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Powering Up a Career in Robotics

Author : Peter K. Ryan
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This intriguing book will pique the interest of all young people, regardless of whether they are technically inclined. The reason is that robots are all around us and will only gain in popularity. This title educates readers on the various careers in the robotics industry, from building robots to the back end work. There’s a place for everyone, from the mathematically inclined to the artistically gifted. With STEM being a major focus of today’s educators, this book will surely be a hit with students and librarians alike.

Powering Up a Career in Artificial Intelligence

Author : Max Winter
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This book introduces readers to a career in the STEM field of artificial intelligence, focusing on the educational paths, classes, after-school activities, and resources that would help them get into a career in artificial intelligence. It also covers a range of careers in the artificial intelligence field, from creating robots to programming virtual A.I. This book also touches on some of the current limitations of and issues surrounding the creation and use of artificial intelligence.

Building a Career in Robotics

Author : Margaux Baum
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The interdisciplinary field of robotics offers its practitioners many practical applications and makes it an exciting, dynamic, and cutting-edge pursuit, especially for young people embarking on their careers. This updated volume discusses the latest advances readers will need to be aware of in preparation for the professional positions of computer scientist, robotics engineer, and robotics technician. Readers will get detailed information and tips on what courses to take now and the ongoing advances in robotics that will determine their future study, internships, and more, including snapshots of luminaries in the field.

Robots Jobs and You

Author : Jason Porterfield
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Many people have a specific idea of robots that comes out of science fiction movies, television shows, and books. In fiction, robots are made to resemble humans and are often shown as being heroic or villainous. Real robots rarely look anything like people. In reality, they are high-performing machines doing difficult jobs in places like factories, mines, and outer space. Technological advances have made surgical robots and self-driving cars a reality. This compelling resource explores many types of robots, how they are used, and their impact on jobs in industries ranging from manufacturing to law enforcement.

The Future of Robotics

Author : Laura La Bella
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No longer the clunky characters of science fiction novels and old movies, robots are dynamic and vital agents in modern life. This book introduces readers to current technologies and transports them to a future where the sky is truly the limit when it comes to how advanced and helpful robotics may prove to be. It provides them a glimpse at the myriad possible roles robots may play in medicine, services, military, and law enforcement applications. In addition, it asks how human beings themselves and their civilization may adapt to a future world of advanced robotics.

Becoming a Member of a Robotics Club

Author : Margaux Baum
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Robots are destined to be a major part of human society and will transform education, business, and everyday life. Learning how to build robots is a popular pastime that brings to bear many different skills. This book introduces readers to robotics clubs and instructs them on how to join one of the hundreds available across the United States and the globe. It also serves as a guidebook on how someone can even start and lead or manage one of their own clubs and serves as a technologically current update to the previous volume on such clubs.

The History of Robots and Robotics

Author : Margaux Baum
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Format : PDF, ePub
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Once the subject of speculative fiction, robots are now reality in many spheres of life, including business, law enforcement, the military, the sciences, entertainment, and even in our homes. They will play bigger roles in the near and distant future. This book traces the development of robots from antiquity through the modern era and into the myriad possibilities of their future practical uses, including the exciting potential intersection of robots and artificial intelligence. A lively historical narrative and stimulating imagery of robots throughout the ages make this book a valuable resource for robot fans and casual readers alike.

Engineering and Building Robots for Competitions

Author : Margaux Baum
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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One of the most hands-on and exciting hobbies and extracurricular activities for students interested in STEM is participating in robotics competitions. This book, newly updated to reflect the latest advances in amateur and professional robotics, including the exploding popularity of the Maker movement, gives readers all they need to enter this competitive and dynamic field. More importantly, readers learn the basics of how to build prize-winning robots, and how to find and enter contests, including local, regional, and national ones.

Artificial Intelligence

Author : Joe Greek
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For ages, the idea of machines that think and act on their own has gripped scientists, thinkers, and the general public. This book explores the history of artificial intelligence (A.I.), and how science fiction is quickly becoming science fact. It examines the technologies involved in A.I. and its inevitable effects on work, life, health, and many other aspects of human society. Rooted in history and science, this book provides an inside look at a topic that captivates engineers, scientists, and dreamers, but also raises important ethical issues and challenges how we see ourselves and our mechanical and computer creations.

Untold Power

Author : John Eger
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Most of us know that the widespread use of robotics, particularly artificial intelligence robots, will most likely have an adverse effect on the workplace and that the new jobs that emerge will require new thinking skills that the current educational system does not provide. It is also becoming clear that communities seeking to attract and nurture those most qualified for the new jobs must also renew themselves if they are to be successful. Most important, the emerging workforce must be able to engage both right and left hemispheres of the brain in order to solve complex problems, in increasingly creative ways. This central imperative, has resulted in the increasing demand for both artistic and creative skills along with technological and science-based skills. This treatise makes those arguments for reinvention and while it is not yet known precisely what makes people creative, many ideas about fostering creative people and institutions are discussed. The Covid-19 pandemic has greatly accelerated our use of technology and our responses to changes we must make in education, the workplace and the workforce that have been lying dormant for too long. At the heart of the changes we must make is the vital realization that art and technology are the new benchmarks of the global economy, an economy where creativity and innovation are shaping a new world order. We are entering a new era and we must act now to prepare for a very different future.