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Poems Protest and a Dream

Author : Sister Juana Inés de la Cruz
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"This en face annotated edition of selected writings of the Mexican poet includes the Respuesta to the Bishop of Puebla (1691) and a broad selection of her poetry and dramatic texts: nine love sonnets; segments from Primero sueäno, Villancico VI to SaintCatherine, and Loa para el auto sacramental de el divino Narciso; and Leonor's speech from the play Los empeänos de una casa. Peden's 'Translator's Note' explains her translation strategy of 'moving backwards' towards the poet's place and time, which skillfully captures the full flavor of the baroque past. Stavans' extensive 'Introduction' and 'Suggestions for Further Reading' provide orientation to Sor Juana's masterpieces and their social and intellectual contexts. Highly recommended for classroom and general use"--Handbook of Latin American Studies, v. 58.

Poems Protest and a Dream

Author : Sister Juana Ines de la Cruz
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Beyond the Ivory Tower

Author : Brian James Baer
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This volume is divided into three sections. The first explores the pedagogical interventions that are focused on the performance of translation. The second part discusses approaches to translator training. The third part examines some of the pedagogical opportunities and challenges.

Sanctified Subversives

Author : Horacio Sierra
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As chaste women devoted to God, nuns are viewed as the purest of the pure. Yet, as females who reject courtship, sex, marriage, child bearing, and materialism, they have been the anathema of how society has proscribed, expected, and regulated women: sex object, wife, mother, and capitalist consumer. They are perceived as otherworldly beings, yet revered for their salt-of-the-earth demeanor. This book illustrates how both English and Spanish Renaissance-era authors latched onto the figure of the nun as a way to evaluate the social construction of womanhood. This analysis of the nun’s role in the popular imagination via literature explores how writers on both sides of the Catholic-Protestant divide employed the role of the nun to showcase the powerful potential these women possessed in acting out as sanctified subversives. The texts under consideration include William Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure, Margaret Cavendish’s The Convent of Pleasure, María de Zayas’s The Disenchantments of Love, Aphra Behn’s The History of the Nun, Catalina de Erauso’s The Lieutenant Nun, and Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz’s autobiographical and literary works. No other book addresses these issues through a concentrated study of these authors and their literary works, much less by offering an in-depth discussion of the literature and culture of seventeenth-century England, Spain, and Mexico.

Approaches to the Theory of Freedom in Sor Juana In s de la Cruz

Author : Virginia Aspe Armella
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Virginia Aspe’s erudite Approaches to the Theory of Freedom offers a new interpretation of “Primero Sueño”–probably the highest Spanish-written poem–, written by the nun Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz . Aspe considers the philosophical and theological influences regarding Sor Juana’s development of her concept and ideal of freedom. With vast erudition, Aspe helps advance the field of Sor Juana studies beyond what Paz was able to accomplish. She emphasises the influence of the Jesuit theology of the University of Coimbra. New perspectives and references available to the Spanish speaking world, such as the recent translation of several previously unknown Latin texts from Sor Juana’s Mexican contemporaries, provide insights that help Aspe take our understanding of the poem further and cast new lights on her idea of freedom, as well as her background and references. Approaches to the Theory of Freedom help us to become familiar with the way this magnificent poem becomes a defense of freedom. That is why this book means a significant contribution to our understanding of Sor Juana’s thought and the poetry of Sor Juana’s period.

The Routledge Research Companion to the Works of Sor Juana In s de la Cruz

Author : Emilie L. Bergmann
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Called by her contemporaries the "Tenth Muse," Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz (1648–1695) has continued to stir both popular and scholarly imaginations. While generations of Mexican schoolchildren have memorized her satirical verses, only since the 1970s has her writing received consistent scholarly attention., focused on complexities of female authorship in the political, religious, and intellectual context of colonial New Spain. This volume examines those areas of scholarship that illuminate her work, including her status as an iconic figure in Latin American and Baroque letters, popular culture in Mexico and the United States, and feminism. By addressing the multiple frameworks through which to read her work, this research guide serves as a useful resource for scholars and students of the Baroque in Europe and Latin America, colonial Novohispanic religious institutions, and women’s and gender studies. The chapters are distributed across four sections that deal broadly with different aspects of Sor Juana's life and work: institutional contexts (political, economic, religious, intellectual, and legal); reception history; literary genres; and directions for future research. Each section is designed to provide the reader with a clear understanding of the current state of the research on those topics and the academic debates within each field.

