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Pole Dancing to Gospel Hymns

Author : Andrea Gibson
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Andrea Gibson's dynamic and energetic first book, Pole Dancing to Gospel Hymns, challenges us to not only read, but to react. Hauntingly vivid, the poems march through a soldier's lingering psychological wounds, tackle the curious questions of school children on the meaning of "hate", and tangle with a lover's witty and vibrant description of longing. Gibson's poems deconstruct the current political climate through stunning imagery and careful crafting. With the same velocity, the poignant and vacillating love poems sweep the air out of the room. It's word-induced hypoxia. Pole Dancing to Gospel Hymns whispers with a bold and unforgettable internal voice rich with the kind of questioning that inspires action.

Sarah Coakley and the Future of Systematic Theology

Author : Janice McRandal
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Sarah Coakley is one of the most exciting and creative figures in contemporary theology. Her far-reaching systematic vision of the Christian faith has integrated insights from systematic theology, gender studies, sociology, patristics, analytic philosophy of religion, and evolutionary biology. This integrated vision coheres around the mystical and contemplative core of Christian experience. In her challenging revisionary work on themes such as gender, sacrifice, desire, and the doctrine of the Trinity, Coakley reconnects theological reflection with its contemplative roots and pushes toward a new approach to systematic theological reflection. In Sarah Coakley and the Future of Systematic Theology, scholars explore Coakley’s multifaceted contribution to contemporary theology and consider the ways through which her work sets a new standard for systematic reflection on the Christian faith. This volume brings together, around Coakley’s work, a gathering of established and emerging scholars and asks critical questions of Coakley’s work as we await three further volumes of her systematic theology.

Madness Vase

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Andrea Gibson's second book of poems, The Madness Vase, offers a breathtaking continuation of the poet's most tender and honest work. Their fist book, Pole Dancing to Gospel Hymns, opened the door to Gibson's unapologetic voice, yet The Madness Vase manages to take an even more intimate look at the subjects of family, war, spirituality, gender, grief and hope. The poem's topics range from hate crimes to playgrounds, from international conflict to hometowns, from falling in love to the desperation of loneliness. Gibson's work seizes us by the collar and hauls us inside some of her darkest moments, then releases out the other side. Moments later, we find ourselves inhaling words that fill us with light. Their luminous imagery is a buoy that allows us to resurface from their world clutching new possibilities of our own. Throughout their career, Gibson's poems have always been a call to social justice, but this collection goes beyond awareness. Their images linger in our psyches and entreat us to action. They challenge us to grow into our own skin. The journey may be raw at times but we are continuously left inspired, held, and certain we are not alone. By the time you finish reading The Madness Vase, you too will believe, "Folks like us/ We've got shoulder blades that rust in the rain/But they are still G-sharp/Whenever our spinal chords are tuned to the key of redemption/So go ahead world/Pick us/To make things better."

A Choir of Honest Killers

Author : Buddy Wakefield
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A Choir of Honest Killers, Buddy Wakefield's first new book of prose and poetry in eight years, is an episodic novel exploring his creative climb out of the gritty underbelly of anger and shame, into the dissolution of tragedy addiction and the unmistakable clearing ahead. Having toured the world performing poetry for the last eighteen years, navigating the blunt loneliness of life on the road and a rotating cast of unlikely antagonists, Buddy keenly unpacks topics like the intense overcompensation of his masculinity, growing up terribly queer in the south, the detriments of public shame, a toxic fear of intimacy and the devastation of a failed major relationship. Wakefield revs up for his relay race to the light with refreshing humor and insight by finding meditation as the love of his life, accepting bliss and learning to let go. While the poetry in A Choir of Honest Killers undeniably throws plenty of insightful punches, it's the through-story about moving from devastation to frequent serendipity that gives the book pace. But it's worth noting, as Wakefield writes, “Perfect probably isn't what you think it is.” Wakefield is ultimately catapulted through collective misery, landing in a sustainably joyful life governed by awareness, equanimity and a constant thorough understanding of impermanence. A Choir of Honest Killers is the result of a lifetime of intense work, fervent seeking and largely takes aim at an exodus from tragedy addiction, into the transmutation of his self-admitted density.

