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The Power of Communion

Author : Beni Johnson
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Miracles wait at the communion table For centuries, the Church has observed the Lord's Supper as part of corporate worship, instituted by Jesus Himself. But for many Christians today, this tradition can be a confusing ritual. Are we missing something in this ancient sacrament? Beni and Bill Johnson--bestselling authors and senior leaders of Bethel Church in Redding, California--had a miraculous revelation while celebrating communion. In The Power of Communion, they reveal how this sacred practice is an often overlooked opportunity to release God's power in your life! Don't settle for a lifeless routine. God is supernaturally present in the sacrament of Communion! Learn to embrace this prophetic act of remembrance, worship, warfare, and healing as it was always meant to be! Discover practical keys for... Healing: release the healing testimony of Jesus' blood and body over sickness. Deliverance: announce the eternal victory of Jesus over torment, addiction and bondage. Warfare: shift spiritual atmospheres over you, your family and even world events. Presence: experience new dimensions of God's glory as you apply Jesus' victory over your life. There are miracles just waiting to be released that Jesus' atonement already paid for! Discover The Power of Communion today!

The Power of Communion

Author : Derek Prince
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What answer would you give if someone were to ask you, When did the first Communion take place? Chances are good that your response would be something like this: The Last Supper, of course. Everyone knows that! Most Christians would agree with you. However, the Last Supper was not necessarily the first celebration of the Eucharist. The first exchange of bread and wine the Communion elements took place in an historical event thousands of years earlier. Derek's teaching about Communion will captivate your imagination, as will the entire study of the theme in this book. From his starting point in Genesis to the poignant scene with Jesus and His disciples in the Upper Room, Derek will lead us on a biblical journey into a deeper, richer understanding of this precious sacrament of Communion that we observe in honor of Jesus, just as He commanded. Along the way, we will delve deeply into the mysteries of this solemn sacrament. Why are we asked to ¿eat¿ Jesus¿ flesh and ¿drink¿ His blood? Why was Jesus called a Priest forever after the order of Melchizedek? What changes take place in us when we take Communion? These and many other questions are answered in The Power of Communion. In the final chapters, Derek opens his life to us in a rare, touching, and personal way as he shares from some of the most difficult and yet gratifying moments of his life. With tremendous biblical scholarship and deeply personal accounts, Derek presents this theme in a way that will profoundly impact your relationship with Jesus Christ each time you meet Him at The Table of the Lord.

From Power to Communion

Author : Robert S. Pelton
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Author is an alumnus of Evanston Township High School, class of 1939.

Pyramids of Power and Communion

Author : Raymond Trevor Bradley
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The Miracle Table

Author : Andrew Murray
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Holy Communion is more than just a religious ceremony and more than just a mental act of remembrance. Contained within the Communion meal is a dynamic anointing of the Holy Spirit that enables us to draw close to God, receive His life and power and see the miraculous power of God at work in our lives and families.As you read this book discover:- The heart that God has for intimacy with you- How remembering the Lord leads to a fresh encounter with His presence- The amazing covenant that God has made with you- The communion that is in Communion- How to use the Lord's Table as a place of spiritual warfare- How healing, prosperity and freedom can be found at the Lord's Table- How you are accepted and transformed at the Table of the Lord


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The Holy Communion also known as the Lord's Supper is one of the greatest blessings of the Christian faith. The mystery behind the power of the Holy Communion is in everything the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ represents.Every time we partake in the communion, our thoughts, faith and prayer can be focused on the reasons why Jesus was anointed, that is, good news to the poor, healing for the broken-hearted, deliverance for the captive, recovering of sight for the blind (both physical and spiritual), freedom for the oppressed, and acceptance for the rejected. Hallelujah!In this book is a compilation of few of the insights from God's word that can be activated whenever you partake of the communion privately at home or corporately in a church setting.

Power of Communion for Total Health

Author : Adebo Tomomewo
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In this book, am introducing to you the Holy Communion as the balm in Gilead ordained for the recovery of your total health. This is the physician's prescription for our health. When you take the Holy Communion, you may not experience the spectacular but you will experience the supernatural. You may not experience some spectacular physical manifestation like something happening to you e.g. shaking or trembling, but you will experience the supernatural operations in your health and you add years to your life.

