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Plays by and about Women

Author : Victoria Sullivan
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Plays by Women

Author : Michelene Wandor
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Four British plays deal with a poet and her mother, a family's breakdown in communication, a woman who literally wrestles with her problems, and the interaction of a group of office workers

War Plays by Women

Author : Claire M. Tylee
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This anthology consists of ten plays from countries involved in the First World War. It explores the historical development of theatrical conventions and genres and the historical context of social and gender issues.

Women Centre Stage

Author : Winsome Pinnock
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How to Not Sink by Georgia Christou looks at duty, love and dependency across three generations of women. In Wilderness by April De Angelis, a patient and her psychiatrist head into the wilderness to find out how sane any of us really are. In Chloe Todd Fordham’s The Nightclub, three very different women at a gay nightclub in Orlando are caught up in a terrifying hate crime. Fucking Feminists by Rose Lewenstein is a fiercely funny investigation of what feminism means, and what it has become. Winsome Pinnock’s Tituba is a one-woman show about Tituba Indian, the enslaved woman who played a central role in the seventeenth-century Salem Witch Trials. In The Road to Huntsville by Stephanie Ridings, a writer researching women who fall in love with men on death row finds herself crossing the line. White Lead by Jessica Siân explores the expectations and responsibilities of being an artist and a woman. In What is the Custom of Your Grief? by Timberlake Wertenbaker, an English schoolgirl whose brother has been killed on active duty in Afghanistan is befriended online by an Afghan girl. -- Publisher website

Women s Acts

Author : Teresa Scott Soufas
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The plays are in Spanish. Los papeles están en el español.

The Women of Shakespeare s Plays

Author : Courtni Crump Wright
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This book analyzes, through easy-to-follow play synopses, the strengths and weaknesses of the female protagonists as they impact not only the plot of Shakespeare's plays but the male protagonist. Selected, condensed one-act versions of the plays are provided in order to enrich the discussion of the play, to stimulate in reading the play in its entirety, and to provide a springboard for group discussion of the play and the impact of the women. Contents: William Shakespeare: His Art, Life and Times; The Women of Shakespeare's Plays: An Overview; The Comedy of Errors; Hamlet, Prince of Denmark; The Merry Wives of Windsor; Julius Caesar; A Midsummer Night's Dream; Macbeth; Much Ado About Nothing; Othello the Moor of Venice; The Taming of the Shrew; Antony and Cleopatra; Twelfth Night or What You Will; Romeo and Juliet; The Two Gentlemen of Verona; Bibliography.

9 Plays by Black Women

Author : Margaret Buford Wilkerson
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Collection of nine plays written by African-American women including Lorraine Hansberry, Aishah Rahman, and Alice Childress.

Plays by American Women 1900 1930

Author : Judith E. Barlow
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Traces the contributions of women to the American theater and offers the texts of five plays that deal with a sick child, a murdered husband, and family life

Women in British Romantic Theatre

Author : Catherine Burroughs
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First published in 2000, this collection of essays focuses on women theatre artists in the romantic period.

Modern Drama by Women 1880s 1930s

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Women and Playwriting in Nineteenth Century Britain

Author : Tracy C. Davis
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This collection of essays recovers the names and careers of nineteenth-century women playwrights.

Kickass Plays for Women

Author : Jane Shepard
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Four remarkable short plays for women by award-winning playwright Jane Shepard. All successfully produced in New York, here are two-character pieces that give actresses the chance to shine, in funny, edgy, and sometimes darkly profound works. Plays include comedy and drama, on feminist themes, as well as issues of survivorship, loss, gender orientation, dating, and imagination.

Plays by Early American Women 1775 1850

Author : Amelia Howe Kritzer
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Highlights the achievements and significance of women playwrights in early American drama.

War Plays by Women

Author : Agnes Cardinal
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This anthology consists of ten plays from countries involved in the First World War, including plays from Germany and France never before available in translation. Representing a range of dramatic forms, from radio play to street-epic, from comic sketch to musical, this anthology includes plays from: Gertrude Stein, Muriel Box, Marion Wentworth Craig, Dorothy Hewett, Berta Lask, Marie Leneru, Wendy Lill, Alice Dunbar Nelson, and Christina Reid. Highly successful in their day, these plays demonstrate how women have attempted to use theatre to achieve social change. The collection explores the historical development of theatrical conventions and genres and the historical context of social and gender issues.

New Woman Plays

Author : Linda Fitzsimmons
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Between 1890 and 1914, the burgeoning feminist movement that culminated in the militancy of the suffragettes encouraged an increasing number of women to use theatre to explore women's experience. This book features some of these plays, including Elizabeth Robin's "Alan's Wife".

Popular Plays by Women in the Restoration and Eighteenth Century

Author : Tanya M. Caldwell
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This anthology offers a selection of popular dramatic works by female playwrights from Aphra Behn in the 1670s through Hannah Cowley in the later eighteenth century. These plays were successful as plays of their time, not just as plays by women, together providing evidence that women dramatists often managed better than their male counterparts to please diverse audiences, who were notoriously fickle as well as predisposed to oppose them. Accessible to both graduates and undergraduates, Popular Plays by Women shows how these playwrights captured audiences through wit, social awareness, and dramatic dexterity. As well as including the prologues and epilogues of the four plays presented, this anthology provides additional materials in which female playwrights discuss the prejudices and special difficulties they face.

Women in the Plays of George Bernard Shaw

Author : S. Jain
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The book presents a detailed study as well as a critical analysis of George Bernard Shaw and the women characters in his plays. These female characters are from Man and Superman, Major Barbara, Candida, Arms and the Man, Pygmalion, Mrs. Warren s Profession, Saint Joan, Misalliance, The Philanderer. The Study of Shavian Plays forms an integral part of the curriculum of various universities. Hence an attempt has been made to familiarize scholars and researchers of Shaw with some rare and valuable critical material.

Plays by French and Francophone Women

Author : Christiane P. Makward
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A rich collection of plays by French and francophone women writers in English translation

Feminist Theatre

Author :
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Contemporary Plays by Women of Color

Author : Kathy A. Perkins
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Contemporary Plays by Women of Color is a ground-breaking anthology of eighteen new and recent works by African American, Asian American, Latina American and Native American playwrights. This compelling collection includes works by award-winning and well-known playwrights such as Anna Deavere Smith, Cherrie Moraga, Pearl Cleage, Marga Gomez and Spiderwoman, as well as many exciting newcomers. Contemporary Plays by Women of Color is the first anthology to display such an abundance of talent from such a wide range of today's women playwrights. The plays tackle a variety of topics - from the playful to the painful - and represent numerous different approaches to playmaking. The volume also includes: * an invaluable appendix of published plays by women of color * biographical notes on each writer * the production history of each play Contemporary Plays by Women of Color is a unique resource for practitioners, students and lovers of theatre, and an inspiring addition to any bookshelf.