In the Pockets of Small Gods

Author : Anis Mojgani
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A beautiful exploration of grief by one of the top selling poets in America. Anis Mojgani's In the Pockets of Small Gods explores what we do with grief, long after the initial sadness has faded from our daily lives: how we learn to carry it without holding it, how our joy and our pain touch, and at times need one another. His latest collection of poetry touches on many kinds of sorrow, from the suicide of a best friend to a broken marriage to the current political climate. Mojgani swings between the surreal imagery and direct vulnerability he is known for, all while giving the poems a direct frankness, softening whatever the weight may be. A book of leaves and petals as opposed to a book of stones, In the Pockets of Small Gods encapsulates the human experience in a way that is both deeply personal and astoundingly universal.

Hello It Doesn t Matter

Author : Derrick C. Brown
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Brown is our modern-day Neruda, hailed as the king of the fast gut punch and champion of the unforgettable line. Here is a brilliant imagination working at its highest level of creative force and naked, cinematic intimacy. Winner of the 2013 Texas Book of The Year for Poetry and owner of Write Bloody Publishing, Derrick C. Brown, author of UH-OH (“...a rekindling of faith in the weird, hilarious, shocking, beautiful power of words.” Joel Lovell, The New York Times) and Born in The Year of the Butterfly Knife, elevates his newest collection of writing in Hello. It Doesn’t Matter. with short burst of dazzling light, dark humor and longer bouts of sorrow and rise. This road-traveling bard fearlessly delivers on laughter and unashamed romance.


Author : Rob Sturma
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MultiVerse does for superheroes what Rob Sturma's first anthology Aim For The Head did for zombies: It tackles what could be dismissed as a genre novelty and through the words of page and stage poets, finds the heart, pathos, and humor involved in the otherworld of those with superhuman abilities. Welcome to an examination of the many facets of what it means to be a hero.

Rise Up

Author : Linda Katz, MSW
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This is an account of an ethnically and racially diverse classroom of funny, endearing, and often poignant six-year-olds in a Seattle inner-city elementary school. The author, their volunteer literary coach, describes the classroom, their heroic teacher, a number of clever teaching modules, and the evolution of this school toward excellence. The children’s confidences, essays, and poetry sparkle with humor, and the unexpected viewpoints of childhood. Eight captivating students are profiled and featured for us in line drawing illustrations. In the final chapters some startling school district data is introduced as well as three common-sense recommendations to give all kids a fair chance in school. Having learned so much about the realities of public elementary education in her five years in the classroom, the author wanted to share the good news of what is possible with others who might otherwise view this as a grim subject.

A Constellation of Half Lives

Author : Seema Reza
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A Constellation of Half-Lives is a collection of poems that attempt to reconcile the crisis of living on a collapsing planet with the unreasonable joy of loving and the pleasure of being alive. With careful precision and an exquisite eye for detail, poet Seema Reza examines what it means to be a mother, a daughter, and an American in a time of war. Through second-person poems she questions whether the beauty of this world outweighs its fragility and risk.

The Incredible Sestina Anthology

Author : Daniel Nester
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More than 800 years after its invention in medieval France, the sestina survives and thrives in English. A fixed 39-line poetic form with of six stanzas of six lines each, followed by a three- line stanza known as an envoi, tornada, or tercet, the sestina is the one form of poetry that poets from all camps agree can exist in a free verse world. Formalists and avant-gardes love sestinas for their ornate, maddeningly complicated rules of word repetition. For The Incredible Sestinas Anthology, editor Daniel Nester has gathered more than 100 writers—from John Ashbery to David Lehman to Matt Madden and Patricia Smith—to show the sestina in its many incarnations: prose and comic sestinas, collaborative and double sestinas, from masters of the form to brilliant one-off attempts, all to show its evolution and the possibilities of this dynamic form.