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Powerful Teaching

Author : Pooja K. Agarwal
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Unleash powerful teaching and the science of learning in your classroom Powerful Teaching: Unleash the Science of Learning empowers educators to harness rigorous research on how students learn and unleash it in their classrooms. In this book, cognitive scientist Pooja K. Agarwal, Ph.D., and veteran K–12 teacher Patrice M. Bain, Ed.S., decipher cognitive science research and illustrate ways to successfully apply the science of learning in classrooms settings. This practical resource is filled with evidence-based strategies that are easily implemented in less than a minute—without additional prepping, grading, or funding! Research demonstrates that these powerful strategies raise student achievement by a letter grade or more; boost learning for diverse students, grade levels, and subject areas; and enhance students’ higher order learning and transfer of knowledge beyond the classroom. Drawing on a fifteen-year scientist-teacher collaboration, more than 100 years of research on learning, and rich experiences from educators in K–12 and higher education, the authors present highly accessible step-by-step guidance on how to transform teaching with four essential strategies: Retrieval practice, spacing, interleaving, and feedback-driven metacognition. With Powerful Teaching, you will: Develop a deep understanding of powerful teaching strategies based on the science of learning Gain insight from real-world examples of how evidence-based strategies are being implemented in a variety of academic settings Think critically about your current teaching practices from a research-based perspective Develop tools to share the science of learning with students and parents, ensuring success inside and outside the classroom Powerful Teaching: Unleash the Science of Learning is an indispensable resource for educators who want to take their instruction to the next level. Equipped with scientific knowledge and evidence-based tools, turn your teaching into powerful teaching and unleash student learning in your classroom.

Powerful Teacher Education

Author : Linda Darling-Hammond
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Powerful Teacher Education describes the strategies, goals, content, and processes of seven highly successful and long-standing teacher education programs - Alverno College, Bank Street College, Trinity University, University of California, Berkeley, University of Southern Maine, University of Virginia, and Wheelock College. All these colleges and universities have succeeded in preparing teachers to teach diverse learners to achieve high levels of performance and understanding. In discussing the common features of these programs, Linda Darling-Hammond shows what outstanding teacher education models do and how they do it, and what their graduates accomplish as a result. Powerful Teacher Education also examines the policies, organizational features, resources, and relationships that have enabled these programs to succeed.

Partnership and Powerful Teacher Education

Author : Tom Del Prete
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This collaborative volume offers an in-depth portrait and valuable reference for the development of clinical or school-embedded partnerships in teacher preparation by drawing on the decades-long partnership between a university and set of schools in an urban neighborhood. In the midst of a national movement towards partnership-based clinical teacher education, this book explains and illustrates the roles, commitments, and collaborative practices that have evolved. Divided into three parts, contributors outline the theory and practice of the clinical teacher preparation model and its neighborhood focus, covering topics such as: The social and institutional context of partnership development and teacher education; Key collaborative and learning practices; Challenges and questions that have emerged, and what can be learned from the experience. Written with voices of university faculty, school educators, program graduates, and students from partner schools, Thomas Del Prete offers a volume perfect for those looking to be inspired by an example of clinical teacher education and partnership in an urban community and to learn what can be achieved with conviction and perseverance over time.

Powerful People Are Powerful Teachers

Author : Peter Biadasz
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Powerful People Are Powerful Teachers is the perfect book for you, or anyone you know, who desires to teach with long lasting power and effect. Powerful People Are Powerful Teachers not only gives you all the tools that you need to be a powerful teacher but also shows you how to develop these tools. Each day you are presented a quote from a person of power and are challenged to make that quote come alive to you by completing a short exercise. The presentation on each page is both inspirational and practical. By the time you complete the book you will be a more dynamic teacher having fortified your strength's, and minimizing, if not eliminating, your weaknesses. Powerful Topics include: Discovery Encouragement Example Expectations Goals Influence Initiative Motivation Passion Problem solving Success Wisdom Become the powerful teacher you know you can be!!! Feel free to visit

Powerful Teaching

Author : Judy Taccogna
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In response to educators requests to do more with developmental assets, Search Institute has designed this resource that exclusively deals with the core of everyday classroom teaching and learning. Powerful Teaching shows education professionals how to in

Powerful Teacher Learning

Author : David Allen
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This book offers an innovative approach to understanding and supporting teacher inquiry groups, Critical Friends Groups, “PLCs,” and other vehicles for the school-wide professional learning community. It takes the reader outside traditional sites of professional development for teachers and into the black box theatres and rehearsal studios of contemporary theatre companies.

