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Crime Uncovered Antihero

Author : Fiona Peters
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Crime Uncovered: Antihero is a fascinating and timely collection of essays that all examine the antihero in crime fiction, television and film. The antihero has enticed readers and audiences for generations: why is it that we root for characters such as Tom Ripley, Dexter Morgan and Walter White, despite our conscious revulsion at some of their actions? These iconic and popular figures of literature are examined in this collection, alongside those lesser-known characters from crime fiction that you will discover here. These essays will give you an insight into the characterisation, methodology, social context and morality that makes up these unlikely protagonists.

Petaluma in Vintage Postcards

Author : Alice van Ommeren and KC Greaney
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Incorporated in 1858, Petaluma rapidly became a thriving commercial and major transportation center. This carefully curated selection of vintage postcards illustrates Petaluma's identity and pride as it grew from a strategic port location provisioning San Francisco during the Gold Rush to an agricultural and manufacturing town in the late 1800s. After the turn of the 20th century, Petaluma focused on the poultry industry and proclaimed itself "The World's Egg Basket." The cast-iron storefronts and iconic buildings, such as the Carnegie Library, post office, and silk mill, are some of the impressive landmarks constructed during the late 1800s and early 1900s. Images of a busy waterfront with a bustling downtown surrounded by Victorian homes, beautiful churches, and public parks demonstrate the town's development and prosperity.

Stockton in Vintage Postcards

Author : Alice Van Ommeren
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Today's Stockton is a modern California city, home to a quarter of a million people. But few remember the details of its illustrious past. Influenced by strategic waterways and rich soil, Stockton attracted a succession of miners, farmers, shipbuilders, and industrial entrepreneurs. Throughout the years Stockton has evolved from a rough-and-tumble harbor town to an agricultural, business, and transportation center and has done so with a great amount of style and finesse. This collection of vintage postcards showcases Stockton's early days from 1900 to 1950, capturing the elegance and industry of a young city on the journey to the modern era. This book contains over 200 images of Stockton including the waterfront, paddlewheel steamers, beautiful hotels, graceful estates, sprawling farm vistas, and the ornate buildings of downtown.

The House That Alice Built

Author : Chris Penhall
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Winner of the Search for a Star competition. A heart-warming summer read set in Portugal. Home is where the heart is … Alice Dorothy Matthews is sensible. Whilst her best friend Kathy is living it up in Portugal and her insufferable ex Adam is travelling the world, Alice is working hard to pay for the beloved London house she has put her heart and soul into renovating. But then a postcard from Buenos Aires turns Alice’s life upside down. One very unsensible decision later and she is in Cascais, Portugal, and so begins her lesson in ‘going with the flow’; a lesson that sees her cat-sitting, paddle boarding, dancing on top of bars and rediscovering her artistic talents. But perhaps the most important part of the lesson for Alice is that you don’t always need a house to be at home.

American Woman Suffrage Postcards

Author : Kenneth Florey
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American women’s suffrage activists were fascinated with suffrage themed postcards. They collected them, exchanged them, wrote about them, used them as fundraisers and organized “postcard day” campaigns. The cards they produced were imaginative and ideological, advancing arguments for the enfranchisement of women and responding to antisuffrage broadsides. Commercial publishers were also interested in suffrage cards, recognizing their profit potential. Their products, though, were reactive rather than proactive, conveying stereotypes they assumed reflected public attitudes—often negative—towards the movement. Cataloging approximately 700 examples, this study examines the “visual rhetoric” of suffrage postcards in the context of the movement itself and as part of the general history of postcards.

Postcards from the Sonora Border

Author : Daniel D. Arreola
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"Postcards from the Sonora Border: Visualizing Place through a Popular Lens, 1900s-1950s examines the urban landscapes of Mexican border cities through picture postcards. This volume aims to capture the evolution of Sonora border towns over time, and create a sense of visual "time travel" for the reader by relying on Arreola's personal collection of postcards"--Provided by publisher.

D H Lawrence The Early Years 1885 1912

Author : John Worthen
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Recounts the novelist's early years as a teacher in London, and reveals how his sexual experiences, which included an intense relationship with an older married woman, affected his literary career

In Tangier We Killed the Blue Parrot

Author : Adair, Barbara
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In Tangier We Killed the Blue Parrot is a novel set in Morocco in the 1940s and weaves a story around the well-known writers, Paul and Jane Bowles. Paul was a composer and author of The Sheltering Sky, and Jane was the author of Two Serious Ladies. This mesmerising novel draws the reader into the creative, erotic and exiled minds of Paul and Jane Bowles. Their struggles to write and their struggle to love, both each other and others, creates an unusually rich experience for the reader, and one which is hard to forget.

Fat Shame

Author : Amy Erdman Farrell
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To be fat hasn’t always occasioned the level of hysteria that this condition receives today and indeed was once considered an admirable trait. Fat Shame: Stigma and the Fat Body in American Culture explores this arc, from veneration to shame, examining the historic roots of our contemporary anxiety about fatness. Tracing the cultural denigration of fatness to the mid 19th century, Amy Farrell argues that the stigma associated with a fat body preceded any health concerns about a large body size. Firmly in place by the time the diet industry began to flourish in the 1920s, the development of fat stigma was related not only to cultural anxieties that emerged during the modern period related to consumer excess, but, even more profoundly, to prevailing ideas about race, civilization and evolution. For 19th and early 20th century thinkers, fatness was a key marker of inferiority, of an uncivilized, barbaric, and primitive body. This idea—that fatness is a sign of a primitive person—endures today, fueling both our $60 billion “war on fat” and our cultural distress over the “obesity epidemic.” Farrell draws on a wide array of sources, including political cartoons, popular literature, postcards, advertisements, and physicians’ manuals, to explore the link between our historic denigration of fatness and our contemporary concern over obesity. Her work sheds particular light on feminisms’ fraught relationship to fatness. From the white suffragists of the early 20th century to contemporary public figures like Oprah Winfrey, Monica Lewinsky, and even the Obama family, Farrell explores the ways that those who seek to shed stigmatized identities—whether of gender, race, ethnicity or class—often take part in weight reduction schemes and fat mockery in order to validate themselves as “civilized.” In sharp contrast to these narratives of fat shame are the ideas of contemporary fat activists, whose articulation of a new vision of the body Farrell explores in depth. This book is significant for anyone concerned about the contemporary “war on fat” and the ways that notions of the “civilized body” continue to legitimate discrimination and cultural oppression.

Real Photo Postcard Guide

Author : Robert Bogdan
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The Real Photo Postcard Guide is an informative, comprehensive, and practical treatment of this wildly popular American phenomenon that dominated the United States photographic market during the first third of the twentieth century. Robert Bogdan and Todd Weseloh draw on extensive research and observation to address all aspects of the photo postcard from its history, origin, and cultural significance to practical matters like dating, purchasing, condition, and preservation. Illustrated with over 350 exceptional photo postcards taken from archives and private collections across the country, the scope of the Real Photo Postcard Guide spans technical considerations of production, characteristics of superior images, collecting categories, and methods of research for dating photo postcards and investigating their photographers. In a broader sense, the authors show how "real photo postcards" document the social history of America. From family outings and workplace awards to lynchings and natural disasters, every image captures a moment of American cultural history from the society that generated them. Bogdan and Weseloh’s book provides an admirable integration of informative text and compelling photographic illustrations. Collectors, archivists, photographers, photo historians, social scientists, and anyone interested in the visual documentation of America will find the Real Photo Postcard Guide indispensable.