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Police Provocation Politics

Author : Deniz Yonucu
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"Situating Turkish counterinsurgent policing within a global context of Cold War counterinsurgencies that inform current security practices and combining archival work and oral history with ethnographic research in Istanbul's dissident working-class neighborhoods, the book sheds light on counterinsurgency's provocative, affect generating, divisive techniques and urban dimensions"--

Patterns of Provocation

Author : Lecturer in History Richard Bessel
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Seven studies that emerged from discussions and seminars at the European Centre for the Study of Policing at the Open University. Social scientists and other scholars--most from Britain, but also elsewhere in Europe and the US--probe in depth a number of incidents of public disorder, focusing on the role of the police. They identify general patterns of police provocation and public responses, and suggest general hypotheses. The cases range across Europe and the US and the interwar and postwar years, though the recent protests against global organizations are not among them. Annotation copyrighted by Book News Inc., Portland, OR

Cops and Rebels

Author : Paul Chevigny
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Routledge Library Editions Political Protest

Author : Various Authors
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This 26-volume set is a wide-ranging, time- and subject-spanning examination of the phenomenon of political protest. What drives people to take to the streets, and how do their governments respond? These questions and many more are analysed in areas as varied as sixteenth-century German peasant uprisings, revolutionary Russians at the Paris Commune, women protesting nuclear weapons at Greenham Common, and the role Christianity played in protests across the ages. An impressive reference resource, this set also looks at the policing of protests and official responses to them.

Police Criminal Justice and the Community

Author : Alan Edward Bent
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This book focuses on the relations of the community not only with the police but also with the other components of the criminal justice system and advances a theoretical and practical justification for police-community relations. The book was written as a primary textbook for college students in courses on police-community relations. In addition to its focus on the entire criminal justice system and its sustained justification of police community relations on the basis of the political principles of majority rule and minority rights, this book also emphasizes the need for political and social realism. It stresses that police-community relations are in fact two-way communication, and that even when the police (and courts and corrections as well) fully appreciate the need for improved relations with the community, all of their insights and efforts may well be for naught if there is not a reciprocal and equal response and commitment to police-community relations on the part of the community.

Political Repression in 19th Century Europe

Author : Robert Justin Goldstein
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Originally published in 1983. The nineteenth century was a time of great economic, social and political change. As Europe modernized, previously ignorant and apathetic elements in the population began to demand political freedoms. There was pressure also for a freer press, for the rights of assembly and association. The apprehension of the existing elites manifested itself in an intensification of often brutal form of political repression. The first part of this book summarizes on a pan-European basis, the major techniques of repression such as the denial of popular franchise and press censorship. This is followed by a chronological survey of these techniques from 1815 – 1914 in each European country. The book analyzes the long and short-term importance of these events for European historical development in the 19th and 20th centuries.

The Policing of Politics in the Twentieth Century

Author : Assistant Professor of History Mark Mazower
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The role of the police has, from its beginnings, been ambiguous, even janus-faced. This volume focuses on one of its controversial aspects by showing how the police have been utilized in the past by regimes in Europe, the USA and the British Empire to check political dissent and social unrest. Ideologies such as anti-Communism emerge as significant influences in both democracies and dictatorships. And by shedding new light on policing continuities in twentieth-century Germany and Italy, as well as Interpol, this volume questions the compatibility of democratic government and political policing.

Press Review

Author : United States. Army. American Expeditionary Forces. General Staff, G-2
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Dynamics of Political Violence

Author : Dr Chares Demetriou
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Dynamics of Political Violence examines how violence emerges and develops from episodes of contentious politics. By considering a wide range of empirical cases, such as anarchist movements, ethno-nationalist and left-wing militancy in Europe, contemporary Islamist violence, and insurgencies in South Africa and Latin America, this pathbreaking volume of research identifies the forces that shape radicalization and violent escalation. It also contributes to the process-and-mechanism-based models of contentious politics that have been developing over the past decade in both sociology and political science. Chapters of original research emphasize how the processes of radicalization and violence are open-ended, interactive, and context dependent. They offer detailed empirical accounts as well as comprehensive and systematic analyses of the dynamics leading to violent episodes. Specifically, the chapters converge around four dynamic processes that are shown to be especially germane to radicalization and violence: dynamics of movement-state interaction; dynamics of intra-movement competition; dynamics of meaning formation and transformation; and dynamics of diffusion.

Lethal Provocation

Author : Joshua Cole
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Part murder mystery, part social history of political violence, Lethal Provocation is a forensic examination of the deadliest peacetime episode of anti-Jewish violence in modern French history. Joshua Cole reconstructs the 1934 riots in Constantine, Algeria, in which tensions between Muslims and Jews were aggravated by right-wing extremists, resulting in the deaths of twenty-eight people. Animating the unrest was Mohamed El Maadi, a soldier in the French army. Later a member of a notorious French nationalist group that threatened insurrection in the late 1930s, El Maadi became an enthusiastic supporter of France's Vichy regime in World War II, and finished his career in the German SS. Cole cracks the "cold case" of El Maadi's participation in the events, revealing both his presence at the scene and his motives in provoking violence at a moment when the French government was debating the rights of Muslims in Algeria. Local police and authorities came to know about the role of provocation in the unrest and killings and purposely hid the truth during the investigation that followed. Cole's sensitive history brings into high relief the cruelty of social relations in the decades before the war for Algerian independence.