining how bugs have been a long-time part of indigenous diets and can be efficiently rendered a sustainable food source. 20,000 first printing.

Bugs for Breakfast

Author :
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Most North Americans would rather squish a bug than eat it. But roasted grubs are a favorite in Australia, the Batswana eat live termites, and stir-fried dragonflies are a delicacy in Indonesia. More than one-fourth of the world's population eats insects—a practice called entomophagy. Bugs for Breakfast helps middle-grade readers understand the role insects fill in feeding people around the world. Readers will be introduced to the insect specialties and traditions of various countries. They'll discover how nutritious bugs can be and why dining on insects is more environmentally friendly than eating traditional protein sources. Kids will see how making small changes in their own diets could help ensure no one goes hungry. It even includes 12 insect recipes! No doubt about it: teachers, librarians, and parents are hungry for books that entice young readers to be active participants in science.Bugs for Breakfast may not completely remove the yuck-factor from the notion of eating bugs, but it will open young readers' minds to what is happening in the world around them.

Reading Planet The Lost Bug Red B Comet Street Kids

Author : Adam Guillain
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Comet Street Kids reading books follow the adventures of Rav, Asha, Tess and Finn, four of the residents of Comet Street. There are 72 exciting stories in the series that children won't be able to put down. Finn's at school when he finds something unexpected on his book – a green bug! Miss Lock asks Finn and Rav to return the bug to its home, but will they be able to find the perfect place for it? Reading age: 4-5 years

The Planet of the Cleaning Bugs

Author : Tony Stefano
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It is the year 2630. Interplanetary travel has been mastered and advancements have been made in every field of human development. But mankind has been morally compromised in many ways; and planets, including Earth, are rampant with evil and crime. Earth's only hope lies in finding an innocent child who can journey to the mysterious Planet of the Cleaning Bugs for help. The Planet of the Cleaning Bugs is a fantastic adventure, with Jane and her interesting band of allies fighting as hard as they can to save Earth. At the same time, the story provides a meaningful reflection on how good can overcome evil, even when evil appears to be prevailing. About the Author Tony Stefano was born in Italy and, after being orphaned a few years after his birth, was taken to Greece. He was then adopted, and he moved to the United States while still a child. He found himself often expressing himself through stories from his past and sometimes even fictional stories. As he tried to write his thoughts down, he struggled due to his lack of education. Now that he has grown to become a writer, he hopes this book can help others, especially children, look at life in a positive and productive way.

Animal Planet

Author : Catherine Nichols
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Rebugging the Planet

Author : Vicki Hird
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Meet the intelligent insects, marvelous minibeasts, and inspirational invertebrates that help shape our planet--and discover how you can help them help us by rebugging your attitude today! Remember when there were bugs on your windshield? Ever wonder where they went? We need to act now if we are to help the insects survive. Robin Wall Kimmerer, David Attenborough, and Elizabeth Kolbert are but a few voices championing the rewilding of our world. Rebugging the Planet explains how we are headed toward "insectageddon" with a rate of insect extinction eight times faster than that of mammals or birds, and gives us crucial information to help all those essential creepy-crawlies flourish once more. Author Vicki Hird passionately demonstrates how insects and invertebrates are the cornerstone of our global ecosystem. They pollinate plants, feed birds, support and defend our food crops, and clean our water systems. They are also beautiful, inventive, and economically invaluable--bees, for example, contribute an estimated $235 to $577 billion to the US economy annually, according to Forbes. Rebugging the Planet shows us small changes we can make to have a big impact on our littlest allies: Learn how to rewild parks, schools, sidewalks, roadsides, and other green spaces. Leave your garden to grow a little wild and plant weedkiller-free, wildlife-friendly plants. Take your kids on a minibeast treasure hunt and learn how to build bug palaces. Make bug-friendly choices with your food and support good farming practices Begin to understand how reducing inequality and poverty will help nature and wildlife too--it's all connected. So do your part and start rebugging today! The bees, ants, earthworms, butterflies, beetles, grasshoppers, ladybugs, snails, and slugs will thank you--and our planet will thank you too.

Voyage to the Planet of the Giant Bugs

Author : Will Falconer
File Size : 53.4 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Jake Wilder, his sister Ashley, and three other "spacelings" evacuate their doomed space-station home and journey to Santaro, where formerly small, non-lethal insects and arachnids have grown to gigantic proportions. The planet is crawling with them. They're creepy. They're deadly. And they're hungry. Can five lost-in-space kids pull together and survive their Voyage to the Planet of the Giant Bugs?

Super Bug Encyclopedia

Author : DK
File Size : 53.36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Come face to face with the most incredible insects on Earth, where you'll experience the microscopic world of bugs in mind-blowing depth and detail. Super Bug Encyclopedia showcases a huge variety of these tiny creatures at close range, making them millions of times bigger than their true size to give you the complete picture. From ants to wasps and centipedes to spiders, experience amazing anatomy and athleticism and find out who comes out on top for strength and speed. You'll meet the hawkmoth with the longest tongue of any insect and discover the velvet worm that squirts sticky slime to snare prey. Stand clear as the African bombardier beetle blasts out a sizzling hot chemical attack and race alongside the glorious green tiger beetle that lives life in the fast lane. This stunning visual feast incorporates jaw-dropping photography, at-a-glance facts, amazing statistics, dashboard-style profiles, and expert information to give you an unprecedented insight into the complex life of creepy crawlies. Did you know bugs are the most successful creatures on our planet? Or that insects took flight 150 million years before the first bird? Find out all this and much, much more inside as you become the ultimate bug hunter.