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Moral Responsibility and Alternative Possibilities

Author : David Widerker
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This book explores an important issue within the free will debate: the relation between free will and moral responsibility. In his seminal article Alternate Possibilities and Moral Responsibility, Harry Frankfurt launched a vigorous attack on the standard conception of that relation, questioning the claim that a person is morally responsible for what she has done only if she could have done otherwise. Since then, Frankfurt's thesis has been at the center of philosophical discussions on free will and moral responsibility.Moral Responsibility and Alternative Possibilities, edited by David Widerker and Michael McKenna, draws together the most recent work on Frankfurt's thesis by leading theorists in the area of free will and responsibility. As the majority of the essays appear here for the first time, Moral Responsibility and Alternative Possibilities offers the newest developments in this important debate.

The Possibilities Organization

Author : Robert R. Carkhuff
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This book looks at the organization as the source of new capital development. Contents include: The Possibilities Economics; Managing Marketplace Capital Development; Managing Organizational Capital Development; Managing Human Capital Development; Managing Information Capital Development; Managing Mechanical Capital Development; The Possibilities Management. This title is from the grounbreaking series by Dr. Robert Carkhuff, and Dr. Bernard Berenson.

Possibilities Mind

Author : Bernard G. Berenson
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With the mathematics of unequality, The Possibilities Mind gives us the first real theory of science for understanding and applying the unfinished state of creation. From the grounbreaking series by Dr. Robert Carkhuff, and Dr. Bernard Berenson.


Author : David Graeber
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An anthropologist investigates the revolution of everyday life.

Free Will Libertarianism alternative possibilities and moral responsibility

Author : John Martin Fischer
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Christmas With Possibilities

Author : Lynda Milligan
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Handmade with Love and Possibilities. More of the delightful appliqué that you love from Lynda Milligan and Nancy Smith. Make lovely gifts for everyone on your list. A wide assortment of charming projects for all skill levels, from advent calendars and casserole-carriers to quilts, placemats, and totes. Learn to embellish ready-made items to add a handmade touch to those last-minute gifts. Bring out your handmade holiday spirit! Use your favorite appliqué methods to create quilts, table décor, gifts and more. This book has something for everyone-projects range from classic to contemporary. Make it a Christmas that everyone wants to come home for!

World of Possibilities

Author : Charles F. Sabel
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A bold and original reinterpretation of Western industrialization from the eighteenth century to the 1990s.

Energy Possibilities

Author : Jesse S. Tatum
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Using the perspectives of science, technology, and society studies, this book grapples with questions stimulated by a concern that current energy policies and practices reflect neither the best interests of ordinary people nor decision-making consistent with the traditions and aspirations of democracy. Probing the depths of assumptions made in traditional analysis and assembling minority views, present practices come into focus as startlingly narrow social constructs amidst a vast unexplored terrain of material and socio-cultural possibilities. Questions of power and responsible action are pursued in this context, casting both traditional decision makers and citizens in less than a positive light. The author includes an examination of the experience of the "home power" movement not as "The Solution" to our energy problems, but as a concrete illustration of alternative theory and practice, and of the range of possibilities inherent in energy decisions. The book aims not at recommendations for prescriptive public policy, but primarily at refocusing the reader's attentions, as ultimate policy maker, on the core of the energy question: How do we wish to live in the world?

A World of Possibilities

Author : Clyde de L. Ryals
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A study of how romantic irony characterizes works, in various genres, by Carlyle, Thackeray, Browning, Arnold, Dickens, Tennyson, and Pater. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Molecular Diagnostics Promises and Possibilities

Author : Mousumi Debnath
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A rapid development in diverse areas of molecular biology and genetic engineering resulted in emergence of variety of tools. These tools are not only applicable to basic researches being carried out world over, but also exploited for precise detection of abnormal conditions in plants, animals and human body. Although a basic researcher is well versed with few techniques used by him/her in the laboratory, they may not be well acquainted with methodologies, which can be used to work out some of their own research problems. The picture is more blurred when the molecular diagnostic tools are to be used by physicians, scientists and technicians working in diagnostic laboratories in hospitals, industry and academic institutions. Since many of them are not trained in basics of these methods, they come across several gray areas in understanding of these tools. The accurate application of molecular diagnostic tools demands in depth understanding of the methodology for precise detection of the abnormal condition of living body. To meet the requirements of a good book on molecular diagnostics of students, physicians, scientists working in agricultural, veterinary, medical and pharmaceutical sciences, it needs to expose the reader lucidly to: Give basic science behind commonly used tools in diagnostics Expose the readers to detailed applications of these tools and Make them aware the availability of such diagnostic tools The book will attract additional audience of pathologists, medical microbiologists, pharmaceutical sciences, agricultural scientists and veterinary doctors if the following topics are incorporated at appropriate places in Unit II or separately as a part of Unit-III in the book. Molecular diagnosis of diseases in agricultural crops Molecular diagnosis of veterinary diseases. Molecular epidemiology, which helps to differentiate various epidemic strains and sources of disease outbreaks. Even in different units of the same hospital, the infections could be by different strains of the same species and the information becomes valuable for infection control strategies. Drug resistance is a growing problem for bacterial, fungal and parasitic microbes and the molecular biology tools can help to detect the drug resistance genes without the cultivation and in vitro sensitivity testing. Molecular diagnostics offers faster help in the selection of the proper antibiotic for the treatment of tuberculosis, which is a major problem of the in the developing world. The conventional culture and drug sensitivity testing of tuberculosis bacilli is laborious and time consuming, whereas molecular diagnosis offers rapid drug resistant gene detection even from direct clinical samples. The same approach for HIV, malaria and many more diseases needs to be considered. Molecular diagnostics in the detection of diseases during foetal life is an upcoming area in the foetal medicine in case of genetic abnormalities and infectious like TORCH complex etc. The book will be equally useful to students, scientists and professionals working in the field of molecular diagnostics.

