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Playing a Round with the Little Pro

Author : Eddie Merrins
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In the world of professional golf, everyone knows "the Little Pro" -- Eddie Merrins, the head professional at the Bel-Air Country Club. A living bridge between the Golden Age of the sport and the greatest champions of today, his experiences and friendships reach back to Bobby Jones, Sam Snead, and Ben Hogan, and all the way forward to Tiger Woods, Amy Alcott, and Vijay Singh. Both on and off the course, he's an embodiment of the highest principles of the game. In dozens of short, personal anecdotes told with his trademark wit and modesty, Merrins invites readers to share the decades he spent in the very good company of famous Hollywood stars, celebrated athletes and coaches, and countless lovers of the game seeking his advice and encouragement. In these pages, Merrins generously offers for the first time all his insights on the mental, physical, technical, and even spiritual aspects of the sport. Ranging from swing fundamentals to setting goals to shotmaking, this advice is relevant to players at every level of experience. Playing a Round with the Little Pro celebrates a wonderful life lived in and for the great sport of golf, and it is destined, like its author, to be a classic of the game.

Placekicking in the NFL

Author : Rick Gonsalves
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" NFL placekicking has quite a history, from the dropkick, to the placekick, to kicking barefoot, to soccer style kicking. Each style of kicking is analyzed through statistics to show its effectiveness for field goals and extra points. Also discussed is the use of artificial turf and the development of domed stadiums and their effects on placekicking accuracy"--

The New annual register or General repository of history politics and literature

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This Round s On Me

Author : Lorne Rubenstein
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Lorne Rubenstein is the preeminent figure in the world of Canadian golf journalism and a member of the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame. He has been reporting on golf for more than thirty years, and this is a collection of Rubenstein’s best and favourite pieces from 1993 to 2008, selected from thousands of newspaper, magazine, and Internet articles. In this book, readers will revel in the wide range of subjects, including course design; swing techniques (such as the stack and tilt); famous people, such as Moe Norman, Jack Nicklaus, Marlene Streit, Payne Stewart, and Ben Hogan; writers, such as Stephen Leacock; and reflections on the beauty and joy of the game. Two separate chapters are devoted to our most important golf heroes: the Canadian champion Mike Weir and the indomitable Tiger Woods. Within these pages, golf enthusiasts of every age and skill level will find something new to delight them. This is as much a celebration of the sport as it is a celebration of one of our most esteemed and beloved golf writers. From the Hardcover edition.

The Portable Poker Pro Winning Tips For Texas Hold em

Author : Sheree Bykofsky
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Make The Next Poker Hand You Play A Winning Hand! Want to stop leaving your chips on the table and start taking more winnings home? How about moving from your Wednesday night game to the big time? The Portable Poker Pro can boost any player's game--whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player! This easy guide to hold'em poker will teach you the strategies, techniques, and nuances that separate the studs from the duds so you can win, win, win! You'll learn: • Poker terms, betting talk, hand rankings, general rules, and poker etiquette • Strategies for calling, raising, getting heads-up with your opponent, and staying off the defensive • How losing hands--and losing bluffs--can set up a big win later • How to unravel your opponents' playing styles • And much more. . .

All the Year Round

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Harper s Round Table

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Final Cut Pro 5 Editing Essentials

Author : Tom Wolsky
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Digital editing gives editors far greater freedom than ever before to move scenes of information around and place them anywhere in a film's sequence. Apple's Final Cut Pro is the most widely used Mac-based digital editor, and is especially popular with independent filmmakers and graphic artists. Final Cut Pro 5 Editing Essentials enables readers to master the craft of digital editing on Apple's Final Cut Pro. This full-color editing workshop features eight tutorials that provide firsthand experience with the art and technique of editing. Covering the essentials - capturing material, organizing it, editing, adding transitions, basic titling and sound techniques, and outputting from the application - the tutorials are explained in jargon-free language by a seasoned teacher and digital editor. This book includes a companion DVD filled with graphic files for the tutorial projects to help users hone their editing craft.

The History and Antiquities of the Round Church at Little Maplestead Essex

Author : William Wallen
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How to Make Pro Baseball Scouts Notice You

Author : Al Goldis
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Al Goldis has spent more than forty years as a major league scout, having worked in the front offices of the Cincinnati Reds, Baltimore Orioles, Anaheim Angels, Chicago White Sox, Chicago Cubs, and New York Mets. In those forty years he has seen and signed some of the game?s greatest talents. As the Scouting Director of the Chicago White Sox in the late 1980s, Goldis spearheaded the amateur drafts that brought future All-Stars Frank Thomas, Robin Ventura, and Jack McDowell into the Sox organization. After so many years scouting young players, Goldis has a pretty good idea what to look for in a player beyond the commonly accepted standard of the?five tools? (hitting for average, hitting for power, a strong throwing arm, excellent defensive skills, and speed on the basepaths). And in How to Make Pro Scouts Notice You, he and former pro ballplayer John Wolff have set out to create a blueprint for young ballplayers with big league aspirations to follow. The purpose of the book is twofold: one, to give young ballplayers an inside look at what scouts are really looking for in their search for professional-caliber ballplayers; and two, to help them market and sell themselves so that those scouts will know they exist and see them put their best skills on display. How to Make Pro Scouts Notice You is written with the intent of helping young ballplayers keep their dreams of playing pro ball alive and flourishing.