Powerful Techniques For Teaching In Lifelong Learning

Author : Brookfield, Stephen
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This practical handbook reviews helpful approaches and exercises when working with older learners. It offers practical applications including using discussion, incorporating technology and becoming critically reflective. It tackles some of the major challenges you may face such as addressing inequality and diversity and dealing with resistance.

The Graphic Novel Classroom

Author : Maureen Bakis
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Could you use a superhero to teach reading, writing, critical thinking, and problem solving? While seeking the answer, secondary language arts teacher Maureen Bakis discovered a powerful pedagogy that teaches those skills and more. The amazingly successful results prompted her to write this practical guide that shows middle and high school teachers how to incorporate graphic novels into their classrooms.

Powerful Techniques for Teaching Adults

Author : Stephen D. Brookfield
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Praise for Powerful Techniques for TeachingAdults "Stephen Brookfield has used his gifts for clear thinking andlucid writing to produce this theoretically informed, immenselypractical book on how the dynamics of power and adult teachingintersect. It should be required reading for everyone who teachesadults." ??—Ronald M. Cervero, professor and associatedean, College of Education, University of Georgia "In one of his most personal, emotionally candid, and accessiblebooks yet, Stephen Brookfield shares his passionate andindispensable commitment to empowering the learner both inside andoutside the formal classroom, offering a trove of exercises,stories, and practical teaching tips to confront the hiddencurriculum of power head on. For any teacher, coach, supervisor, ormentor who cares deeply about adult learning, here's a true gemfrom one of our great contemporary adult educators."—Laurent A. Parks Daloz, senior fellow, The WhidbeyInstitute "This book is not about increasing your power as a teacher— it is about the dynamics of power in the adult classroom,challenging power structures, and the techniques teachers can useto empower learners. Brookfield's uses the lens of 'power' todistill, for the practitioner, ??a lifetime's work of scholarly andpractical engagement with adult teaching and learning.'—Mark Tennant, emeritus professor, University ofTechnology, Sydney, Australia "Brookfield writes in a nice easy-to-read autobiographicalstyle. He explains and fully discusses many good techniques forteaching in an effective and humane manner. Everybody who teaches,whether they teach children or adults, will benefit from readingthis interesting book and learning from his lifetime of experienceas a teacher." —Peter Jarvis, emeritus professor of continuingeducation, University of Surrey

Powerful Classroom Stories from Accomplished Teachers

Author : Adrienne Mack-Kirschner
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National Board Certified Teachers invite us into their classrooms to witness 70 inspiring stories, reminding us that we are not only teachers, but also parents, mentors, friends, and leaders.

School Improvement for Real

Author : David Hopkins
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As societies continue to set educational goals that are, on current performance, beyond the capacity of the system to deliver, strategies for enhancing student learning through school and classroom intervention have become increasingly important. Yet, as David Hopkins argues in his book, many of the educational initiatives recently developed under the umbrella of school improvement are inadequate or unhelpful. Simply blaming teachers and delegating financial responsibility, he maintains, has little positive impact on classroom practice. This is the bleak context within which school improvement has to operate today. School Improvement for Real offers a genuine alternative: a strategy for educational change that focuses on student achievement by modifying classroom practice and adapting the management arrangements within the school to support teaching and learning. It outlines an approach to school improvement that has a medium term, systemic orientation, providing both principles and suggestions for better practice. The author's experience in the field of school improvement ensures that the text is informed by a practical wisdom that is so often lacking from the more typical managerial texts on improvement and effectiveness.

Powerful Conversations K 16 Writing and Inquiry Partnerships

Author : A National Writing Project at Northwestern State University
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Teaching Powerful Personal Narratives

Author : Mary Jane Reed
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The author divides the components of good narrative writing into chapters that teachers can use a la carte to develop the skills their students need. Though tailored for teachers with students working on college-application essays, this text can bolster any students narrative writing. Includes a CD-ROM of supplemental material.

A Practical Guide to Effective School Board Meetings

Author : Rene S. Townsend
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Now superintendents can turn board meetings into productive, results-getting events that help them focus on teaching and learning to achieve district goals.

Using WebQuests in the Social Studies Classroom

Author : Margaret M. Thombs
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This unique guide offers practical strategies for using WebQuests to optimize learning in social studies, foster student inquiry and higher-level thinking, and promote greater intercultural understanding.

