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Positive Spirituality in Health Care

Author : Frederic C. Craigie
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"Positive Spirituality in Health Care" offers a fresh, holistic, and practical framework for the integration of spirituality in health care. Dr. Craigie proposes that excellent spiritual care arises from three arenas: the personal groundedness and spiritual well-being of clinicians, the clinical encouragement of patients' spiritual resources, and the organizational cultivation of spirited leadership and "soul." In an approachable and conversational tone, he presents case examples, interview transcripts, research perspectives, and pragmatic strategies that will enable readers to refine their skills in each of these three arenas. "Positive Spirituality in Health Care" will be a source of affirmation, refreshment, inspiration, and practical tools for all clinicians and health care leaders who are passionate about supporting patients' journeys toward healing and wholeness.

Oxford Textbook of Spirituality in Healthcare

Author : Mark Cobb
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Includes Internet access card bound inside front matter.

Spirituality In Patient Care

Author : Harold Koenig
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This book is intended as a guide for practicing physicians, medical students, and residents to help identify and address the spiritual needs of patients. Those who will benefit most will be physicians who wish to know how to integrate spirituality into clinical practice in an effective and sensitive manner. Other professionals, such as nurses and chaplains, may use this book as they interact with doctors, other health professionals, and hospital administrators.

Faith based Perspectives on the Provision of Community Services

Author : United States
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Psycho spiritual Care in Health Care Practice

Author : Guy Harrison
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Meeting the psychological and spiritual needs of patients is vital to supporting their wellbeing in health care settings. To develop an effective, holistic and inclusive approach to care within predominantly medical health care models, practitioners across health care disciplines must work collaboratively to understand the complex, significant relationships between their patients' medical, therapeutic and spiritual requirements. Bridging the gap between care disciplines, the book presents an innovative vision of patient wellbeing enriched by a synthesis of psychological, spiritual and medical approaches. Prominent practitioners from a range of disciplines including nursing and psychiatry demonstrate how their psycho-spiritual approaches meet the individual needs of patients, adapting to their emotional, spiritual and religious requirements. Accessible and enlightening, this book offers significant practical insight into the role of psychologically informed spiritual care.

Spirituality Health and Wholeness

Author : Henry Lamberton
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Learn to respond effectively and appropriately to spiritual needs in a health care setting Spirituality, Health, and Wholeness: An Introductory Guide for Health Care Professionals explores the principles of spiritual care as applied to clinical practice. This book focuses specifically on the significance of spirituality in clinical settings with practical suggestions on how to apply these principles in the healing process. With chapters that begin with clear objectives and end with guided questions, this valuable textbook provides a framework that will aid health care facilities in addressing spiritual needs in a clinical setting and help faculty in mentoring students in the field. This practical guide will help you learn when and how to address spiritual issues in health care with patients for whom illness creates a crisis of faith as well as those for whom it provides support. Spirituality, Health, and Wholeness highlights not only the importance of health care professionals in providing emotional, mental, and spiritual care, but the necessity for them to address their own spirituality as well. The book includes the experiences and case studies of skilled authorities mostly from the Judeo-Christian or Judaic tradition who identify principles that they found to be important in working with patients from a wide diversity of spiritual traditions. Spirituality, Health, and Wholeness provides you with detailed information on: “Ministryhealing”—a model of wholeness and healing that incorporates an integrated view of humanity through the four domains: spiritual, emotional, physical, and social the physiological impacts of humor and hope on mood, the neuroendocrine hormones, and the immune system spiritual coping with trauma—an overview of the research literature and how to address the spiritual coping needs and concerns of patients the role of faith in providing meaning to physical illness and the importance of the role of the health care professional in first understanding, and then assisting the patient in their struggle to find meaning the key components of spiritual care to increase the efficacy of spiritual caregivers the bereavement process with regard to religious, cultural, and gender variations, and the role of the healthcare professional in providing support This book shows you not only how to meet the spiritual needs of patients from a diversity of faith traditions, but how to overcome challenges to your own spirituality, such as “difficult” patients and patients whose cultural outlook is so different from your own it causes discomfort. Spirituality, Health, and Wholeness will help all health care professionals who want to bring spirituality into their medical, dental, nursing, occupational therapy, or physical therapy practice.