The Homebrewed Christianity Guide to Church History

Author : Bill Leonard
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Amid the ferment of dissent and the protests of heretics, the church developed most significantly. This guide introduces that history by looking at those periods. Ê A variety of questions have preoccupied Christian communities throughout history. Christians have attempted to determine who Jesus is and whether his life and teaching have global significance. TheyÕve battled over the nature of salvation and the sources of authority for Christian belief and practice. TheyÕve argued about the nature and purpose of the Christian church and how is it to be organized. TheyÕve drawn swords over the relationship between church and state. And theyÕve taken votes on who should be sainted and who should be expelled. Ê Focusing on sources of unity and division within the church throughout its history, and some of the most and least savory characters in the history, this guide provides an overview of Christian responses to those and other formative questions, all with the trademark Homebrewed Christianity wit and wisdom.

Figuring Modesty in Feminist Discourse Across the Americas 1633 1700

Author : Tamara Harvey
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Inventive in its approach and provocative in its analysis, this study offers fresh readings of the arguments and practices of four seventeenth-century Euro-American women: Anne Bradstreet, Anne Hutchinson, Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, and Marie de l'Incarnation. Tamara Harvey here compares functionalist treatments of the body by these women, offering a new way to think of corporeality as a device in literary and religious expressions of modesty by women. In doing so, Harvey explores the engagement of these women in ongoing religious, political, scientific and social debates that would have been understood by the authors' contemporaries in both Europe and America.

Sor Juana

Author : Gonzalez, Michelle A.
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Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, a seventeenth-century Mexican nun, is one of the most compelling figures of her age. A prolific writer, a learned scholar, and the first woman theologian of the Americas, she was also a defender of the dignity and rights of women in the midst of a fiercely patriarchal culture. In this study, Michelle Gonzalez examines Sor Juana’s contributions as a foremother of many currents of contemporary theology. In particular, in joining aesthetics with the quest for truth and justice, her work and witness suggest new avenues for Hispanic, feminist, and other liberation theologies.

Sor Juana In s de la Cruz CWS

Author : Juana Inés de la Cruz (sor)
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The interest in Mexican Hieronimite nun, Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz (1648-1695) is reaching extraordinary new levels. She has been the subject of plays, a feature film, scholarly conferences, books and articles. Nobel Laureate, poet Octavio Paz, has called her one of the great poets of the Spanish language and considers her Response to Sor Philotea de la Cruz to be the first intellectual autobiography in the Hispanic world. At her death in 1695, Sor Juana was an internationally-known poet, dramatist and religious writer. Today, she is still considered an exceptional lyric poet and one of the great writers of Spain's siglo de oro, its Golden Age of drama. Included here are: religious songs and devotional poetry; Sor Juana's sacramental drama and preface play, Divine Narcissus; two devotional works (first English translation), Devotional Exercises for the Feast of the Incarnation and Offerings for the Sorrows of Our Lady; a theological disputation, Critique of a Sermon/Athenagoric Letter and her autobiographical Response to Sor Philotea de la Cruz. Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz: Selected Religious Works in the Classics of Western Spirituality Series is essential reading for those interested in great literary figures, religious studies and women's history.

Women and Contemporary World Literature

Author : Deborah Fillerup Weagel
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Many women in cultures throughout the world exhibit resilience and power in the face of obstacles and vicissitudes. From colonial New Spain to postcolonial Africa and India, Women and Contemporary World Literature examines ways in which women in literature function within their specific culture and circumstances to confront the challenges they encounter. In spite of fragmentation in their lives - much like quiltmakers - they piece together the scraps of their existence to form an integrated and complete whole. With its focus on power, fragmentation, and metaphor, and a strong interdisciplinary approach, this book offers a unique perspective to scholars, teachers, and students of comparative literature, contemporary world literature, colonial and postcolonial literature, women's studies, interdisciplinary studies, and literature and cultural studies.

The Cambridge Companion to Latin American Poetry

Author : Stephen M. Hart
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The Cambridge Companion to Latin American Poetry provides historical context on the evolution of the Latin American poetic tradition from the sixteenth century to the present day. It is organized into three parts. Part I provides a comprehensive, chronological survey of Latin American poetry and includes separate chapters on Colonial poetry, Romanticism/modernism, the avant-garde, conversational poetry, and contemporary poetry. Part II contains six succinct essays on the major figures Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, Gabriela Mistral, César Vallejo, Pablo Neruda, Carlos Drummond de Andrade, and Octavio Paz. Part III analyses specific and distinctive trends within the poetic canon, including women's, LGBT, Quechua, Afro-Hispanic, Latino/a and New Media poetry. This Companion also contains a guide to further reading as well as an essay on the best English translations of Latin American poetry. It will be a key resource for students and instructors of Latin American literature and poetry.