The Healing Power of the Holy Communion

Author : Joseph Prince
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Pray your way to health and wholeness Based on Pastor Prince’s teaching on the Holy Communion, this new prayer guide will help readers put their faith into action when it comes to their heath. Day by day, Pastor Prince highlights simple, specific Scriptures you can pray to help increase your faith and partake of the benefits Jesus purchased on the cross. Learn to walk with God, commune with the Holy Spirit, and meditate on the finished work of Jesus. Then watch His peace and power reign in your life. Be encouraged and start walking in a greater measure of health today!

The Healing Power Of The Holy Communion A 90 day Guide To Divine Health

Author : Joseph Prince
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Let the holy Communion transform your prayer life day by day.

Holy Communion

Author : Jacob Toback
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Eat Your Way to Life and Health

Author : Joseph Prince
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Let the holy Communion revolutionize your life and health! Through engaging Bible-based teaching, Pastor Joseph Prince unpacks a revelation of the Communion that has never been more relevant than right now. Along with showing you why the holy Communion is God’s ordained way to release life, health, and healing to us, Pastor Prince also tackles the tough questions: Is God punishing me with sickness and disease? Is it really God’s will to heal me? Do I qualify for His healing power? What do I do when I don’t see results? Can God heal my loved ones? The enemy wants you to believe that God doesn’t care and that your situation is hopeless. But because of the cross, you can have full assurance in your heart that God wants you healed and whole. Learn how you can access His healing power with just the simple act of eating. In Eat Your Way to Life and Health, discover a God who loves you so much, His Son paid for your healing on Calvary’s cross. Be deeply encouraged as you read powerful testimonies from people who have received healing through a revelation of the Communion, despite being told their conditions were terminal or incurable. Whatever circumstances you are confronted with today, God has a word for you: Don’t give up. There is hope. He has made a way for you!


Author : Vincent Scelfo
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How communion unites the Body of Christ and allows for a greater manifestation of the Holy Spirit's power.

Inter communion with God

Author : Marshall P. Talling
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A Word for Every Need

Author : Howard Glover
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Hi, this book is filled with encouraging words from the Bible, amazing testimonies from ordinary people & celebrities, and inspiring stories written by me! As you read this book, I pray that it will bless you. I pray that it will inspire you. I pray that it will teach you new things about the Bible and about life. I pray that it will help you discover God's perfect will & His purpose for your life. And I also pray that this book will be a tool that you can use daily, to help you overcome ALL of life's problems. May God bless you Beloved. He loves you! -Howard Glover Jr.

Miracles and Wonders

Author : Calvin Miller
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* Jesus Loves Me, Calvin Miller's most recent novel, was published by Warner Faith in 4/02. His previous book, Into the Depths of God (Bethany House, 4/01), sold 38,000 copies and was chosen as a Featured Main Selection by Insight for Living. * Calvin Miller has more than 30 published books to his credit. His first fiction series, The Singer Trilogy, sold over one million copies and was a bestseller. With Wings Like Eagles, (Thomas Nelson, 1998), which he wrote with Thomas Kinkade, was also a bestseller, selling over 85,000 copies. * A pastor, poet, theologian, and painter, Calvin Miller currently serves as a professor of preaching and pastoral ministries at Beeson Divinity School in Alabama.

Saving Power

Author : Michael Doe
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In this timely work, Michael Doe shows the rightful position of mission as the lifeblood of the Church, and shows how our understanding of it as Christians is crucial for what we present to the wider world. He considers the Anglican roots within the nature of mission, current tensions in the Church and how they relate to social engagement, the history of mission and Church structures. An underlying theme of this book is power; how power has been exercised in God's Church, and how it should be used in the Anglican Communion today. He questions how that relates to the way we understand power in the mission of God, and especially in what we see in Jesus Christ.

Communion Your Covenant Connector

Author :
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The Power of the Priesthood in Absolution and a few Remarks on Confession with an appendix containing quotations from the most eminent English divines

Author : William Cooke
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Experiencing Jesus Through Communion

Author : Beni Johnson
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There is miraculous power in the sacrament of communion. More than a religious ritual, communion is a doorway into untapped realms of God's glory and miracle-working power. In this 40-day experience, Beni and Bill Johnson take you on a prayer journey through the Lord's supper as it is revealed in Scripture. Discover communion as... A sacred place of intimacy with God A weapon of spiritual warfare A prophetic act that creates dynamic change A catalyst for total healing Join Beni and Bill Johnson on this journey of rediscovery, and open yourself to a powerful encounter with the living God!

The Case of Admission of Dissenters to the Holy Communion Before They Renounce Their Schism Second Edition

Author : William HIGDEN
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