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Pluralism and Identity

Author : Platvoet
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The essays collected in this book discuss ritual behaviour, particularly of religious groups, in plural and pluralist societies and in ancient as well as modern times. The strategic use of rituals is highlighted. Several theoretical analyses and a broad range of historical and ethnographic descriptions are offered.

Cultural Pluralism Identity and Globalization

Author : Cândido Mendes
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Cultural Pluralism Identity Politics and the Law

Author : Austin Sarat
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How do moves to recognize ethnic and cultural identity affect the idea of equality before the law?

Pluralism Equality and Identity

Author : T. K. Oommen
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With reference to Europe and South Asia.

Us Them and Others

Author : Elke Winter
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How do countries come to view themselves as being ‘multicultural’? Us, Them, and Others presents a dynamic new model for understanding pluralism based on the triangular relationship between three groups — the national majority, historically recognized minorities, and diverse immigrant bodies. Elke Winter's research illustrates how compromise between unequal groups is rendered meaningful through confrontation with real or imagined outsiders. Us, Them, and Others sheds new light on the astonishing resilience of Canadian multiculturalism in the late 1990s, when multicultural policies in other countries had already come under heavy attack. Winter draws on analyses of English-language newspaper discourses and a sociological framework to connect discourses of pan-Canadian multicultural identity to representations of Quebecois nationalism, immigrant groups, First Nations, and the United States. Taking inspiration from the Canadian experience, Us, Them, and Others is an enticing examination of national identity and pluralist group formation in diverse societies.

One America Indivisible

Author : Sheldon Hackney
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Christian Identity Religious Pluralism

Author : Michael Barnes
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A National Conversation on American Pluralism and Identity

Author :
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Truth and Pluralism

Author : Cory D. Wright
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The editors and contributors to this volume challenge the very basic assumption that truth has a uniform nature ranging across the boundaries of human knowledge by putting forth the idea of alethic pluralism — that there is more than one way of being true. This volume presents new essays by some of the world's leading philosophers to explore this new view and its implications for the philosophy of language, epistemology, metaphysics, and logic.

Emancipating Cultural Pluralism

Author : Cris E. Toffolo
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Examines both the benign and harmful aspects of identity politics. Combining detailed case studies with discussions of deeper theoretical controversies, Emancipating Cultural Pluralism investigates both the benign and harmful aspects of identity politics. This provocative collection delves into some of the most difficult issues of cultural pluralism, such as what accounts for the immense power of identity politics, whether identity politics can be inherently good or evil, whether states are the right institutions to deal with ethnic conflict, the prevention of genocide, the value of devolving power to the local level, and more. The contributions are united by the conviction that more attention needs to be paid to the normative issues associated with various expressions of cultural pluralism, for the ethical implications of the phenomena are too profound to be ignored. Cris E. Toffolo is Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of St. Thomas.