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Political Theory

Author : Pete Woodcock
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Is democracy the best form of government? What does it mean to be ‘free’? Why should we obey the government? In this highly accessible and engaging new introductory textbook, Pete Woodcock examines all these questions and more in a compact outline of the basics of political theory. He takes students step-by-step through the most important answers given by history’s most famous thinkers to the most fundamental questions in politics, covering topics ranging from liberty and justice to gender and revolution. This new 101 guide to the basics of political theory contains all the essentials for students starting out in political theory, while never being dull. It contains a range of features, including textboxes, study questions and activities, to help students learn effectively. It will be core reading for anyone doing an introductory course in political theory.

Swiss Politics for Complete Beginners 2nd edition

Author : Pierre Cormon
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If you need to learn quickly and efficiently about Switzerland, this essay is made for you Do you want to understand why the Swiss seem to spend their time voting on every imaginable issue? Why the housing shortage is so acute? Why Switzerland may be the only democratic country that has no majority and opposition? Why shops close so early? And you don’t want it explained in a scholarly way, as you are more interested in the spirit than in the letter? This is your book. A straight-to-the-point essay that will provide you with key elements to understand this small but complex country that is Switzerland ABOUT THE AUTHOR Pierre Cormon is a journalist and writer from Geneva, as well as an active member of the expats network He has written three books of fiction, in French. EXTRAIT “Who in the room knows the name of the Swiss president?” That’s the question I asked a group of three hundred expatriates living in Geneva area at the beginning of a “Swiss Politics for Dummies” seminar in June, 2009. Around 10 to 15% of them raised their hands. About what I’d expected. And certainly not a bad score: these were people curious about Swiss politics. Enough, at least, to sacrifice an entire evening to listen to a lecture about it. With another group, things could have been much worse. I don’t blame them. All the puzzled looks following my seemingly simple question reminded me of a ride on the Cairo underground a few years earlier. It was the final years of Hosni Mubarak era.


Author : Matt Smith
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The purpose of this book is to provide a clear and readable introduction to Western political philosophy. It should appeal to those in the UK and USA who recognise the importance of philosophy and are: interested in acquiring an understanding and overview of the key ideas; wanting to try to develop and refine their personal political beliefs; and looking to be stimulated to read more widely and be shown how to readily access interesting and relevant material, especially on the Internet. It is not the intention to promote any particular mix of ideas and values, but to help you to develop and refine the particular political philosophy that works for you, so you may more confidently express and explain it to others. AUTHOR BIO: DR MATT SMITH is a retired academic who has taught politics-related courses in universities for over thirty years. His great love has always been political philosophy and in this book he uses his teaching experience to introduce any interested reader to the subject. 2010 is an excellent year to produce such a book given the substantive political changes that have recently occurred. In political terms, we may be in one of those moments where there is a seismic shift in how our country views itself and our future.

A Quick History of Politics

Author : Clive Gifford
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How did ancient people make decisions? How do the people in power stay in power? Why did Karl Marx have to go without trousers? A Quick History of Politics answers these questions and more, taking a ride through time from plutocrats to people power. What do you think of when you hear "politics?" Is it grey-haired men in suits, shouting at each other in a weird room? Well, you’re partly right… but there’s also a whole lot of crazy stories and weird history in the political world. A Quick History of Politics takes a look at the silly side of government, big and small, throughout the ages, and also explains the important stuff, like suffrage, elections and getting your voice heard. You will discover: How the earliest tribes got by without a leader. How the first ever kings and queens ruled their people. When and how democracy was invented, and what it actually means. Why there are so many different ways of governing people, with no one right answer. What ‘gerrymandering’ means (no, we didn’t make that up). How empires, wars, and revolutions have shaped the world we live in today. How elections work today. How countries work together (and sometimes fall out). How young activists can use their voice to call for change, before they’re even old enough to vote! Plus, read about the women who used ju-jitsu to campaign for equal rights, the dictator who banned beards, and the rhino that became a council member in Brazil. Learn how the media can swing things in modern elections and get savvy to fake news. Test your knowhow with a quiz at the back of the book. Packed with facts and jokes and perfect for introducing young readers to big concepts, the latest in the Quick Histories series is here to make politics funny again.

The Beginner s Guide to Conservative Politics

Author : Dan Nagasaki
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The Saturday Review of Politics Literature Science Art and Finance

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International Politics

Author : Bossman Asare
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The Saturday Review of Politics Literature Science and Art

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Saturday Review of Politics Literature Science and Art

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American Politics

Author : Jon Roper
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To understand the world events today, you need to understand American politics. Exploring the principles enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, Jon Roper provides a sharp analysis of how history has shaped the way America governs itself. Examining the recent emergence of the right-wing Tea Party movement, President Obama's administration, American foreign policy, and the role of powerful lobbies, this is the perfect primer for anyone interested in the world's most powerful (and controversial) country.