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Post war Mothers

Author : Mary Thomas
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Women's experience of childbirth in the mid-twentieth century, revealed in their own words.

White Unwed Mother The adoption mandate in postwar Canada

Author : Valerie J Andrews
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In postwar Canada, having a child out-of-wedlock invariably meant being subject to the adoption mandate. Andrews describes the mandate as a process of interrelated institutional power systems which, together with socio-cultural norms, ideals of gender heteronormativity, and emerging sociological and psychoanalytic theories, created historically unique conditions in the post WWII decades wherein the white unmarried mother was systematically separated from her baby by means of adoption. This volume uncovers and substantiates evidence of the mandate, ultimately finding that at least 350,000 unmarried mothers in Canada were impacted.

Social Work in Post War and Political Conflict Areas

Author : Kristin Sonnenberg
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The book offers unique access to theoretical approaches and practical examples of international social work in the context of war and conflicts. The reader gains knowledge about the competences and role of social work, which contributes to mitigating the effects of war and conflict. The book raises the question of how to connect international social work with local approaches and offers suggestions for a development of social work with respect to exchanging knowledge and experiences between the West and the East, the Global North and the Global South. It furthermore discusses the role of social work in reducing the problem of gender-based violence and in the methods of peacebuilding processes in post-war and post-conflict societies.

Art and Masculinity in Post war Britain

Author : Gregory Salter
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"In this book, Gregory Salter traces how artists represented home and masculinities in the period of social and personal reconstruction after the Second World War in Britain. Salter considers home as an unstable entity at this historical moment, imbued with the optimism and hopes of post-war recovery while continuing to resonate with the memories and traumas of wartime. Artists examined in the book include John Bratby, Francis Bacon, Keith Vaughan, Francis Newton Souza and Victor Pasmore. Case studies featured range from the nuclear family and the body, to the nation. Combined, they present an argument that art enables an understanding of post-war reconstruction as a temporally unstable, long-term phenomenon which placed conceptions of home and masculinity at the heart of its aims. Art and Masculinity in Post-War Britain sheds new light on how the fluid concepts of society, nation, masculinity and home interacted and influenced each other at this critical period in history and will be of interest to anyone studying art history, anthropology, sociology, history and cultural and heritage studies."--

National Resources Development Report for 1943 Post war plan and program

Author : United States. National Resources Planning Board
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Mothers of Conservatism

Author : Michelle M. Nickerson
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Mothers of Conservatism tells the story of 1950s Southern Californian housewives who shaped the grassroots right in the two decades following World War II. Michelle Nickerson describes how red-hunting homemakers mobilized activist networks, institutions, and political consciousness in local education battles, and she introduces a generation of women who developed political styles and practices around their domestic routines. From the conservative movement's origins in the early fifties through the presidential election of 1964, Nickerson documents how women shaped conservatism from the bottom up, out of the fabric of their daily lives and into the agenda of the Republican Party. A unique history of the American conservative movement, Mothers of Conservatism shows how housewives got out of the house and discovered their political capital.

Not June Cleaver

Author : June Meyerowitz
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In the popular stereotype of post-World War II America, women abandoned their wartime jobs and contentedly retreated to the home. This work unveils the diversity of postwar women, showing how far women departed from this one-dimensional image.

Our Mother s War

Author : Mel Fiske
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Christina Radich and Daniel Fiske began dating in high school, back in 1972. This book is the unlikely result of their teen-aged romance. Christina wanted to capture her mother's story of life in Nazi-occupied Holland. She didn't know how or where to start. Dan suggested that his father, Mel, a former newspaper reporter, could steer her to the starting line. Mel advised Christina to get a recorder and tapes, and ask questions. For the next 15 or so years, she taped her mother's recollections up until her death in 1994. It took several years for Christina to find Lynette Bourne, a medical transcriber, to copy all the tapes. Then Christina brought the transcriptions to Mel Fiske more than ten years after the death of her mother. What do I do now? she asked plaintively. Mel took the unedited transcriptions. He began researching the history of the Dutch people under the Nazi occupation to place the story of Christina's mother in proper historical perspective. Our Mother's War is the story of Aluzia Van Dalen but also that of the Dutch people from 1940 to 1945, the darkest of times for them. Aluzia went through the war with one thought: survival. "I haven't lived yet," she told herself. Our Mother's War recounts her struggle to live.

Welfare States and Working Mothers

Author : Arnlaug Leira
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What is the relationship between women and the welfare state? How do women reconcile paid work and family responsibilities? These questions are of central political concern to nearly all Western industrialised countries and have provoked considerable scholarly disagreement. In this timely book, Dr Arnlaug Leira presents both a theoretical and an empirical analysis of the relationship between women's lives, employment practices and childcare provision. Focusing upon the social construction of motherhood in Scandinavia, Arnlaug Leira shows how, contrary to common perceptions, there is no shared model of welfare policies and women's work. Instead, the position in Norway is significantly different from that in Sweden and Denmark. The author then presents an ethnographic analysis of the lives of working mothers in Norway. She details the complexity of the strategies by which women cope and support one another in combined earning and childcare in a situation where state provision is limited. Welfare States and Working Mothers will be widely read by students and specialists of sociology, social policy and administration, political science and women's studies. It will also be of interest to policy makers, social workers, teachers and nursery-school workers.

Mothers of World War No 2 incorporatation

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on the Judiciary
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