Sor Juana s Second Dream

Author : Alicia Gaspar de Alba
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A fictionalized portrait of Juana Inés de la Cruz, the 17th century lesbian nun who became Mexico's first feminist poet. It traces her life from her illegitimate birth to trial by the Inquisition.

The Spaces of Latin American Literature

Author : Juan E. De Castro
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The Spaces of Latin American Literature: Tradition, Globalization, and Cultural Production examines how Latin American writers, artists, and intellectuals have negotiated their relationship with Western culture from the colony to the present. De Castro looks at writers and intellectual polemics that serve as markers of the region's cultural evolution. Among the writers and artists studied are Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, Rubén Darío, Jorge Luis Borges, Caetano Veloso, and Alberto Fuguet. This book proposes an analysis of the region's literature rooted in its specific cultural, political, and economic locations.

The Complete Poems

Author : Gaspara Stampa
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Gaspara Stampa (1523?-1554) is one of the finest female poets ever to write in Italian. Although she was lauded for her singing during her lifetime, her success and critical reputation as a poet emerged only after her verse was republished in the early eighteenth century. Her poetry runs the gamut of human emotion, ranging from ecstasy over a consummated love affair to despair at its end. While these tormented works and their multiple male addressees have led to speculation that Stampa may have been one of Venice’s famous courtesans, they can also be read as a rebuttal of typical assumptions about women’s roles. Championed by Rainer Maria Rilke, among others, she has more recently been celebrated by feminist scholars for her distinctive and original voice and her challenge to convention. The first complete translation of Stampa into English, this volume collects all of her passionate and lyrical verse. It is also the first modern critical edition of her poems, and in restoring the original sequence of the 1554 text, it allows readers the opportunity to encounter Stampa as she intended. Jane Tylus renders Stampa’s verse in precise and graceful English translations, allowing a new generation of students and scholars of poetry, Renaissance literature, and music history to rediscover this incipiently modern Italian poet.

The Cambridge History of American Poetry

Author : Alfred Bendixen
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The Cambridge History of American Poetry offers a comprehensive exploration of the development of American poetic traditions from their beginnings until the end of the twentieth century. Bringing together the insights of fifty distinguished scholars, this literary history emphasizes the complex roles that poetry has played in American cultural and intellectual life, detailing the variety of ways in which both public and private forms of poetry have met the needs of different communities at different times. The Cambridge History of American Poetry recognizes the existence of multiple traditions and a dramatically fluid canon, providing current perspectives on both major authors and a number of representative figures whose work embodies the diversity of America's democratic traditions.

The Spanish Golden Age Sonnet

Author :
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The sonnets written during the Spanish Golden Age of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries are among the finest poems written in the Spanish language. This book presents over one hundred of the best and most representative sonnets of that period, together with translations into English sonnets and detailed critical commentaries. Garcilaso de la Vega, Góngora and Quevedo receive particular attention, but other poets such as Aldana, Lope de Vega and Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz are also well represented. A substantial introduction provides accounts of the sonnet genre, of the historical and literary background, and of the problems faced by the translator of sonnets. The aim of this volume is to provide semantically accurate translations that bring the original sonnets to life in modern English as true sonnets: not just aids to the comprehension of the originals but also lively and enjoyable poems in their own right.

American Poets and Poetry From the Colonial Era to the Present 2 volumes

Author : Jeffrey Gray
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The ethnically diverse scope, broad chronological coverage, and mix of biographical, critical, historical, political, and cultural entries make this the most useful and exciting poetry reference of its kind for students today. • Covers American poetry from the Colonial era to the present in roughly 300 alphabetically arranged entries • Features key contemporary poets, including those appearing in current journals • Brings together approximately 80 contributors who are among the most widely known scholars in the field • Supports Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Social Studies by helping students gain a greater understanding of language


Author : Jeffrey Neilson
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Rhetorical Agendas

Author : Patricia Bizzell
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This edited collection offers a broad consideration of contemporary rhetorical scholarship, tied to political, ethical, and spiritual themes. Originating from the 2004 conference of the Rhetoric Society of America, the contents of this volume reflects the conference themes of rhetorical agendas in current theory and research. The volume starts off with transcripts of the talks presented by the conference's featured speakers. The essays that follow are organized around five key topics: history, theory, pedagogy, publics, and gender. These chapters address subjects ranging from religious identity to civil rights; from weapons of mass destruction to literacy testing and electronic texts, reflecting the wide array of areas under study across the rhetoric discipline. With contributions from well-known scholars as well as newcomers, the breadth and diversity of this collection make a significant contribution to rhetorical scholarship, and will stimulate additional work. As such, the volume will be of interest to scholars and students in rhetoric studies in speech communication, English, and related disciplines.