Romanticism History and the Possibilities of Genre

Author : Tilottama Rajan
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Leading scholars of Romanticism explore the relationship between ideology and literary genre.

Photographic Possibilities

Author : Robert Hirsch
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Photographic Possibilities, Third Edition is a marvelously updated resource of innovative and traditional photographic processes that imagemakers have come to trust and depend on to enhance their technical knowledge, create astonishing pictures, and raise their visual consciousness. This concise and reliable handbook provides professional and advanced photography students with practical pathways of utilizing diverse photographic methods to produce engaging, expressive pictures from an informed aesthetic and conceptual position. This update, in full color for this first time, offers new links between analog and digital photography by featuring clear, up-to-date, step-by-step instructions on topics ranging from making ambrotypes and digital negatives to pre-picturemaking activities that utilize a thinking system to visually realize what is in your mind's eye in an effective and safe manner. This edition vividly showcases the thought-provoking work of over 140 international artists including Peter Beard, Dan Burkholder, Carl Chiarenza, Michael Kenna, Dinh Q. Lê, Joe Mills, Andrea Modica, Bea Nettles, France Scully and Mark Osterman, Robert & Shana ParkeHarrison, Holly Roberts, Martha Rosler, Mike and Doug Starn, John Sexton, Brian Taylor, Jerry Uelsmann, and Joel Peter Witkin as well as other major and emerging talents. Image captions explain how each artist technically realized their vision and concept. All technical information and resources have been refreshed to provide the latest data for acquiring the products needed for these processes. Above all, this comprehensive reference provides field-proven know-how, encouragement, inspiration, and a profuse compendium of promising photo-based explorations one can discover and pursue. * Two new chapters bridging digital and analog photography, including a discussion of digital negatives. * Explains key techniques of Photogram, Cyanotype, Photo Weaving, Gum Prints, and more. * Completely revised to include updated resources and the newest information on where to find products or how to replace discontinued products. * Includes breathtaking photographs displaying how artists can apply different approaches with insight and aesthetic concern

Human Possibilities

Author : Robert Carkhuff
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Human Possibilities is the guidebook for human performance in the 21st century. A power resource for educators and business leaders, counselors and managers, parents and supervisors, and anyone who seeks to better themselves. Dr. Carkhuff gives us a roadmap to betterment and the achievement of potential. This book applies The New Science of Possibilities to 21st century human capital development.

New Science of Possibilities 1

Author : Robert R. Carkhuff
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The New Science of Possibilities introduces the model for the processing science. The New Science of Possibilities is the paradigmetric science; it defines continuously changing phenomena by continuously generating new paradigms and their measurement. The processing operations are an integral part of phenominal process centricity--Relating, Empowering, and Freeing --all phenomena to seek their own changeable destinies.

Singularity and Other Possibilities

Author : Amihud Gilead
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This book elaborates the author's original metaphysics, panenmentalism, focusing on novel aspects of the singularity of any person. Among these aspects, integrated in a systematic view, are: love and singularity; private, intersubjective, and public accessibility; multiple personality; freedom of will; akrasia; a way out of the empiricist-rationalist conundrum; the possibility of God; and some major moral questions.

Eternal Possibilities

Author : David Weissman
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Eternal Possibilities: A Neutral Ground for Meaning and Existence builds on David Weissman's earlier Dispositional Properties and makes a signal contribution to the study of metaphysics. Here, broadening and enriching the point of view adopted in his earlier work, Weissman cites and criticizes a large number of theories proposed by authors from Plato to Wittgenstein and others exploring language theory and metaphysics. Students of Wittgenstein will be especially interested in Mr. Weissman's critical examination of Wittgenstein's claim in the Tractatus that possibilities are the facts for logic. Weissman proposes a modal theory of properties: they exist in the first instance as possibilities. He argues that a sentence is meaningful if it signifies a property or complex of properties existing as a possible, and true if that possible is instantiated. The status of possibilities and their relation to actual states of affairs are considered in detail.

Saving Possibilities

Author : Amihud Gilead
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This book introduces a new metaphysics which deals with the psycho-physical problem in philosophical psychology, as well as with problems in the scientific standing of psychoanalysis and chaos theory, the feminine psyche, the possibility of cinematic illusion, meaningful madness, and why machines cannot think.


Author : Janet Sue Terry
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From the Author:I'm happy you stopped to look at my book. Have you ever wished that a man in your life would just set you free? Just disappear from your life and let you have some peace? That's the theme of this 2 book set. Resolutions is the second book in the series and if you run a search on by author's name (janet sue terry) both books will come up. Just a heads up, the hardback books are priced really well here. These books begin with Christmases, and end with Christmas. You will laugh and weep. You'll adore the hero, Blake Baxter. You will relate to Nora, because all women have suffered through these same emotions. Sometime or other in our life we craved freedom. Longed to escape. I would love to read your reviews after you read the set, so make sure to leave them. I would also be happy to autograph your books if you mail them to me. One last thing, it would be great if you have a web page, and would link to my personal website. Novelist Janet Sue Terry


Author : Debra White Smith
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The popular Austen series has a new addition, a contemporary story based on Jane Austen's "Persuasion." Years after a heartbreaking break-up, Allie and Frederick cross paths. Will forgiveness and hope erase the memories of the past in time for them to have a future?


Author : Herbie Hancock, Paul Simon, chanteur, Carlos Santana, Christina Aguilera
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