Improving the Odds

Author : Thomas Del Prete
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A much-needed counterpoint to the sweeping rhetoric of reform, this important book offers a nuanced depiction of the challenges and possibilities at the school and classroom level. Through the experiences of urban high school teachers who partner with their local university, Del Prete provides unique insight into teaching and learning in the midst of reform. He effectively illustrates why focusing on teaching practice and school cultures—more than standards and accountability—is a more fruitful way to achieve real and lasting change. With powerful portraits from classrooms serving diverse and low-income students, this book: Depicts the daily concerns and small victories of teachers determined to support all students in meaningful learning, and prepare them for postsecondary education. Characterizes the importance of a coherent school learning culture, based on one of the most effective small urban schools in the country. Illustrates the potential of university-school partnerships to support the development of teaching practices that will help close the achievement gap. Thomas Del Preteis Director of the Jacob Hiatt Center for Urban Education, and Chair of the Education Department at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. He has worked for more than two decades on teacher education, university-school partnership, and school reform. “Tom Del Prete presents a fascinating case study of teachers at three high schools that really get it right when it comes to engaging all students in challenging content and higher-order thinking. In the process, he makes a compelling argument for creating high school–college partnerships that lead to a ‘culture of learning’ that engages teachers and improves student performance dramatically.” —David Conley, CEO, Educational Policy Improvement Center, Director, Center for Educational Policy Research, and Professor, University of Oregon "School-University collaboration is a phrase far easier to roll trippingly off one's tongue than it is to accomplish with effectiveness and integrity. In this fine volume, we read an account that rings true and can guide others hoping to pull off similar difficult collaborations. It is a book well worth reading and deserves to be studied with care.” —Lee S. Shulman, President Emeritus, The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching "Del Prete provides a richly detailed account of how a team of teachers grows and nurtures a collectively built body of knowledge and practice that enables them to achieve remarkable results—year after year—with students from one of the lowest income urban communities in the state. If you want to know why we need to build a collaborative learning culture in schools, read this book. If you want to know how to do it, read it again." —Tom Carroll, President, National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future (NCTAF) "Del Prete has written a book that describes what it means to prepare for and teach in an urban high school setting. At the same time, he masterfully weaves the contexts of policy, content area, and school culture into a compelling story that outlines what high-quality teaching should look like." —Lee Teitel, Harvard University Graduate School of Education

History Alive

Author :
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The Rock n Roll Classroom

Author : Rich Allen
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Pump up the volume to increase student learning! Drawing on educational and neuroscientific research, the authors unlock the mystery of managing mood, energy, and learning with music in this one-of-a-kind handbook. No matter what subject or grade you teach, The Rock 'n' Roll Classroom provides all the notes you’ll need to shake up your classroom and engage each of your students, including: Playlists customized for specific purposes like reducing students’ stress or increasing focus Tips and tricks for accessing all your tunes easily and inexpensively Anecdotes from teachers about how they use music to manage everyday situations Sample lessons across grade levels

Teaching Like Jesus

Author : La Verne Tolbert
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As a teacher, you long to help others do more than understand the Bible. You want them to experience its relevance and power for their lives. Teaching like Jesus is the answer! This commonsense guide offers examples of Jesus' teaching style from the Gospels, then shows how you can make these principles work for you -- regardless of what age group or ethnic background you're dealing with. Using a proven, four-step plan, Teaching Like Jesus gives you action steps, summaries, and other practical resources that will make your classroom a lively place to learn and apply the lessons so vitally important for transforming lives and nurturing disciples. You'll learn to think in terms of "see, hear, and do" in your lesson plans. And you'll find sample plans for age groups and cultures ranging from African-American preschoolers to Chinese married couples.

55 Teaching Dilemmas

Author : Kathy Paterson
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To teach with excellence demands more than strategies and techniques. The most successful teachers draw on their personal power--their confidence, compassion, and empathy, and their professional power--their ability to lead, instruct, and inspire their students to do their best. With practice, most teachers can develop the skills they need to conquer almost any classroom challenge. This book offers specific, practical ideas to help teachers: manage their classroom time efficiently; educate with passion and enthusiasm; support students who are struggling; motivate with creativity and hum∨ lead effectively both inside the classroom and out. In 55 Teaching Dilemmas, Kathy Paterson also shows readers how to counsel students in need, how to recognize and prevent burnout, how to communicate with parents and guardians, and how to encourage cooperative learning among students with different capabilities and skills.