7 Pre Game Habits of Pro Hockey Players

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A General Dictionary of Commerce Trade and Manufactures

Author : Thomas Mortimer
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Money Golf

Author : Michael K. Bohn
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You can't play Major League Baseball and bet on a game; just ask Pete Rose. Don't try running a betting ring in the NHL, either. Want the surest ticket out of NCAA sports? Betting's the way to do it. In stark contrast, however, the United States Golf Association officially sanctions betting among players during their games. And it's not just the pros who bet. Every man, out with his buddies, asks at the first tee, "Shall we make this interesting?" Yet there has never been a betting scandal in organized golf. Money Golf is the first book that tells the complete story of golf's unique association with wagering and how that relationship evolved. It features anecdotes from fifteenth-century Scots to Tiger Woods and all the smooth-swinging flatbellies, movie stars, athletes, politicians, women golfers, Joe Six-Packs, hustlers, and sharks in between. It also serves as a primer for novice golf bettors, providing explanations of Calcuttas (betting auctions), odds-making, on-course games, and the art and history of golf hustling. It even highlights movies and books that include golf wagers, showing that even writers understand the marriage of the two. Wagering on golf has been part of the game since it migrated to the United States in 1888. All of the early icons of American golf bet when they played-Francis Ouimet, Walter Hagen, and Gene Sarazen. Even Bobby Jones, the simon-pure amateur, wagered on his game. Sam Snead and Ben Hogan always had a little something on the side; so did Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, and Gary Player. Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson learned how to bet on golf when they were little kids. All the personalities, stories, and history of betting on birdies are included in Money Golf.

Secrets of Professional Poker

Author : Rolf Slotboom
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Slotboom draws together a number of innovative and revolutionary ideas including winning strategies for cash games, tournaments, and adjustments for on-line play; a successful "kamikaze" style for tournament play; and more.


Author : Bob Knight
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Bob Knight was a head coach in college basketball at twenty-four, coach of an unbeaten NCAA champion at thirty-five, coach of the last amateur team to win the Olympic men's basketball gold medal at forty-three, and out of a job at not quite sixty. His shock, disappointment and anger over Indiana University's manner of firing a twenty-nine-year employee comes through clearly in his account of his last turbulent year there. And it is his account. Few people in sports have had more books written about them. This is the first by Bob Knight - one of the most literate, candid, quoted and outspoken men in American public life telling in this first-person account of his full, rich life. Much of that life has been in basketball, most of it because of basketball, but it also has brought him forward as a coach who has proved academic responsibility and production of championship college athletic teams not only can co-exist but should. His excitement as things start anew for him at Texas Tech is matched here by his characteristic frankness and remarkable recollection of a life he clearly has enjoyed. You'll see why, as he tells story after story - some delightful, some hilarious, some poignant, none of them dull. Knight, as a sophomore front-line reserve on the Ohio State team that won the NCAA championship, became the first man to play on and coach a championship team when he led his 1975-76 Indiana team to a 32-0 season that was capped by an 86-68 victory over Michigan in the NCAA championship game at Philadelphia. His Indiana teams in 1980-81 and 1986-87 also won NCAA titles, making him one of just four coaches in history to win as many as three championships. Twenty-six years later, the 1975-76 Indiana team still stands as the last unbeaten team in major- college men's basketball. Knight's coaching career includes six seasons at Army, where his teams - during the years when the Vietnam War made recruiting for West Point difficult - won 102 games and lost 50. He is one of five coaches who have won seven hundred games, and the only coach whose teams have won championships in the NCAA tournament, the National Invitation Tournament, the Olympic Games and the Pan American Games. During all that he has been at the heart of more controversies while running a winning and squeaky-clean program than any coach of any sport any time or anywhere. His excitement as things start anew for him is matched here by his candor and remarkable recollection of a life he clearly has enjoyed. You'll see why, with story after story - some delightful, some hilarious, some poignant, none of them dull: the story of Bob Knight's life.

Logic Pro 8

Author : Stephen Bennett
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The hundreds of tips and tricks included in this guide describe how to perform standard studio techniques such as drum editing and replacement and parallel compression as well as tips to improve workflow.

Poker Talk How to Talk Poker Like a Pro

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In its 114th year, Billboard remains the world's premier weekly music publication and a diverse digital, events, brand, content and data licensing platform. Billboard publishes the most trusted charts and offers unrivaled reporting about the latest music, video, gaming, media, digital and mobile entertainment issues and trends.

Play by Play

Author : Ronald A. Smith
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Smith examines the troubled relationship between higher education and the broadcasting industry, the effects of TV revenue on college athletics (notably football), and the odds of achieving meaningful reform."--Jacket.

Play Soccer Like a Pro

Author : Christopher Forest
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"Provides instructional tips on how to improve one's soccer skills, including quotes and advice from professional coaches and athletes"--Provided by publisher.