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Studies in Postcolonial Literature

Author : M. Q. Khan
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Studies In Postcolonial Literature Contains Twenty-Three Papers And Two Interviews With Two Eminent Writers On Different Genres Poetry, Fiction, Short Fiction And Drama Of Postcolonial Literature. It Deals With Literatures In English Outside The Anglo-American Tradition. The Book Focuses On How Postcolonial Literature Assumes An Identity Of Its Own In Spite Of The Writers Drawn From Different Countries With Distinct National Identities. This Is A Very Useful Book For The Students As Well As The Teachers Who Intend To Do An Extensive Study Of Postcolonial Literature.

Postcolonial Literature

Author : Pramod K. Nayar
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Critical Essays on Post colonial Literature

Author : Bijay Kumar Das
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The Present Book Is An Attempt To Analyse Some Of The Outstanding Post-Colonial Writers Like Arundhati Roy (Booker Prize Winner 1997), Vikram Chandra (Commonwealth Prize Winner 1997), Derek Walcott (Nobel Prize Winner), Margaret Atwood (Booker Prize Winner 2000), Jayanta Mahapatra, Dom Moraes, Nissim Ezekiel, Keki N. Daruwalla, Kamala Das, Shiv K. Kumar, Anita Desai, Shashi Deshpande, Ruskin Bond (All Sahitya Akademi Award Winners) In The Light Of Post-Colonial Theory. Apart From Analysing Individual Authors, An Attempt Has Also Been Made To Show The Trends In Post-Colonial Poetry, Indian English Fiction, Orissan Contribution To Post-Colonial Indian English Literature And Above All, Post-Colonial English Studies In India.

Key Concepts in Postcolonial Literature

Author : Gina Wisker
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Key Concepts in Postcolonial Literature provides an overview of the main themes, issues and critical perspectives that have had the greatest effect on postcolonial literatures. Discussing historical, cultural and contextual background, it contains selected work of some of the major writers from this period.

Diagnosing Postcolonial Literature

Author : Don Johnston
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Diagnosing Postcolonial Literature is a fresh and needed intervention into the study of postcolonial literature and the postcolonial condition. Deleuze's notion that literature is an enterprise of health, and that great authors consequently are diagnosticians of their culture, can be applied to postcolonial literature. The methodology, however, goes beyond the Deleuzian approach and offers a rich synthesis of Deleuze and Guattari with a range of different frameworks including health and human rights issues, the capabilities approach of Sen and Nussbaum, and the quantitative formalism of Moretti. This book majorly seeks to combine the study of postcolonial literature (a field in which Deleuze and Guattari are often used) with social sciences and quantitative methods. The work is genuinely interdisciplinary and breaks new ground both for the study of postcolonial literature and applications of Deleuze and Guattari. It does this while maintaining a focus on 'health', broadly conceived in as an assemblage, in Deleuzian fashion.

Scottish Literature and Postcolonial Literature

Author : Michael Gardiner
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The first full-length study of Scottish literature using a post-devolutionary understanding of postcolonial studies. Using a comparative model and spanning over two hundred years of literary history from the 18th Century to the contemporary, this collection of 19 new essays by some of the leading figures in the field presents a range of perspectives on Scottish and postcolonial writing. The essays explore Scotland's position on both sides of the colonial divide and also its role as instigator of a devolutionary process with potential consequences for British Imperialism.

Tragedy and Postcolonial Literature

Author : Ato Quayson
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Provides a new way of reading Western tragedy alongside texts from the postcolonial world so as to cross-illuminate each other.

Colonial and Postcolonial Literature

Author : Elleke Boehmer
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Colonial and Postcolonial Literature is the leading critical overview of and historical introduction to colonial and postcolonial literary studies. Highly praised from the time of its first publication for its lucidity, breadth, and insight, the book has itself played a crucial part in founding and shaping this rapidly expanding field. The author, an internationally renowned postcolonial critic, provides a broad contextualizing narrative about the evolution of colonial and postcolonial writing in English. Illuminating close readings of texts by a wide variety of writers - from Kipling and Conrad through to Kincaid, from Ngugi to Noonuccal and Naipaul - explicate key theoretical terms such as 'subaltern', 'colonial resistance', 'writing back', and 'hybridity'. This revised edition includes new critiques of postcolonial women's writing, an expanded and fully annotated bibliography, and a new chapter and conclusion on postcolonialism exploring keynote debates in the field relating to sexuality, transnationalism, and local resistance.

Sex Trafficking in Postcolonial Literature

Author : Laura Barberán Reinares
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At present, the bulk of the existing research on sex trafficking originates in the social sciences. Sex Trafficking in Postcolonial Literature adds an original perspective on this issue by examining representations of sex trafficking in postcolonial literature. This book is a sustained interdisciplinary study bridging postcolonial literature, in English and Spanish, and sex trafficking, as analyzed through literary theory, anthropology, sociology, history, trauma theory, journalism, and globalization studies. It encompasses postcolonial theory and literature’s aesthetic analysis of sex trafficking together with research from social sciences, psychology, anthropology, and economics with the intention of offering a comprehensive analysis of the topic beyond the type of Orientalist discourse so prevalent in the media. This is an important and innovative resource for scholars in literature, postcolonial studies, gender studies, human rights and global justice.

Postcolonial Literature and Challenges for the New Millennium

Author : Lucienne Loh
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This volume brings together an international range of postcolonial scholars to explore four distinct themes which are inherently interconnected within the globalised landscape of the early 21st century: China, Islamic fundamentalism, civil war and environmentalism. Through close-reading a range of literary texts by writers drawn from across the globe, these essays seek to emphasise the importance of literary aesthetics in situating the theoretical underpinnings and political motivations of postcolonial studies in the new millennium. Colonial legacies, especially in terms of structuring exploitative capitalist relations between countries and regions are shown to persist in postcolonial nations in the form of ‘global civil wars’ and systemic environmental waste. Chinese authoritarianism and the Indian picturesque represent less familiar forms of neo-colonialism. These essays not only engage with established writers such as Salman Rushdie and Anita Desai; they also critically reflect on work by Nadeem Aslam, Mai Couto, Romesh Gunesekara, Bei Dao and Ma Jian. This book was originally published as a special issue of Textual Practice.