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Planets in Aspect

Author : Robert Pelletier
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Explores aspectsand shows how we can integrate them into our lives. Every major aspect is covered.

Planets and their Aspects in Different Houses for Taurus Ascendant Volume 2 of 12

Author : Arshdeep Singh Veer
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This book ‘Planets and their Aspects in Different Houses for Taurus Ascendant’ is the 2nd Volume of ‘All Ascendants’ series. In the Vedic astrology every birth chart is recognized by its ascendant house. Therefore ascendant of a chart plays a very important role in the whole life of a native. To analysis a particular ascendant birth chart we all require detailed study about the effects of all the planets in different houses. Because In a particular ascendant, all planets placed in different houses have their own significance and they give different results accordingly. To get the conclude results of a chart we first have to know about each and every aspect of a particular planet's position in that chart. Therefore this book series will make you capable to read and analyze a particular ascendant chart as the Taurus Ascendant in this book. Because uniqueness of this book is that it will enhance the detailed study of each and every planet in all the twelve houses in a particular ascendant which will include all the good, bad, or neutral effects of planets, their different aspects, do’s and don’ts, remedies, gems stone recommendations etc. This book will also help the researchers and astrologers to know some more deep aspects of the different results of all the planets in the different houses. Particularly this edition is for the Taurus ascendant chart which will describe the effects and results of all the planets one by one in different houses of a Taurus ascendant. This book will also highlight the different aspects of all the planets in different houses of Taurus ascendant. With the help of this book, a Taurus ascendant native can be able to study his own birth chart very easily.

How to be a Great Astrologer

Author : James T. Braha
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This guide gives advice on becoming an astrologer, showing how astrology works. Starting with a poem by Babaji, it includes a chapter on planetary aspect theory, addressing issues such as research-oriented astrology and the house system controversy, and explaining the importance of the planets.

Medical Astrology for Beginners

Author : Arun Bansal
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The diseases are the result of our past karmas and indicated by weak and afflicted planets. This can be easily understood by an astrologer. Therefore every book on astrology has discussed the diseases and yogas for these diseases are scattered throughout the astrological literature. Some of these Yogas have been compiled in this book for the intelligent readers with the observations and experiences of author. Author has used the astrology for the purpose of diagnosis as other laboratory tests, MRI and CAT SCAN etc. It gave good results to understand whether the chronic diseases are curable or not. Moreover it has helped to understand the time period of onset of the disease which no other science can explain. Therefore astrology is science of sciences. One must be careful while predicting diseases because so many factors are involved in prediction. Only the yoga for disease is not sufficient. If the yoga is aspected by benefic planets, the results will be nullification of malefic influence. The disease depends on the strength of the disease producing planets. Even if a disease may be indicated from a house from lagna but from Moon and navamsha lagna the same house is strong and lord is fortified, the malefic influence may get cancelled. Therefore while judging one must consider the house, lord of house and karaka of the house, rashish where the lord of house is posited i.e. dispositor, and navamshesh, the lord of house in navamsha chart where the lord of the house is posited, and relationship in navamsha chart between lagna lord and lord of the house into consideration from lagna, Moon, navamsha lagna and nakshatra of the planet in which he is posited. One must take into consideration the nature and qualities of the planets causing the disease; functional benefic or malefic to the lagna house in which they are posited. The benefic planet will certainly cause less harm than the malefic planet. The relationship between the two planets also affects the disease producing capacity. The relationship is also natural and functional. The aspect and conjunction of the planets should also be taken into consideration. The retrograde malefic planet is more powerful in causing diseases than the normal malefic planet. The retrograde benefic planet does not protect the native. When a benefic planet is lord of maraka house and posited in that house, it becomes strong maraka planet. Keeping the above factors into consideration we can predict the timing of onset of diseases with the help of dasha system and Gochar. The most common dasha system employed is Vimshottari dasha system. Still we can divided the timing of diseases into: 1.Yogas present in the horoscope 2. Dasha/bhukti/Paratyantar dasha 3. Transit (Gochar) 4. Horary All these factors have been discussed in this book in detail.

