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Author : Randy Parlor
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This book identifies principle and corresponding practical steps that show you how to use the power to get wealth.

The Power to Get Wealth

Author : Dr. Ramiz Khalaf
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The Price for Wealth

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Wait a minute! Do you really want to be poor for the rest of your life? If “yes”, then this book is not for you. However, if your answer is “no”, I’m happy to inform you that the principles of success and wealth in this book will lead you to access wealth the right way. Experience has shown that among the few winners in life are fewer numbers of those who command success – winning “within” and “without”. The rest of them command one-sided or one-legged winning – either winning “within” or “without”. Some win in spiritual matters at the expense of economic, biological, emotional, health and other important aspects of life because they have not been able to pay the full price for creating, maintaining and sustaining real and complete wealth. True and complete wealth is made up of three essential components which are: •Health: this consists of spiritual, emotional, physical and mental. •Cash-flow and riches: this includes savings, investments and your earnings or revenue. •Power: inclusive of spiritual and temporal influence. Most importantly, we must appreciate three important truths – (a) there is a wealthy place; (b) there are paths that lead to the wealthy place; (c) discovering the paths and embarking on the journey guarantees that you’ll get to the wealthy place. There are three bus stops (or stations) to the wealthy place – (a) financial intelligence; (b) financial planning; (c) financial discipline. Any other means employed to attempt to circumvent these eternal principles through “short-cut” lead to gate-crashing which would ultimately lead to crash-landing. Unknown to many, using “short-cuts” most times leads to the longest path in the journey of life.

Wisdom the Principal Thing Book 2

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The book is a wisdom masterpiece that enlightens, emboldens, motivates, inspires with deep and excellent insights and teaches the kind of in depth knowledge of wisdom you have ever come across. It is an inspiration with a deep insight that motivates and emboldens your spirit man, with the absolute understanding of the kind of wisdom God embeds in you, what you can achieve with wisdom and what wisdom really is. Learn about what wisdom is, the types of wisdom, the two sides of wisdom, the definition of insight, love and the power of wisdom. Learn how much true it is, that wisdom is the principle of success. Every child of God is born into the wisdom of God to live exceptional, unique, creative, successful and prosperous life, by the use of wisdom. The content of this book shares such knowledge as: 1. That Wisdom is your birthright, your very inherent creative force to create and determine your future, to making first class achievements in life, and acquiring long lasting material wealth. 2. Your super genetic ability to vastly acquire and possess knowledge and understanding beyond your widest imagination. 3. Wisdom is an excellent nature: A divine superior nature that makes you superior to the greatest, and a leading light that leads others, including the greatest. wisdom, the creative force you inherited the moment you are born again; this singular act places you above every creation because of the wisdom, the creative , excellent imaginative source and force, the very super ability to invent and control creation. It is that quickening nature or intuition within that causes you to know what to do, how to go about it and when to do it, at every given time, and you do it diligently. Everybody desires success in every line of work. Howbeit, success is not by accident or magic, it is by consciously acquiring and applying theoretical wisdom, which is, the principle of success.


Author : Dr. Benjamin Dadebo
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All power belongs to God, and by His discretion power may be given to one individual or the other for use. Even Satanic powers are subject to control by the Almighty God. The power to change circumstances belongs to God. This book will show you how by humility and sacrifice power can be made available for your use. Indeed without sacrifice genuine, sustainable power cannot be acquired. This book also describes how power for financial prosperity is released through tithing. In addition, the power over demonic control is only achievable through the synergistic effect of fasting and prayer. The whole purpose of our existence on Earth therefore is for a selection process for those to rule with Christ in His Kingdom. It is therefore important that you go through trials and afflictions which together work in you to break you down, converting pride into humility, generating patience, temperance, enhanced faith, trust in God, and true love. At the end of it, power is released into your hands, which enables you to acquire a position on a throne with Christ Jesus to rule over nations or tribes, depending on the level set for you according to the original purpose of od for your life.

You Can Be Rich Too

Author : Philip U. Nkwocha
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It is not your fault that you were born poor but it will be your fault if you transit through this world and die poor. The author drawing from personal experiences and tested Godly principles provides ultimate guides to move from poverty to riches. Poverty he states is inconceivably repressive, poignantly depressing and a cul-de-sac to many. God's first command to you is to prosper. Thus regardless of your circumstances the battle against poverty is winnable and the book provides easily applicable ways to win.

Kingdom Wealth

Author : J. Vernon Duncan
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The book is an exposé on Deuteronomy 8:18 and related passages throughout the Bible - a how-to manual on attaining wealth, strictly on biblical tenets. God's instructions to the ancient community of faith were that they should remember (Heb. zakar [ to firstling, to first fruit or treat most worthy ]) Him, since He is the One to give them the power to get wealth. The Hebrew word used for power (koch) in Deuteronomy 8:18 is the foundation of this revolutionary concept. It is fascinating. According to Brown, Driver and Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, the word koch carries approximately eight nuances: (i) power conferred by God to enhance ability, (ii) power as in creation, (iii) power as in prophetic power, (iv) power as in the acts of deliverance, (v) power associated with wisdom, (vi) power associated with His works, (vii) power associated with God's rule over His creation, and (viii) power as of the soil. Thus the power (or access) that God gives us to get wealth is many-facetted, comprising of a wide variety of ways to enhance or empower the growth and development of the seeds we invest in the Kingdom of God. Explore them in one of the most complete, well-balanced and practical discourses on biblical wealth ever published. You will also discover the real secret behind Jabez's abundant harvest, and how to command your morning and shake off the wicked devourers of your finances. Kingdom wealth is our heritage as heirs of God and joint-heirs with Christ; get it.

The Power to Create Wealth

Author : Robert Tilton
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Upward Momentum

Author : Francis Herras
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Being humble is the way of the winning attitude in life! Successful people have a greater tendency to brag about their finances, wealth, riches, and possessions. As a result, they have a greater tendency to develop a worldview that is framed according to stuff, things, success, and accomplishments. This book will equip readers about the attitudes of humility (the secret ingredients towards success in life), show them the view from the top that guarantees a better way of life, and offer them an upward momentum to carry out their God-given purpose in life. Humility is the way of the winning attitude in life. Readers will • discover the sure way to guarantee promotion; • discover the secret ingredient to succeed in Christian life; • develop a belief system that honors God; • carry out their God-given purpose in life; • captures the view from the top; • learn that their vision is their destination; • balance the dilemma between making a living versus making a lifestyle; and • understand what work is, what the real purpose of work is, and why we work. The book will • help readers understand that humility cures pride and attracts success; • clarify the difference between responsibility and deserving; • educate readers about inner change to create outer change; • unveils the powerful antidote for loneliness; • reveal the key to happiness; • show the key to meaningfulness; • provide a perspective that life should measure time, not time measuring life; and • help readers realize their God-given ability to produce wealth.

Spiritual Thoughts on Material Things

Author : E. G. Link
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"Jay Link has devoted his life to teaching the wealthy what God says about how to live a properous life. Now, you can join him on a 30-day trip toward understanding God's principles of stewardship. Scripturally based, his stories and wise thoughts may challenge your thoughts regarding wealth accumulation, generosity, planning, and your purpose in building God's kingdom. Each day's reading concludes with a few 'Food for Thought' questions to further your understanding and apply what you have learned" --