Spiritual Health

Author : Mahesh Bhatt
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Spirituality is a highly developed thought process of the human brain, which is there in the coding of our DNA. It happens because of millions and millions of years of natural evolutionary and developmental mechanism and put the human beings at the apex of the animal kingdom.Spiritual thought processes and Spiritual Health are considered essential dimensions of human health. How can we define spirituality and Spiritual Health in the context of scientific, religious and cultural grounds? How can the concept of Spiritual Health improve our spirituality in every area of our life including religion, science, and culture? How spirituality and religiosity have the ambiguities in their definitions and expressions and why it requires clarity and needs to be understood in the light of scientific reasoning? How spirituality and Spiritual Health can act as an excellent preventive and promotive tool in physical, mental and social health? A paradigm shift in our understanding the whole concept of spirituality and Spiritual Health.

Spiritually Competent Practice in Health Care

Author : John Wattis
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This book will be of tremendous use to all healthcare professionals from physicians to nurses to social workers, rehabilitation therapists, and chaplains. The pathway taken here is a sensible and reasonable one, emphasizing a patient-centred approach that underscores the importance of spiritually competent care. The Editors do an excellent job of describing how to integrate spirituality into patient care for all of the different healthcare professionals. They also emphasize the importance of an evidence-based approach that is guided by research. This book provides superb guidelines that will be enormously helpful to every healthcare professional. Harold G Koenig, M.D., Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, North Carolina This practical guide tackles the important issues of spirituality in health care, emphasising the role of organisations in developing a culture of leadership and management that facilitates spiritual care. Spirituality is a central part of holistic care that addresses physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of care in an integrated way. The chapters are written by experts in their fields, pitched at the practitioner level rather than addressing ‘spirituality’ as a purely theoretical concept. Each one describes the realities of spiritually competent practice and show how it can be taught and put into practice in a variety of areas and settings, including  Undergraduate and Postgraduate education  Acute healthcare settings  Mental health  Primary care  End of Life Care  Creative organisations  Social services Ideal for practitioners, educators, trainees and managers in nursing and healthcare, the book is also relevant reading for occupational therapists, physiotherapists, social workers and psychologists.

Whole Person Healthcare Psychology spirituality and health

Author : Ilene A. Serlin
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Religion and Psychology

Author : Michael T. Evans
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There has been a remarkable amount of popular and professional interest in the relationship between spirituality, religion, psychology, and health in recent years. This book begins with the importance of a critical methodology when studying the relationship between religion and psychology. Among the many topics presented is a study on the experience of contemporary peacekeepers faced with existential questions about life, death, being and the searching for meaning. Other chapters explore the relationship of holistic healing and personal development, recovery from trauma and spirituality, spirituality and a woman's ability to deal with infertility, and the relationship between a person's health and their ability to forgive.

Spiritual Care

Author : Elizabeth Johnston Taylor
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Innate and deeply personal, spirituality is an integral part of each of us. It affects every aspect of life-including one's health. For this reason, spirituality is becoming an increasingly important issue within the nursing community. Nursing the whole patient includes nurturing the spirit. Spiritual Care: Nursing Theory, Research, and Practice is the only text written to address the depth of this subject matter. Written from a universal standpoint, it details the "how-to's" of spiritual caregiving including spiritual assessment, planning care, documentation, ethical concerns, and numerous approaches to nurturing the spirit. Other features include: A balanced presentation of religion as both a positive and a negative factor that influences health and coping. Chapter-ending Look Within to Learn features encourage spiritual self-awareness and understanding of how spirituality influences clinical care. Research Profiles boxed features provide profiles of research studies that focus on spirituality and health. One Nurse's Story boxed features illustrate a nurse's perspective of concepts and clinical examples of spiritual caregiving. Chapter-ending Key Points summarize material to reinforce the information presented.

