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Planets in Aspect

Author : Robert Pelletier
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Every major aspect (conjunction, sextile, square, trine, opposition, inconjunct) is covered, 314 aspects in all, 300 words per aspect, thumb indexed for easy reference. Planets in Aspect, the first volume published in Para Research's Planets series, is undoubtedly the most thorough in-depth study of planetary aspects (including the inconjuncts) ever written. It's intelligent, yet easy to read. It's personal, yet objective. It's astrology that really works... and keeps on working for you.

Aspects Between Signs

Author : Sophia Mason
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Little has been written on the horoscopic influence of aspects between signs containing planets in aspect with one another. Well-known astrologer Sophia Mason changed that when she wrote this book that focuses on understanding the sign influence involved when interpreting planets in aspect. The central theme of this book is the motivational workings of aspects between signs in which the natal or progressed planets are positioned. This understanding adds another layer to chart interpretation. All major aspect between signs are delineated in this book and can be applied to the following: Aspects between signs in the natal chart. Aspects between signs from progressed planets to natal planets. Aspects between signs in the solar return chart. Aspects between signs in the diurnal chart. Aspects between signs from lunation (New, Full, and Quarter Moon) positions to natal and progressed planetary positions. Aspects between signs from solar and lunar eclipse positions to natal and progressed planetary positions. Transiting major planets and their sign position in aspect with natal and progressed planetary positions.

Delineation of Progressions

Author : Sophia Mason
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A complete guide to the progressed horoscope. Ample delineations of major & minor progressions between planets are included along with orbs, aspects, interceptions, sign & house positions of Sun, Moon, planets & North Node. Plus there are detailed instructions for mathematical techniques, converse progressions & a generous offering of sample horoscopes to illustrate the principles in action.

Minor Aspects Between Natal Planets

Author : Emma Belle Donath
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Minor aspects add a special flair to understanding any natal chart, and this book describes them all in detail. Vigintiles, semisextiles, noviles, semisquares, quintiles, and sesquiquadrates are all explained clearly and simply, making it easy to master this fascinating and little explored dimension of the cosmic craft. All the minor aspects between the Sun, Moon, planets, and asteroids are included, along with substantive delineation of planetary aspects and extensive keyword lists. Introductory matter features a special section on the astrological/planetary age cycles and their link to the various stages of life from birth to death. An appendix features a detailed, handy, and useful keyword list for major and minor aspects and their significance in approaching and departing aspect.

Astrological Aspects

Author : Jeanne Avery
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Aspects are the mathematical relationships between planets in an individual's astrological chart. They are key factors in the study of astrology, for it is the interpretation of the relationship of one planet to another that explains human behavior. If we think of each planet as representing a quality of energy or a voice within, then two planets relating to each other would describe a conversation; all ten considered together could be likened to a committee meeting. The relationships of all those planets to each other characterizes the effectiveness of that group meeting or the quality of dialogue going on within us. Some people have simple and harmonious inner dialogues, while other people have a riot going on inside. Astrological Aspects allows readers to make sense of the riot, and through examples of aspects in the charts of well-known people, shows us how different individuals manage, or mismanage, both conflicting and complementary energies-and by extension, how we can do the same.

Aspect Patterns

Author : Stephanie Jean Clement
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Patterns are everywhere, from beehives to DNA strands to the stars in the sky. What can we learn about the fascinating planetary patterns present at the time of our birth? Stephanie Jean Clement, Ph. D., explores the wondrous patterns-both common and seldom-discussed configurations-that give shape and depth to our astrological story. How the planets line up in a birth chart reveals an overall snapshot of one's personality, while specific aspect patterns offer details on how these traits unfold in character development and decisions concerning career, relationships, etc. Taking chart interpretation to a new level, readers will learn to identify these amazing cosmic patterns and uncover new insight into one''s unique attitudes.

Aspects in Astrology

Author : Sue Tompkins
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Illustrates how aspects can offer a profound depiction of an individual and his or her destiny. • Contains comprehensive sections full of interpretations for every planetary combination. • Concepts are explained through the use of actual birth charts and diagrams. • A core textbook at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London. Aspects are an essential piece of the astrological puzzle when it comes to interpreting and using the information that astrology can give us. It is not enough to know the placement of the planets on the horoscope. It is the relationships between the stars and planets that let us grasp the destiny of the individual. Aspects describe the drama of our lives--the complex configurations that influence what will happen to us over time. Sue Tompkins, a fellow of the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London, shows how to interpret aspects when doing daily astrological readings. She uses the lives of real people to plot the aspects and offers examples of every possible planetary combination. Detailing the influence of oppositions, trines and elemental trines, and cardinal, mutable, and fixed crosses, Tompkins shows how aspects provide the energy in the chart that transforms the horoscope into something symbolizing an alive and vital human being. With Aspects in Astrology, Tompkins provides both the novice and the experienced astrologer the evidence and concrete methods needed to grasp the vast knowledge offered to us by our horoscope.

Pluto Volume 1

Author : Jeffrey Wolf Green
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Jeff Wolf Green's writing embodies everything you would expect from Pluto; intense, powerful, riveting, transformative and penetrating . If you want to help yourself and assist other in conscious evolution, rather than simply waiting for it to happen, this book is the essential map for that journey!

Retrograde Planets

Author : Erin Sullivan
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The phenomenon of retrograde motion is based on our Earth-centered view of the solar system, but the movement and cycles of retrograde planets are based entirely on the apparent motion of the Sun through the zodiac. Erin Sullivan organizes and explains retrograde motion from a systems viewpoint -- the system of the Sun and planets -- and interprets retrograde planets natally, by progression, and in transit.

Planetary Aspects

Author : Tracy Marks
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A classic back in print, Planetary Aspects is one that every astrologer would choose on their shortlist for their own library and a great tool for all levels of astrological practice. This comprehensive work focuses on the most challenging dynamics of the birth chart. Originally published in 1987, it is recognized as a classic of modern astrology, and was the most highly rated book in the Astrology Book Club’s nationwide survey. The author presents powerful techniques for understanding and resolving the conflicts of planetary aspects, emphasizing the potential for growth and achievement involved in stressful aspects. The central theme of this book is the T-square configuration—a chart pattern that occurs periodically for everyone by transit, progression, or chart comparison. The T-square is a combination of planets, signs, and houses that suggests a pronounced strength or emphasis, as well as imbalance and deficiency. Planetary Aspects: An Astrological Guide to Managing Your T-Square is a discussion of the conflicts and harmonies of this important aspect, and a guide to understanding the crucial periods and challenges it presents.