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Plant Functional Diversity

Author : Eric Garnier
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"This book is based on 'Diversitae fonctionnelle des Plantes - Traits des Organismes, Structure des Communautaes, Propriaetaes des Ecosystaemes' authored by Eric Garnier and Marie-Laure Navas, and published in 2013 by De Boeck. It has been substantially enriched compared to the French version, and some chapters have been extensively revised and completed"--Page vii.

Quantifying Functional Biodiversity

Author : Laura Pla
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This book synthesizes current methods used to quantify functional diversity, providing step-by-step examples for defining functional groups and estimating functional indices. The authors show how to compare communities, and how to analyze changes of diversity along environmental gradients, using real-life examples throughout. One section of the book demonstrates the selection of traits, and the standardization and characterization of ecosystem data. Another section presents methods used to quantify functional diversity, shows how to relate functional diversity with environmental variables and how to connect these to ecosystem services. The concluding section introduces FDiversity, a free program developed by the authors. The reader is guided through every step from software installation and basic functions, to sample and database design, to graphical projection methods, employing case study data to illustrate key concepts.

The Role of Diversity in Savannas Modelling Plant Functional Diversity and Its Effects on Ecosystem Functioning

Author : Tong Guo
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The Role of Plant Functional Diversity in Central European Grassland Systems for Ecosystem Functioning

Author : Carsten Neßhöver
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Plant Functional Types

Author : Thomas M.. Smith
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This book describes approaches and methods for grouping species with similar characteristics into functional types in ways which maximise our potential to predict accurately the responses of real vegetation with real species diversity.

Plant Soil Interactions

Author : Michel-Pierre Faucon
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Plant–soil interactions play an important role in the functioning of ecosystems. This book presents recent research advances on the effects of soil factors on plant communities and the role of ecological complementarity and species diversity in soil properties and ecosystem services. It addresses cultivated, degraded and natural soils, in fields as well as in greenhouse experiments, at different latitudes. It may be found useful by researchers, students and practitioners.

The Role of Plant Functional Diversity in Central European Grassland Systems for Ecosystem Function

Author : Carsten Neßhöver
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Biodiversity Ecosystem Functioning and Human Wellbeing

Author : Shahid Naeem
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How will biodiversity loss affect ecosystem functioning, ecosystem services, and human well-being? In an age of accelerating biodiversity loss, this timely and critical volume summarizes recent advances in biodiversity-ecosystem functioning research and explores the economics of biodiversity and ecosystem services. The book starts by summarizing the development of the basic science and provides a meta-analysis that quantitatively tests several biodiversity and ecosystem functioning hypotheses. It then describes the natural science foundations of biodiversity and ecosystem functioning research including: quantifying functional diversity, the development of the field into a predictive science, the effects of stability and complexity, methods to quantify mechanisms by which diversity affects functioning, the importance of trophic structure, microbial ecology, and spatial dynamics. Finally, the book takes research on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning further than it has ever gone into the human dimension, describing the most pressing environmental challenges that face humanity and the effects of diversity on: climate change mitigation, restoration of degraded habitats, managed ecosystems, pollination, disease, and biological invasions. However, what makes this volume truly unique are the chapters that consider the economic perspective. These include a synthesis of the economics of ecosystem services and biodiversity, and the options open to policy-makers to address the failure of markets to account for the loss of ecosystem services; an examination of the challenges of valuing ecosystem services and, hence, to understanding the human consequences of decisions that neglect these services; and an examination of the ways in which economists are currently incorporating biodiversity and ecosystem functioning research into decision models for the conservation and management of biodiversity. A final section describes new advances in ecoinformatics that will help transform this field into a globally predictive science, and summarizes the advancements and future directions of the field. The ultimate conclusion is that biodiversity is an essential element of any strategy for sustainable development.

Functional Traits as Indicators of Past Environmental Changes

Author : Vincent Jassey
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Causes and Consequences of Functional Trait Diversity

Author : Will Cornwell
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