Spirituality Health and Healing

Author : Caroline Young
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Spirituality, Health, and Healing offers health care professionals and individual caregivers the guidelines and tools necessary to provide compassionate spiritual care to their clients and patients. By describing the profound role of spirituality on the body, mind, and spirit, this resource is an essential asset to practitioners eager to enhance their understanding of their important topic.

Spirituality Health and Healing

Author : Caroline Young (MPH.)
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In Spirituality, Health, and Healing, health care professionals and spiritual care providers are presented with a comprehensive resource for delivering effective, compassionate spiritual care to their clients. Content includes exploring the spiritual dimension of individuals, the various aspects of spiritual care, spiritual dimensions in particular types of care, and spiritual considerations of special populations.

Spiritual Care in a Healthcare Setting

Author : John Bartlett
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Health is often seen as the lack of illness or disease within a person. Often in the hospital it is these that are treated as well as emotional problems that may arise. Often spirituality and spiritual health is not seen as a part of healthcare. There have been increasing studies that spiritual health has a positive correlation with overall health. With the toxicity of treatment within a medical setting it is important to include the spirituality of the patient. In order to adequately care for the patient the spiritual side needs to be addressed. However it is important to realize that the spirituality of the patient depends on the maturity of the patient. Each demographic from childhood to elderly is examined in the context of developmental stage and spiritual issues that accompany the stage and how a healthcare professional ought to treat the spirituality of the patient as well as the physical ailments within the medical setting.

Handbook of Religion and Health

Author : Harold Koenig
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The Handbook of Religion and Health has become the seminal research text on religion, spirituality, and health, outlining a rational argument for the connection between religion and health. The Second Edition completely revises and updates the first edition. Its authors are physicians: a psychiatrist and geriatrician, a primary care physician, and a professor of nursing and specialist in mental health nursing. The Second Edition surveys the historical connections between religion and health and grapples with the distinction between the terms ''religion'' and ''spirituality'' in research and clinical practice. It reviews research on religion and mental health, as well as extensive research literature on the mind-body relationship, and develops a model to explain how religious involvement may impact physical health through the mind-body mechanisms. It also explores the direct relationships between religion and physical health, covering such topics as immune and endocrine function, heart disease, hypertension and stroke, neurological disorders, cancer, and infectious diseases; and examines the consequences of illness including chronic pain, disability, and quality of life. Finally, the Handbook reviews research methods and addresses applications to clinical practice. Theological perspectives are interwoven throughout the chapters. The Handbook is the most insightful and authoritative resource available to anyone who wants to understand the relationship between religion and health.

Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care in Mental Health Settings

Author : Jean Fletcher
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This edited collection about good practice for mental health chaplains and other related professionals looks at how spirituality is viewed across mental health fields. It identifies what mental health chaplaincy is, how mental health chaplaincy interacts with other organisations like the NHS, and what good practice means with examples of positive and fulfilling experiences in mental health settings. The chapters consider some of the main issues of working with the mental health community, such as the place of volunteers, the recovery process, religious diversity and patient safety. They are followed by uplifting case studies, including service user perspectives, to provide a valuable overall insight into mental health chaplaincy and its context in wider mental health services.

Basic Nursing

Author : Patricia Ann Potter
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Integrating Religion and Spirituality into Clinical Practice

Author : René Hefti
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This book is a printed edition of the Special Issue "Integrating Religion and Spirituality into Clinical Practice" that was published in Religions

Nursing Diagnosis Handbook

Author : Betty J. Ackley
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This convenient handbook shows readers how to select nursing diagnoses and write care plans with ease and confidence. It correlates NANDA nursing diagnoses with known assessment findings, medical, or psychiatric diagnoses, and the existing treatment plan. This updated edition reflects the latest NANDA diagnoses and the most recent NOC and NIC taxonomies.

Perspectives on Spiritual Well being and Aging

Author : James A. Thorson
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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