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Porsche High Performance Driving Handbook

Author : Vic Elford
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50 Years of Artificial Intelligence

Author : Max Lungarella
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This Festschrift volume, published in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Artificial Intelligence, includes 34 refereed papers written by leading researchers in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The papers were carefully selected from the invited lectures given at the 50th Anniversary Summit of AI, held at the Centro Stefano Franscini, Monte Verità, Ascona, Switzerland, July 9-14, 2006. The summit provided a venue for discussions on a broad range of topics.

Why Red Doesn t Sound Like a Bell

Author : J. K. O'Regan
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This work proposes a novel view to explain how we as humans can have the impression of consciously feeling things: for example the red of a sunset, the smell of a rose, the sound of a symphony, or a pain.

Structuring Sense Volume III Taking Form

Author : Hagit Borer
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Hagit Borer develops a new model of word formation, arguing that on the one hand the basic building blocks of language are rigid semantic and syntactic functions, while on the other hand they are roots, which in themselves are but packets of phonological information, and are devoid of both meaning and grammatical properties of any kind.

Porsche vs Lotus

Author : Colin Crum
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Porsche sells more cars annually and has won more races than any other car company. Lotus is known for its handcrafted cars for both the racetrack and street. Both are well-respected companies with very different histories. How do they stack up against each other? Readers will learn to compare and contrast as they settle this ultimate battle for themselves.

Porsche Model by Model

Author : Lance Cole
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Taking a fresh approach, this book delivers an up-to-date review by investigating the essential characteristics, design and driving experience that defines the Porsche legend and its cars. From icons like the 356 and 911, through to the transaxle Porsches and recent models of Boxster, Cayman, Panamera, Macan, Tycan and more, Porsche Model by Model offers a detailed yet engaging commentary upon the marque. With over 275 archive and specially commissioned photographs, this book presents the full marque history from Ferdinand Porsche's defining Bohemian effect to the brand and design language today. It covers the 356 to the Taycan in concise yet detailed discussions; explores historical and technical details including specification tables and includes driving descriptions and owners' views.

Porsche 911

Author : Lance Cole
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The aim of this innovative series is to provide modelmakers and car enthusiasts with a new standard of primarily visual reference of both full-size cars and their scale models. Each book contains detailed technical information imparted through drawings and photographs while the meticulously researched full-color profiles provides a complete reference for paint schemes and markings. In addition, every volume of the CarCraft series features summaries of design histories and operational careers, and reviews of available kits. Recognzsed as one of the most important sports cars in the history of the automobile, Porsche's 911 represents a vital story in the annals of the design and driving of the motor car. This new book delivers an innovative format to the car enthusiast by covering the engineering, design, and modeling of Porsche's 911 series. A true icon, 911 is the designer legend – and a driving tool par excellence: the 911 stemmed from the Porsche 356 yet created a new era and a new international definition of style amid a global motor sport record of success across race and rally events Here in CarCraft title Number Two, experienced automotive writer, industrial designer and Porsche enthusiast Lance Cole pays tribute to the car in a detailed yet engaging commentary. New photography, the design story, and full coverage of the modeling options in synthetic materials and die cast metals, create a narrative of vital interest.

Consumer Goods Subscriptions

Author : Severin Bischof
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Digitalization has changed our economy and, with the imminent automation of consumption, is causing further major upheavals. Consumers are increasingly choosing subscriptions or season tickets to reduce the effort required to perform everyday activities such as buying clothes, preparing meals, listening to music, or city driving. This book focuses on subscriptions to consumer goods that consumers used to purchase in stationary retail stores. Consumer Goods Subscriptions describes the types of subscriptions that play a role in today's world and identifies the industries in which subscriptions will become particularly popular in the future. The authors define and differentiate four subscription types in terms of surprise and personalization. The book provides a step-by-step concept for successfully implementing subscriptions and shows how to optimize subscription revenues and profits. It will help retail managers to seize the opportunities of this new revenue model and respond to changing customer behavior with appropriate subscription services.

Three Hundred Club Cars With a Top Speed Exceeding 300 KM H Volume 1 World s Fastest Production Cars

Author : Sybrand Anema
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Porsche 70 Years

Author : Randy Leffingwell
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There's something for every Porsche enthusiast in Porsche 70 Years, whether rear-engine 911 loyalist, race fan, or follower of contemporary vehicles. Fasten your seatbelt and hit the gas. Porsche is one of the most important and iconic automotive manufacturers in history. From its first 356 to today's technical tour de force, the 918, Porsche has advanced from strength to strength for nearly seven decades. In Porsche 70 Years: There is No Substitute, author Randy Leffingwell offers a richly illustrated and detailed book that captures the full story of one of the world's leading automotive companies. Beautiful, contemporary, photos and rare historical images accompany in-depth analyses of milestone cars and events. Created with Porsche's cooperation, the book brings to light the engineering anddesign stories behind Stuttgart's most famous cars--such as the 356, 904, 917, 911, 928, 935, 956 and others--as well as its key players. Comprising the most comprehensive overview of the company's entire history, Porsche 70 Years truly has no substitute.