Delineation of Progressions

Author : Sophia Mason
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A complete guide to the progressed horoscope. Ample delineations of major & minor progressions between planets are included along with orbs, aspects, interceptions, sign & house positions of Sun, Moon, planets & North Node. Plus there are detailed instructions for mathematical techniques, converse progressions & a generous offering of sample horoscopes to illustrate the principles in action.

Edgar Cayce s Secrets of Astrology

Author : Kirk Nelson
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Offers Edgar Cayce's unique perspective on astrology, and how to determine your soul's mission by the position of planets in your chart. Includes a look at Edgar Cayce's chart as an example of past-life and soul mission indicators; easy-to-understand explanations of each sign, planet, and aspect; and the astrological influences of dramatic historical events.

Astrology for Beginners

Author : Harry Eilenstein
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Astrology is the best known and the most precise oracle system. With its help one can create horoscopes describing the character of people, companies and events. However, astrology is not simply a matter of fateful and unintentional imprinting, but a recognition of how one is, based on the parable of the position of the planets at the time of birth. The horoscope describes a person as a play: the ascendant is the stage set; the planets are the actors; the zodiac signs are the roles of the actors; the astrological houses are the areas of life in which the actors appear; the ego is the director who is responsible for the level of the play - and if the director should ever get stuck, he can ask the scriptwriter, i.e. the soul, for the meaning of this play. This book contains all the information necessary for the interpretation of a horoscope - but everything in a rather short form, because this introduction for beginners should not get 1000 pages ...

Aspect Patterns

Author : Stephanie Jean Clement
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Astrology "Become a better astrologer! Using the methods in this book, you will learn to quickly identify and interpret natal chart aspect patterns for clients." - Stephanie Clement Identifying Aspect Patterns: Get the Big Picture in a Few Simple Steps Sometimes chart interpretation is so complex, you can''t see the forest for the trees. With "Aspect Patterns," you''ll actually begin by seeing the forest-the big picture. How the planets line up in a natal chart reveals an overall snapshot of one''s personality, while specific aspect patterns offer details on how these traits unfold in character development, and in decisions concerning relationships, career, and life path. This valuable guide for astrologers presents a simple and systematic approach to aspect pattern interpretation-an important, but often difficult, element of astrological consultation. The natal charts of Carl Jung, J. K. Rowling, Paula Abdul, Celine Dion, and other cultural icons provide colorful examples of how aspect patterns reveal the true "story" of any individual ''s natal chart. Using the tried-and-true techniques in "Aspect Patterns," you will: Learn to identify the aspect pattern in any natal chart, using the step-by-step instructions Become familiar with the character traits, desires, and needs associated with each pattern Find aspect patterns within picture patterns Discover new insights into the classic patterns introduced by Jones and Jansky Gain skill in integrating multiple chart factors into a consistent personalized story

Depth Astrology

Author : Gargatholil
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This is the introductory volume to Gargatholil's 4-volume work, Depth Astrology: An Astrological Handbook--the first comprehensive handbook for the interpretation of planetary positions (in signs, houses and aspect to each other) written from a depth astrology perspective. Here, Gargatholil explains the theory and philosophy behind depth astrology, a psycho-transformative approach to chart interpretation, and his treatment of the astrological symbol-set. For those new to astrology, or to the field of depth astrology as exemplified in the works of such pioneers as Dane Rudhyar, Liz Greene and Stephen Arroyo, Gargatholil provides a basic guide to the astrological symbol-set. Essential meanings are discussed for each of the planets, signs, houses, aspects, elements and modalities.Other volumes of this set are: Planets in Signs, Planets in Houses and Planets in Aspect. Depth Astrology has been reviewed in The Mountain Astrologer, Dec/Jan 2018 issue.

The Astrological Aspects

Author : Charles E. O. Carter
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1930. Carter was one of the outstanding British astrologers of the century. This is a treatise in some detail on the 36 possible combinations of the Sun, the Moon and the seven known planets. Each combination is treated under three heads: harmonious aspects, the conjunction, and inharmonious aspects. A number of examples is given of each combination.